Dear reader,

here on the Wiki 'Beggar's Hermitage' or short 'Hermitage' you can have a look at some of the texts which meant the beginning of Mathias Schneider's own text writing. This page is his actual refuge during this episode of his artistic work. It has been made publicly accessible by him only long time later, when already some other Wiki was to be found on-line.

The contents of a slightly amended new version are now available here. He just tried to freshen them up a bit and raise them when correcting these scriptures.

The thoughts and ideas that came up in the course of this work have kept him busy from 2010 to 2012. He now hopes that a rendition of the same can contribute something good to an improved conclusiveness of an understanding of his artistic work.

The texts contained here have at times already reached him with their content. These have supported and strengthened him in times of need, when he could not yet be certain of many things for his existence.

Perhaps you will also find some of the facts of a human life here, which will make a reading of this page something beneficial for you.

With this in mind, he wishes you all the best now and remains

kind regards

the author Mathias Schneider


Prologue to the Wiki Hermitage

The first thing you're supposed to do here now is get yourself a little bit back to your own mind. Please don't let go again of assigning your things to each other correctly once you have made the beginning of it.

Please pause for a moment to see what you have set up for yourself. When you have finally attained the feeling of being completely there, then the work should also succeed as well as possible. It will so probably immediately show you what to do. Put it into practice as soon as you have acquired a real clarity of what it is. I wish you that at this moment you yourself would like to succeed in something good.

Please use yourself sufficiently well for such a work with the power given to you. But first start again with this little attunement to yourself. Become aware of what it means. That should give you some certainty.

Don't get addicted to anything exuberant. Remember what you have been assigned to yourself. The actual should remain tangible for you or finally become so. Find yourself and know what will be given to you. However, do not repeat your own doubts of things, but rather correspond to them at your coming impulse, as it is possible for you. Something good might be possible.

Strength thus.

Wake up as a human being.

Equip yourself with something suitable for this existence as you wish to receive it.

Then go to work, if you have succeeded. Step into action, if that is just possible for you. Order your field finally with a right thought thereby. Wear this one on you the way it feels. Don't let go of the right way with your things again. Deal with what you're doing in time. Do this, once you have realized that you can achieve something for yourself in this way. That's what you've been wishing for all your life, I think. It's supposed to be something you really need for life.

It shall be beautiful to be found in the world. But sometimes it has also been terrible to be there in this world. Both thoughts have already come true as it is written here. We have moments like this. These condition us. That's what we care about. Meanwhile, everything continues to change. This is how the realities of this existence come about. These are incidents which serve us as a guideline and should also do so. The conventions developed in this way should correspond to ourselves. You will now become aware of that basic mood that goes with it, how it is conveyed to you through these words. Get a little familiar with yourself. So you will surely learn something about yourself. This is supposed to be the real heart of your things, what you can keep in mind. Make it possible to be satisfied with what you have given and to recognize it as it is. Yes, accept that which is given to you for a truth.

Please take a closer look at the content of this introduction to a living event before you read on here in this very personal and private text work I have written for you. Know about this salary as well as my good will. Complete those thoughts and ideas that are present in you first, before you progress with them. Just add yours to it as it will be true. I'll know how to pay attention to it. That, in turn, is intended to encourage you to meet me.

Remember also that these writings were written by an adept of his own, who has already said of himself that he is still at the lowest level of scholarship. So it will be true that these text work can still be changed and varied by me. Don't be afraid. I haven't come to the final conclusion on this either. This will all be something that has yet to be confirmed and found in this existence. So nothing of it would be really finished and brought to an end, which would also like to be understood by you now once well.

A man's actions should be conclusive. But to anticipate an event would not be harmless. Who has already burned the candle of tomorrow today, his light will soon be extinguished. It's better to keep your materials. Their proper use should make it possible for us to have real reason as human beings. You will be able to speak about such things well once they have been realized by you.

Let what happens in arbitrariness simply lie fallow and take more care of those things to which we have an actual connection. If one uses one's own gift simply to interweave the given as a whole in one piece. Without realizing these kinds of construction of the inner world of thoughts and ideas, there will be no reasons for a man to illustrate his spiritual experience. What we have not taken into account would not be due to us either, because we have not taken care of it. How can it appear there?

