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The open sea knows many dangers.

If one, as I have done, has woven a fixed matrix from one's own thoughts and ideas, the work creation alone should only be about stabilizing, simplifying or clearing it up. There not everything would go well with what other people have already told us about the life and the world. We should try to keep the content of it, which we have recognized as true. We do it this way so that our tasks would not be endless.

Every era has its own symbolism. This is what people perceive. A fashion of the people reflects it. There I probably completely rightly look for a given truth which also endures beyond that. Without having something for oneself, which one has found right, probably nothing good would be possible for a person in the long run. It is to contain that thing, to which we have referred in the life, the given in its complete extent.

One thing builds on the other and yet becomes less so. Thus we have come to an overview of the whole. The more deeply we have realized our own cause for which we stand, the easier it has been for us to assert it. We finally made progress with great strength. What we have achieved in the process has also been enough at some point. We know it by the wind of the road when and where this has been so far. Many things have improved in such a way with us, because we possess thereby the access to a proper work.

The certainty of our own thing, which we got to know in the course of the time, was built by us at the existing place for it into the work. There we have established it and made something true with it. In this way we have caused a progress and brought about something that has been good. Those waves, which our work creation has hit in the meantime, have resulted from the interaction with those winds, which we have also already felt.

Then we have set out to integrate those incidents of our existence into our own work creation. What we have thus taken into account should also be of importance for the world. A mirror throws back now once something of that light and shadow play which has conditioned us in the existence. A physical confrontation with the incidents of a life has an effect on us quite rightly.

For this reason, we have obtained something with handles and gestures, which has already corresponded by itself to a truth of this world. What will be read from it shall be of the same goodness as it has been.



Dear reader,

Here on the wiki 'Beggar's Einsiedelei' or short 'Hermitage' you can have a look at a part of those texts, which meant for Mathias Schneider the beginning of writing his own text works. This page is his refuge during this phase of his artistic work. It was only made publicly accessible by Schneider a long time later, when many other wikis created by him could already be found online. In a slightly modified new version, the contents of it are now available here. He has attempted to merely freshen them up a bit and to raise their content when correcting them.

The thoughts and ideas that arose during the elaboration of it have strongly occupied him around the years from 2010 to 2012. At that time Mathias Schneider found himself in a situation to which he wanted to consolidate himself as an artist. He hopes now that a reproduction of those contents will contribute to an improved conclusiveness of the understanding of his artistic work something good.

Those texts, which appear here, have already arrived with him at times full of content. They have supported and strengthened him in times of need, when he was not yet sure of many things for his existence. Perhaps you will find something here that will make a reading of his page 'Hermitage' something beneficial for you. At least as an example of such moments, the writings here should be allowed to be considered, as they went along with one of his consolidation phases.

In this sense, he now wishes you all the best in reading his wiki 'Hermitage' and remains

With kind regards

the author Mathias Schneider


Do you find yourself

With the now following text I would like to have addressed the reader with all due respect in the 2nd person singular.

The first thing you should do here now is to ground yourself a little bit. Please don't let go again of assigning your things to each other correctly, when you will have managed the beginning of it.

Thereupon please stop for a moment and insist on what you have set up for yourself. If you will have finally attained the feeling to be completely there, then the work should succeed you also as well as it would be actually possible. It will show up to you so probably what has to be done. Implement it as soon as you have acquired a clarity of it, which says what it has constituted to be there. I wish that you would like to succeed something good.

Please apply yourself sufficiently well for your work with the power given to you. First, however, please remember once again the small attunement to yourself. You should be aware of what it has meant for you. This should provide you with some certainty about your coming path.

Reflect on that which you have previously assigned to yourself in thoughts and ideas. Something good should be so tangible for you. Find it and recognize what is already given to you in truth. Detach yourself from everything else and now finally correspond to your impulse, as it has been possible for you to do. There should be able to succeed something good.

Believe in yourself. In this way, you will receive the strength you needed to recognize the goodness of who you are.

Strengthen thus.

Wake up as a human being.

Equip yourself with something suitable, as you wish to receive it. You are also someone who has meant well with his fellow men. Go to work as soon as you have succeeded in understanding something of what your task has been. Yes, go into action. Stand by yourself.

Till your field with a right thought with it. Carry it so at you as it has just occurred there with you. Do not let go again from it to deal with your things correctly. In this way you will also be finished in time with what you have to do. This is what you want to accomplish. You know that you have already achieved something for yourself in this way that has improved yours. You want to be able to repeat that.

It is supposed to be beautiful to be in the world. But it has also been terrible at times to be there in the world. Both shall be so true, as it is written here. There are such moments with us, to which we have thought of such things. They have always conditioned us. There it has also mattered to us what has happened. Everything has changed in the meantime and could hardly be stopped.

Basically, it would be good to consider the incidents of one's own existence again and again. Those, thereby tapped thoughts and ideas should clarify for us the conventions of a human existence. A life force comes into view in the process. It shall correspond to us that the things of our life have embodied a truth. There we feel ourselves, while we have experienced something to the incidents of our life.

Please familiarize yourself with yourself. So you will certainly soon be able to experience something about yourself that has been true. Refer in the everyday life to what you have understood of it. It conditions you, because it existed in such a way for you. The thereby recognized should be once the heart of your things what you have preserved while your thoughts and ideas have come to you. If necessary, manage to be satisfied with that good which is given to you and to acknowledge it as it has been true for you. Yes, accept it, what truth has been given to you. Do not reject it without reason. It should become clear to you for what it has been good. Life should be a truth for itself. If you have become sufficiently aware of what you now know, your conception of it has remained valid.


A resonance in the mirror of the present

All the simple actions of a human being result in fullness. It has endowed man.

With the help of such equipment as it has been his own, man has experienced many an opportunity to determine his life's happiness in existence. There he can fix it, what he has received. At the same time his things have a value to own, which can be assigned to them. There it should be a valence per thing, what has become clear to him. Thus one can practice the simplicity, related to the given and see himself as a man.

A human being is someone who is, has and does something. There this world has for him three levels to own on which he can stretch his existence like a tent. Meanwhile it should be true that it has been a single tent in which he has been able to stay. The sky and with it the order has given to his existence that splendor which has made him such a man who knows his tent well and thus knows to determine his whereabouts. Here, then, he finds himself and thus has everything ready that he has needed for his existence. True to such minimalism, he should go into expansion or leave it.

It has not mattered whether there are five, fifteen or seventy-five side tents, what one has for his own. He will know to stay alone only in one of them. Therefore his existence should be a simple one, because it has corresponded to it to appear in such a way. This is what we are designed for. This is exactly why we have made it true that in the existence of our existence we refer to who we are. It has always been ours to think like that and also to be like that. Everything has corresponded to the given with us, as long as we have made it true that it has remained a simple thing. Then, however, when it appeared as if it was something simple, which was our own, the events also let themselves be adjusted to it by us. Therefore, some things gathered in us and went into amplification. Many times our things have improved because of it.

Soon the whole thing shall be something good. That's how we want to think about it, that's how we want to believe in it. There we take something upon ourselves and bring it forward. Like a machine we have acted faithfully to our intention, that inner construction of ourselves. Something has come true through it, which has testified to the vitality of our happiness. With the power of unified thoughts and ideas we can stand sufficiently well before our fellow men. Persistently we set up the good, and for this purpose we bring in our strength completely, as it has just come to us. It's a bed of roses that we are allowed to work so hard for the good.

The given things can be easily added to each other in a simple way. Meanwhile, some things have been true, which have marked our way. There we have pointed out and understood something given with such pictures. We have used our words carefully and made it known how we have thought and felt.

There we recognize it, which value the thoughts have for us. We assign them to our sensations. That's why any causality of thinking alone is only forbidden. The thoughts have been a dependent quantity and also appear so. Once one has assigned them to the essence of the things, they develop well.