It is necessary to create such a frame, where it is possible to stretch the warp threads of the carpet to be woven, which we would like to produce. If such a work of art will also be an actual guideline for us humans, then thanks to this thing we can achieve something actual for our own existence. What happens will also be something true. In an equal ratio, one's own forces will grow in proportion to each other once we have prepared them well and developed them evenly. Man becomes beautiful there, but his existence then also holds such happiness in itself, as it can happen there. It should be good for others, just as it should be good for ourselves, which gives us righteousness.

Thus one obtains his works through a direct and immediate experience of this existence.

What else remains to be done but to express the actual thanks of yourself frankly. This is to be made recognizable by us once. It is so true that we have come without a privilege in this life to assert ourselves in this world with our own view of this cosmos. What we have already acquired from it today is also due to us in principle, because we have gained it for ourselves with honest intention.

Now there's the individual like us to understand. Possession, entitlement and provision are equally distributed among people. Everyone has a present, a future and a past. That's gonna mean something to everyone. What one knows how to draw from it, that he experiences it, yes, what one of them receives for his own and himself, that should continue to be granted to him.

Let's not give these gifts away to unauthorized people. We'd better keep them for ourselves permanently. Let us not waste this actual possession, especially since it can only be borrowed from someone. No one can claim a permanent right to ownership of it. We will all pass away once, each in his own time. Man should better limit himself to the essential and understand that something like this will only be temporal if he is able to preserve it.

But those who have taken a little too much will hardly understand what has been said here. They will not be a master of their powers over these things, nor will they come into possession of all their goods. One can laugh at those people who have many chairs, because they could not understand that one will sit alone on only one of them. One can mock those people who have a lot of dishes, because they did not want to understand that one only needs a plate, a cup and cutlery to eat something.

The praise of the wine cellar is no matter how great it may be. But if the wine is not drunk in time, it becomes vinegar. Such property is a disgrace if it is not divided up in time.


A personal greeting to the reader

Welcome, dear friend, to my humble abode, the 'hermitage'. I very much hope you bring a good mood and have the time and the leisure to absorb some of the things I have written about here. For your effort in reading this collection of texts from my own pen, I thank you basically already now.

I ask you to make yourself comfortable and also to have herbal tea, water or whatever else you will need for yourself ready so that you can spend some time here in peace. I hope you'll enjoy it.

Keep your composure while reading these texts. Please don't rush into them unnecessarily. There's really no need for haste and zeal. It would actually be necessary to read through these texts with all due care, so that you can correctly grasp and understand their power, their inherent quality.

It will certainly take some time until you will really understand what I actually want to tell you by means of this Scripture. Please keep in mind that this is not a finished work yet. There are probably many structural and content-related deficiencies that I have to learn to recognize before I can eradicate them. I have not always had sufficient knowledge of the rules and laws of the German language, in which I have written my texts. Even today, I probably still miss a few things that will actually be wrong or incorrect.

I'd also like to ask you to do the following. You'd rather come back here to read more often. I hope you do not want to understand all about it at once. Prepare yourself. This will do more good than overworking and doing more reading than you really want to do and can do yourself.

Do not some overwhelming things by reading in this work. Better try to build yourself on it. Read the texts carefully and try to understand their content correctly. If any of this content is not sufficiently easy to understand, please show that to me. Then just write or tell me about the matter, so that I can recognize it. With actual certainty, none of my works is already free of defects.

How did I set up this website in the past? - The basic substance of this work was once taken from the 'Beggarwiki' (formerly called Ferywiki), which is my first larger but unpublished work. That other wiki has served me to train my already latent language skills myself. With the help of this work, I have found a way of speaking in a way that suits me well. It has been in work during the years of 2004 - 2011 and has taken up a lot of space during this phase of my life.

With this Wiki I tried to show and determine the content of my actual things of this existence. My character soon became more understandable to me. Some of the processes of self-knowledge I carried out and actually completed them at that time. Those facts of my existence have sometimes even been clearly brought to my attention and I have been able to give them sufficient consideration. I once noticed something of it, put it into context and understood it. Meanwhile, I have shown myself something about what made me special in the earlier times of my life. This has helped me a lot to become more tangible as a human being for myself in these times of need, which occured since 2004.