Meanwhile, all the world has made the whole of its existence dependent on the valence of the thoughts. But they are supposed to be only the valences of what is given to us. There they are supposed to have been pure measurements what we have thought. Such facts are subject to natural regularities and have always remained dependent on everything else that has happened. A condition of the man precedes everything. It has remained with us.

There we look at ourselves. The game of hide-and-seek in the labyrinth of the Minotaur has naturally assumed something. But the thread of Ariadne must break, because it is not made to last forever. No matter how well we kept ourselves hidden inside the labyrinth, at some point we starved to death in the process, if we did not face the Minotaur.

This animal has not only appeared like a spectre, but it has also embodied for us a natural limit, which has always existed and must exist for the actions of a human being. Some may have spoken of an unfounded fear when it came to the content of those legends of antiquity, from where the images of our soul originate, nevertheless nothing has changed in the incidents of a human existence.

Everything has always been equivalent to each other and will also be understood in this way. Whoever has reached into the bag of tricks of modernity in order to make use of its images can hurt himself much more easily than the clear and uniform worlds of ideas of antiquity have imposed on him. We must currently assume, quite rightly, that we are living in such times, which bear witness to the effects of human incompetence, as it was created and cultivated in the 20th century. Everything there has served a demon of permissiveness, nothing has been put in order by it. The worst thing about it has been the distortion of the world and, consequently, of human destinies due to a procrastination of necessary but omitted actions. Cohorts armed to the teeth have indulged in nuclear saber rattling and all the world has lulled itself in the supposed security that the absolute disaster would not happen, although all signs have pointed to its preparation. People were complacent and underpinned their madness with fashion and consumption. A progression of it has brought out the void and has transformed it into an all-determining size.


The subject as an anchorage of an identity

Without having made out a yoke for himself, no man has been able to participate in something good that has also been used by other people.

A world view which has favored objective considerations develops peculiarities with the time of its occurrence. There it forms its subject on itself, because everything has needed such.

The access of a human being to the world with its happening takes place about the own subject or it has been none. Meanwhile the man alone has perceived and recognized only that what has suited him. Everything different has appeared little beneficial to him. There it has brought him nothing good to have known about it or to have known something of it.

All things reflect each other. Normally, they thereby reflect something of themselves, which has reference to the actual environment. Nobody can know it meanwhile which of it has been there and appeared first.

Then, however, one becomes clever from such incidents, if one has regarded oneself as a subject, provided with personal attachment. As such one has a history to own, but also a destiny has been given to a person. There we have experienced an existence and found to a conception of our life history. Their courses have been the consequence of our acting, being and having and there they have occurred also in such a way as we have made them true. Everything different is to be accepted as independent of it and is also given so. We have little to do with it what has not touched us.

In the course of our existence, we have repeatedly told our own story to other people in a similar way. At the same time it seemed necessary to us to clarify what it was. We were able to do this because we knew it well over time and we knew something about ourselves.

In the meantime, our knowledge has expanded without anything having become more. That is why we have rightly said that we have perceived an inner growth in ourselves. We have expanded, but we have not forgotten anything that has always been us.


One plane as dimension

All the world learns it already as a child that the earth is a planet. As such, it has orbited the sun and is meanwhile being orbited by the moon. At least it has appeared so to us. That is why we have recognized this knowledge and accepted the knowledge connected with it.

In our imagination, some of what we have perceived through the communications of other people occurs. But the creative powers, which are inherent in a human being by nature, can be affected by what we have received from other people. Therefore, we must realize that we are not responsible for preserving such knowledge that has not come to us in full.

We have dealt with that, which has been our own. This is supposed to be our dimension, which is embodied by it. In a certain way it is present with us also spiritualized, because we have corresponded to it with our thoughts. We have by no means detached the one from the other. There we have appeared as it has given us. Meanwhile we have guessed it that nobody has done such a thing in another way.

Again and again we have used something which has been our own and have formed something with us with it which has been fair to our existence. Such a thing we have regarded as complete and its value therefore as a whole for the whole of our existence. There everything has appeared with us in such a way as it has occurred. We have rightly accepted a completeness of it and have let it count something with us. The own goods are still present with us because they have continued to be used with us.


Auxiliary means

Man takes the aid which he has used and uses it for himself in the performance of his task. To get along without aids will be hardly possible. For it one has developed a technique that a course of it will be clear to us which it has said how something should happen. At the nature we have read it, what has made us. With it it has represented something good for us and has made clear to us something about us. We have always corresponded to it with our works. Willingly or unwillingly something has happened that has been good. Each person has found his place in it and has attained a corresponding position before his fellow men, as it has fitted well to it. Since we have known that it will be good, as it is given, we have resigned ourselves to it. There we have completely rightly left everything so as it has already occurred.

A path has emerged with us over time, which has already been good for something. Everything that has been should therefore continue. That has made it true. Something other than that which has corresponded to nature has not yet led to any success. That is why we have worked for it and have been just with ourselves in life, but also just to it.

Basically, this behavior has empowered us. Some skills we have acquired only because we have remained fair to our thoughts about the environment. There has been some reflux to us, as it has simply come up by itself. It has not been bad. We have had something from it.


Realism has fixed the unconscious. Thus it has snatched any meaning from a fantasy of the people. Nothingness has spread among us and has enlarged its area. All at once the enlightened man has fled from the curse created by him. What he has made true has become the dregs of human ideology. With a reason this has little in common. Nevertheless, a use value of the things and a reason going along with it is the measure for the realist for the facts of his life. There he has failed and lost everything. What he has given up has been snatched away from all people. There it has become day and one has seen how much, nevertheless, everything has lain with us in the mess.


A personal greeting

Welcome, dear friend, to my humble abode, the 'Hermitage'. I hope very much that you bring a good mood with you and have the time and the leisure to take up something of the things of which I have written here. For your effort in reading the collection of texts from my pen I thank you already now.

I ask you to make yourself comfortable and also to have ready herbal tea, water or whatever other good thing you have needed for yourself, so that you can spend a little while here in peace. I hope it will give you pleasure to do such a thing.

Keep your calm while reading the following texts. Please do not rush unnecessarily. It would be necessary to read through the texts once with all care. Do this, so that you can properly grasp and understand their power, that inherent quality. But there has been no need for haste and eagerness. It will surely take some time, until the whole can become clear to you, what I would like to tell you by means of my writing.

Please keep in mind that this is not yet a finished work. It carries probably some lack at itself, which I must be ready first to recognize, before I can repair them. I would like to ask you now also for the following. Come back here to read more often, instead of trying to understand everything in one fell swoop.

Do not chafe at my work. Try it better to edify you at him. You read through the texts contained here with care and try to understand them correctly. If something of it would not be to be understood immediately, please show me the respective text passage.

How did I build up the writings here before? - The 'Hermitage' was once taken in its basic substance from the 'Beggarwiki' (formerly Fery Wiki), which is an unpublished collection of texts. That other wiki has served me for a training of my linguistic skills. With its help I have found my way of creating language. With it I was able to prepare the basic things for myself. It was in progress from 2004 to 2011 and took up a lot of space during this phase of my life. The 'construction kit' builds on it as a card index.

I have tried to determine the content of the things of my existence with the 'Beggarwiki'. I have been able to clarify many things in this way. My being soon seemed to me a little more understandable. Some phase of the introspection I experienced at that time and at some point I also completed it. Even today I still experience my existence under the same aspect. I have not left my once chosen path since then, which has made me very happy. I have always acknowledged a truth like this one. My life is to build on that good, which I once determined for myself.