My life should also be based on what I once determined for myself. I have included those things that have become so clear to me and have been created by me in my fund and have basically made them publicly accessible by posting them here and elsewhere. At some point, I also noticed my actual linguistic limitations and really acknowledged them. They weren't just of a grammatical order. I have also been striving for a conformal usability of some words. But this will hardly be given. Some of them are probably too rare and too imperfectly staged by me in my life so far. I used to focus far too much on grammatical research when I was learning languages. Actual words or vocabulary I did not learn enough in earlier times. That really was a mistake. It is on my part to manage these things today in a better way. The networking of the words is a powerful one, which makes ones own mind more sufficient. This self-teaching is now a belatedly carried out one. I am looking at this fallow land and learn much again, while I am connecting myself with me. I have recognized the necessarity of this for myself. Now I have interpreted it in this way. It makes me happy that I can say such things.

In the end, I myself began to gradually integrate those words that were important to me into my writings. What a lot of trouble this has cost me! - I had to learn so much to do before something useful came into being. But I wanted to do it and I was able to do it. For me, writing my own texts has become more and more important, which goes far beyond the usual level for other people. Even a version of my actual constitution, which I experience in this existence, I considered to be possible to give there. This is regarded by me as an integral part of my work and is treated as such here.

This wiki has become a somewhat peculiar thing due to the way it is made. I am the one who strives to equip myself with the goods mentioned here. I do this service to continue my recovery. I work out these texts according to the principle of a 'system of naming and taking note' of the things, which once arose as 'thought protocols' during 'freewriting hours'.

For many years now I have been producing my own Scriptures. This has become my main occupation in my free time. At some point I also began to produce something of independently created literature, which should show me the entire course of my life to date, as a thought about it and an idea of it. Those many smaller wikis in the file 'Baukasten' (a so called 'Construction Kit')are on-line too. For exactly this reason my spring originated and I got back some energy. These are my actual reflections on my life. I write down how my imagination has developed over the years. The actual state of it is the present. This one occurs to me and conditions me well.

In the 'construction kit' I wrote mainly about my own existence. As an artist, I have to do this so that I can draw some attention of others to my works. It's also the only existence I have anything so comprehensive to say about.

And so many things have arisen with me, which you can now read yourself. I hope this isn't too much trouble for you.

So who am I? - I try to show you something of what has already made me as a human being in my life so far. Some of them continue to exist. At any time something of it can come up again, if the corresponding circles have closed with me once.

That's how I feel they'll do it one day. That's what I'm preparing. I describe mainly my earlier thoughts and ideas, how I can remember them. Everything that is connected with this activity will sometimes be like hard work for me. I know that I myself, cognitively speaking, have not been trained very well by my fellow human beings. It bothers me a little at times, but I couldn't change it. My life story includes that. Oh, I've been tried to deny an aptitude at times. Hardly anyone believed that I could achieve such an personal progress on my own. And yet it's my business.

So I have been sometimes quite dissatisfied with my existence. Meanwhile, I have tried to give you something of me and my life in a tangible way. I have made this appear in the form of such texts as can be found here. I'm doing this so you can see it whenever you feel like it. I hope that this work will soon bear fruit. I would like to get a little closer to you with these moments or even become understandable.

What do I think? - A man's ways are of a finite nature within the area given and attainable to him. His resources are therefore limited. It would be good if you could acknowledge that for me and my things, too.

And that's how I'm gonna stay consistent. It is important to continue to practice this, which I have now done for so long. All that has been preserved here would not only form a structure with which I would like to deal well. I take good care of myself too. As I continue to write these Scriptures, I do what is necessary for them to continue to help me. Doing this means something to me. I would also like to create the facts of my existence in a sincere way, so that they will also be usable for you.

The structure of the text work here should be similar to a 'castle' and should appear so. It should be compact, safe and stable for me to do what I write. I am doing this so that I can defend this mountain fortress if necessary.

I wish you all the best now and in the near future. So I remain,

kind regards

the author Mathias Schneider


An idea

I didn't need clarity for a while. I haven't needed any bans for a while. Things haven't always had to be right for me.

The one could have been in front of or behind the other and yet it was so good. The one was allowed to be next to or above or below the other and yet remained good. There shall be no rightly prescribed provision of what may be. Beyond those ordinances derived by the laws of the state, man shall remain free of such refuse.

Yes, one could even have been detached from the other, and yet it still came true. Everything that can be named in this way should also be good. This would not mean, however, that something that could not be named here should be discarded.