The wiki 'Hermitage' has meanwhile become a somewhat peculiar thing. Nowadays I work on it according to the principle of a 'system of naming and noting' of things my existing texts further. They have originated once at 'free writing hours' as 'thought protocols'. In many years I have produced these writings. Working on them has become the main occupation in my spare time. Everything that has already been connected with it in achievements has demanded a lot from me at times. It has seemed to me as a hard work what I have done there. On the other hand, this task has also strengthened me and developed something in me. Many things would certainly not have happened in my life without having fulfilled it. That's why I've been satisfied with it and have admitted to it as it is for me.

Meanwhile, what have I believed in? - The ways of a man occur within an area given and attainable for him. His means have always been limited, which has made something true. It will be good what is given to us. Think of these words, if you can recognize it, that my way must have its end also once. I could not say now when it will be so far that my ways must end. But I would like to have brought exactly therefore soon order into the events of my life, so that everything what will come can bear fruit once.

I wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart. The sun would like to shine for you, but in the meantime also a mild shadow would like to remain and have ensured your happiness in life.

Thus remained

With kind regards

Mathias Schneider



Nothing is given to us as well as everything. The existence of a human being has been rhythmical and is to be understood also in such a way.

I have not needed clarity at times. I also didn't need any prohibitions. Things didn't always have to be right for me.

The one has been able to be before or behind the other and yet has been so good. The one has been allowed to be beside, above or below the other and has remained good. There should have been no rightly decreed determination of what may be. Outside of those ordinances which can be derived by the laws of the state, man shall have remained free of such directives.

Yes, the one has even been able to be detached from the other and has become true nevertheless. Everything what has been to be named in this way should also be good. But this has not meant that something what has not been to be named with this would be to be rejected.

Such a multiplicity would like to have frightened the people perhaps and, nevertheless, it should not do such a thing. It has escaped a control by the human being what would not need to worry us. The nature of the things has been now once in the whole alone only as whole to recognize. For this also a whole is to be represented as a whole. That I have tried to give herewith in a simple way. Let us therefore better recognize it as it is given. Basically, the good that has been shown through this has made so many things easy for us. This has been especially the case if we have understood to express our thought in an independent way, as it has already been known to us.

Therefore, because we have been independent of the given, we have been free in our behavior from what has occurred. But then we have also received a real choice, which we have needed to determine what we have already appreciated in our life.


The freedom should always be only a partial aspect of the given, what has occurred there with us. Without a completeness of the things the life cannot be a full one.


History of the 'Hermitage

That collection of material in the wiki 'Hermitage' was created out of necessity during my work in my own creative workshop at prehistoric times. I struggled a lot with my existence in the years from 2008 to 2013. There I wrote down a lot of things. I have continued this way of employment afterwards. Nowadays, my work creation serves me primarily as an approach to myself as a person. I have preserved my thoughts and ideas of that time. The text work of the Wiki 'Einsiedelei' represents in many respects a key to my actual tasks and intentions, as I prepared them at that time.

I continue to deal with my writings in everyday life. Here I write down some of what I have realized about myself over time.

But sometimes some of my own impulses deceive me a little. Then I take my 'cards' to the hand and look at the whole again, in order to attain a certainty about the concerning facts. In this way I have already been able to add something to one or the other card. With the time then the Wikis developed as card index.

I confess to making a few simple assumptions when creating my writings.

The essence of nature will be of a trivial kind. It is to be named.

The essence of man will be like the essence of nature.

A good thought will have to be complemented by another good thought.

A good word will have to be completed by another good word.

The sum of things is said to be of a finite kind.

From good comes good. Everything adds up to something whole.

The language shows the way by itself.

All tangles can be explained by the disorderly course of events and can be resolved.

All errors result from a wrong application of the given and should not persist.

What is wrong will be easy to correct by reversing and readjusting it.

The wrong dissolves into arbitrariness after receiving the right knowledge and therefore falls off.

There is no justification for dominance of anything over the given.


Another idea

Do something right with your time today. Recognize once the place where you are right now and also the hour which it is here now. There we begin to count with the one and remain with it to do our things in such a way as they corresponded to us. In clear distances we count further and stagger thus that to us known, around which we know something.


A principle of creation

Once a piece of writing has succeeded well, its further meaning will soon reveal itself to you in a clear way. Then you will be able to build on that once preserved by you with something good. There it forms a unity with the rest of the work. You will take care of it thanks to a completion of your words in the writings. Everything should be able to fit easily, if the circles will close with us once in a happy way. You are working towards that.

Any clarification of a fact sufficiently known to you has the peculiarity that it can be transferred. That is why we can apply our knowledge to other facts and thus complement one to the other. This methodology is based on a simple thought. An order has existed before us or it has not been for us.

There we look at everything under its normal aspect. Him we have recognized. That's why we soon realized that people's contributions to a discussion are as they have been. We have left that and have not given ourselves to their thinking. We have such one for ourselves already to own. What shall we do there with theirs?

What has come to us is to be that in a complete way. By this we make our spirit that it has already been complete by itself. Everything that belongs to a human being unites it in itself.

We have believed in this and we have reproduced this belief because we have looked at people in exactly this light, as it corresponds to such a state of affairs. We admit it to each other that we are of a human nature and would like to have that reflected to us by our fellow men, that they also look at us in that way.

However, it has always been complicated to come to an agreement with people when they have insisted on their position and have not gone along. Where they have been, there has been no place for us. Where we wanted to go, the goal did not appear for them. There we insisted on our good thought and left them.

Everyone has chosen for themselves at some point what they want to commit to.


Tasks and duties

I would now like to show you a few thoughts on the task I have determined for myself.

As the first aspect of my work it should be mentioned that I would like to improve my own text work lastingly. For this I have to learn something suitable. I would like to get used to using a uniform German for the creation of my own things, things and writings. The language has it in itself. I am only slowly beginning to grasp its grammatical structure. Those vocabulary words that I have already introduced are getting me to the point where I want to think through their orderly use now. The whole pages of my card index 'construction kit' are to be transferred into a suitable format. Their basic structure, in particular a sequence of the texts should be preserved as far as possible as it is given.

I would like to preserve the already existing thoughts and ideas, but also their structural appearance with it for the coming future as they are. The functional character of my writings is to be preserved. Due to the fact that I have already created the basic outlines of the corresponding texts, I now have a whole fund of my own work at my disposal from which I can draw. There I should be able to prepare myself for something further, which could be built on it. Also the stock of own writings wants to be secured. The quality of a reading of those texts will make a good part of their value for a readership. So it is to be taken equally importantly by me and to be secured.

That part of the world of thoughts and ideas of me which is present in the 'construction kit' still reflects this in a somewhat idiosyncratic way at times. The correct form for it is to be determined once. The thereby determined shall then be my guideline, so that they can be meaningfully expanded. I want to do this in order to come to suitable statements about my existence. To the writings produced in such a way then the explanation to the work show is to be added easily. The description of further characteristics of what makes me, should be coordinated by me and should join conclusively to what is already given. I would like to pay attention thereby to the fact that the contents, linguistically seen, are easy to convey.

This has already helped me a lot in life. When I was working on the card index, it sometimes happened that actual powers from earlier days of my life opened up again. I gladly allowed and accepted such beautiful moments.

There I weave some of it into the existing text work, because it has relevance for me. Those associated impulses in me have already revived me somewhat. There also my world of thoughts rejuvenates itself somewhat. I perceive what I experience in the process and can accommodate it in my work.

Exactly that should be written down by me, which also really arose with me at thoughts and ideas. I am aligned to that. I would like to recognize what appears with me. That will be nevertheless already so correct, as it is given. I correspond to that. In such a way I carry out my work creation.

As a second aspect of the production of own writings I would like to point it out to you now that I confess myself in the work to my Christian faith, where this seems to me to do necessary. However, this has not to be done in excess.

As the third aspect of the show of works will have to be explained that I want to maintain a certain closeness to the things destined for me. I try it to keep in this way an insight into the reasons of my existence. Those incidents and occurrences connected with it should be recognized by me as they happened.

I have arranged it with the creation of the 'construction kit' in such a way that I correspond to that previous starting point of me also furthermore. That is why I say that I walk an unabbreviated way. Such an approach protects from oppression.

The introduction of additional words into the text of the card index 'Construction kit' is prepared thanks to the creation of a reference possible for it. Thus, it has become true in the meantime that quite a few additions to it have already been realized. Instead of shortening the writings by remaining parts of bad kind in careless simplicity, Schneider as an author set out to put them finally into the right light. There they have alone only rarely disturbed the remaining system from designations and views. On the contrary, it is said to be true that some facts have appeared right only after a cancellation of actual misjudgements. The bad will be then something good, if it may be named also so. There it should appear exactly and also not be represented in wrong way. To renounce such exaggerations shall be good. What has occurred has also its share in the event. There it would be fatal to pass it over.


A literary event

A thought arisen with me is to be a thought to be utilized. Therefore I allow such a thought. I recognize it. That's what I do, even if it may have seemed questionable to me at first.

Thus I reach a basic state of thinking in a very simple way. I accept the given because it is true and recognize it thereby as a default for me that I want to deal with it. There I immediately keep my further thoughts and ideas about it.

Some of it I pick up when writing on the 'construction kit' and present it conscientiously. Then, when I have an opportunity and the desire to put it in my writings, I usually do.


Control over what is given to you will be well realized just by slowing down how you work and pausing in the process.


A first start

There is no bad word, but only more or less bad uses of words. Based on the thought I execute my writings. Thereby I cultivate little by little more and more different words into them. Decisive for the value of it will be the connections, which I create and receive in such a way. There the things appear as a picture. It has such qualities as I give it. It should be now exactly those of it, which characterize and constitute my life, around which it concerns me. Their display takes place for personal reasons. To name such is possible. I see no reason why this should not be done. Many things have already been said about me in the past. There people have fixed and decreed a lot of things, which have had a violent effect on me. I would like to counter this with my own work.

There I do not claim it at all that the people have misjudged me or my life happiness. It has only not been possible for them alone to grasp it correctly. They hardly knew me, but they said and wrote down many things about my situation. For this purpose, files have been created that have given a framework to my life's journey. The framework that has been provided for me has made my happiness in life almost impossible. What remained for me was unworthy and unattractive. I did not want to leave it like that.

I started from simple assumptions when I began to fix the things of my existence linguistically. What came over me there, I have not been able to ward off. That has surprised me. According to my feeling, I found myself in a predicament. It was by no means to be fixed on external events. I went into myself and brought out what it was. Many things have finally appeared before me. However, I hardly knew what to do with it.

So at some point I moved on to freeing life from me. I wanted to dissolve my entanglements. I did that primarily by naming the incidents, later also the circumstances. There the first transformation of the existing has already taken place with me. What has changed through this have been the beginnings of a determination of the real. By preserving what has been mine, I have been able to prove myself better. Soon the true facts of my existence shone through the events of my life and could be recognized. I have fixed them afterwards, whenever they have appeared. For this I have accepted it that the true essence of the things is both empty and trivial. Only the human being starts something with them, whereupon they are finally charged. There the situations fulfill themselves and arise. Everything exists in the way.

So I recognized the good at the trivial and assumed its existence as an actual emptiness. True to this pattern, all things receive their basic structure. The emptiness will therefore be to be understood correctly as the content or the content of the trivial. There it can be read from the occurrences, how they have arisen. As actual constructions and substantial enrichments of the basic forms of an appearance of the world they will occur. So they are to be evaluated. There one can weight it whether they have turned out good or bad.

Starting from the simple realization of an insufficient condition of my things, I have seen the value for them also in the same way. There it has seemed bad to me what has made up my life at that time. It took a long time until something changed in this respect. Some of it has been intertwined many times and therefore has taken an actually unsolvable form. In addition, it has been 'caked', the actual cords of this structure have stuck together or have been fused together. There I have also accepted it in such a way. That's how it has appeared to me. With the designation 'glued' thought world I have developed an idea of it, which occurs with me at difficulties and is given for me. I have left it like that. True to the approach of preservation of the given, I have accepted what I have found and tried to prove myself to such a thing. There are certainly easier tasks than this. But whatever tasks life has set for us, we can stand alone only if we have done justice to them. So this was the starting point for the preparation of the things of my life at that time.

Then I have brought out something of it. That I have named, but it also recognized thereby how burdensome it will be to expect to be understood with it by other people correctly. Therefore I have gone over to mentioning in addition to a designation of the given my work show, thus my active enterprise and to integrate it into the texts from my pen. A reference to it has embodied the first of all trivial references to my life. There I presented myself as a creator of art. To avoid giving it the wrong spice in the first place, I declared myself an 'art-trash' activist. This made a lot of things easier for me than before.


The principle of the feasible action

The positive will be the moment to which a person wants to act. There he has it well if he knows to recognize the things belonging to such a moment. That makes up his ability, what he has recognized, and it must also be enough for him. That is why he sometimes acts in such a way, so that he would not lose his 'thread'. That secures his respective fortune for him. There he keeps his access to his power. It offers him besides an orientation also the opportunity to do something in a way suitable for the matter. This is how his own being appears to him, this is how he commits himself to things. Many a happiness is made up of this. Something becomes true through it.

In fourfold way the simple action of the man appears or it has no continuance. One can fix it there, how it occurs. One can even abstract it. Thereby one puts oneself into another situation. From it one can clarify the general of an action. It will have to be named what constitutes it.

In the following, I now give the four parts of the aspect of an action through my own words for their knowledge.

An action is done in a simple way and brings about something simple. (This is according to the pious desire of the doer).

An action is reflected in the given material at any time. There consequently the designs also have a double effect. (A design of the objects leads also to an imprint on the human being. )

A manifestation reflects itself at any time at its manufacturer. There the effected also has a twofold effect. (The quality of the person is remembered by the objects and makes a value).

This is not to embody a difficulty. We have merely verbalized it to ourselves, which occurs anyway at every time. There nothing has happened further than an extension of the idea of what constitutes the things. Their cognition corresponds to the nature. Since the human being recognizes it, what is there, he has also the right to speak of it, what he has recognized. Thus one makes a possession of it. Such a possession can be recognized in life as a default for oneself. With its help we form a reason in ourselves. We need such a reason. But he who does not want to concede to man that he can be reasonable, has erred with everything. He will be wound up crookedly. We defend ourselves against this. We do not want to be misjudged. Even if we have kept silent, we have not given people the right to condemn us in such a serious way.

That's when we pacify the situation by returning to the starting position. In doing so, we strive towards a positive moment. For this we free ourselves first of all from all fillings which have nothing to do with us. Their quality has not been beneficial for us at all times.

If we have finally found the emptiness of the occurrences true to their true appearance as trivial occurrences, then it should be possible that an acceptance of the given is easy for us. There we receive it as a rule soon, what is to be fixed as order. To this we would like to tie up with our belief that everything is rightly so as it occurs.

Goodness is built on goodness. From true comes true. Thus, all things embody that which constitutes their essence. In addition to it only distractions occur alone. They have all represented for a desired and looked for thing the extent of a not necessary occurrence. There they are alone only rarely needed by us.


A good job

No matter what kind of work we human beings do, something is fulfilled in us through it. That is to be fair to the essence of a thing, what becomes true through it. We have something of this because we have come to terms with the fact that our task co-determines our existence as a human being. We go our way.

Basically, we receive something through the fact that we have worked. It would not only be the income necessary to provide for ourselves that we would thus receive. We have also experienced what it means to have access to a social structure and to be integrated into it.

There the kind of the activity is to be exchangeable. What has not been interchangeable, however, are the personal achievements that have gone along with it.