Such a multiplicity might frighten people and yet it should not do so. It will elude human domination, which should not disturb us. The nature of things should be recognizable in the whole only for one whole. For this purpose, the whole is to be represented as a single whole. That's what I've been trying to do with this. Let's recognize it as it is. Basically, this will make so much thoughts easier for us. That will be the case once we understand what it is that makes us think so.


The wiki 'Hermitage'

That collection of material in the Wiki 'Hermitage' was created during my work in my own creative workshop out of necessity in ancient times. I fought a lot with this existence for the years 2008 - 2012. I wrote down a lot of things because that made something possible for me at that time. I have subsequently continued this type of employment. Nowadays this work, along with my other text collections in the 'construction kit', serves me as an access to my thoughts and ideas of that time.

The text of this wiki also serves as a starting point for the creation of those reflections on my life that build upon it. It is in many ways a key to my memories of a time when many turning points have occurred and have taken place within my inner and outer events. However, in my writings I basically only reproduce these to a limited extent as examples of my existence. But these texts nevertheless show some of it clearly perceptibly for a reader initiated into these things. Thus they belong to those things which are to make my work understandable to another human being.

I deal constantly in everyday life with my already created Scriptures. I read these over and over again. Sometimes I let the computer read one or the other of them to me using a suitable software (NVDA from nvaccess.org). I am also still working on the text of this wiki, trying to preserve its basic substance. This seems to me to be meaningful and valuable enough.

Here I write down all the good things I have understood from my own person over time or am willing to set up for myself. What I find in the course of time in useful goods, I will name that and thus preserve it for future times.

But just as nature, which determines us, is able to do it, so some of my own impulses occasionally deceive me. It was only because of further considerations that I noticed that I was sometimes so mistaken. Then I pick up my 'cards' and look at the whole thing again in order to gain some certainty about the facts. I have already added one or the other idea to these cards, because I knew for sure that it would have to be added. I do this in so much detail that I can find those things about myself that need to be approached through a phase of preparation.

I write down my texts in a manner which corresponds to me. In doing so, I meticulously deal with the given in the elaboration of my writings. But I also keep an overview of the whole thing here. There I always write down what I consider to be sufficiently suitable.

I confess to the fact that I start from some simple assumptions when creating these words.

§ The essence of nature will be of a trivial nature. It's supposed to be named that way.

§ The essence of man will be like the essence of nature.

§ A good thought will be complemented by another good thought.

§ A good word will have to be completed by another good word.

§ The sum of things shall be of a finite kind.

§ Good comes from good. Everything adds up to something whole.

§ Language shows the way by itself.

§ All confusions can be explained by the disorderly course of events and can be resolved.

§ All errors result from a wrong application of the given and should not persist.

§ The incorrect will be easy to correct by reversing and readjusting it.

§ The wrong thing dissolves into arbitrariness after receiving the right insight and therefore falls off.

§ There is no authority to dominate anything over the given.


Another idea

Start your time today with something right. Recognize once the place where you are right now and also the hour which it is now.


Once a piece of writing has succeeded well, its further meaning will soon become apparent to you in a clear manner. Then you will build on the once preserved something of value. There it forms a unity with the rest of the work. Everything will be obeyed once these circles have closed completely.


Tasks and duties

I would now like to show you a few thoughts on the task I have chosen for myself.

The first aspect of my work will be that I would like to improve my own text work sustainably. I have something suitable to learn. I would like to get used to using a uniform German for the creation of these own things. Language has some kind of truth in it itself. I am only slowly beginning to grasp their grammatical structure. The vocabulary I have already introduced makes me want to think through it now, what is written there. The whole pages of my file 'Baukasten' (the so called 'construction kit') shall be converted into a suitable form. Their basic structure should be preserved by me.

I would like to guard my own thoughts and ideas for my future as they are. Also the functional character of my writings should be preserved. Because I have already written these texts, I have a whole fund at my disposal. There I shall succeed in preparing myself for something further, which builds on it. But the goodness of a reading of these texts will make up a good part of their value. So this is also important to me to take and hire my own ideas.

That already existing structure of these texts reflects my world of thoughts and ideas still sometimes in a somewhat confused or even disordered way. The right structure of them should be determined in order to come to appropriate statements about my existence. The creation of further writings should be coordinated sufficiently well by me and be able to be assigned to the already given well. I would like to make sure that the basic substance of these writings is prevented from erasing.

In my work on the 'construction kit' it sometimes happens that I carry renewed impulses from actually earlier days of my life on me and can recognize them as such. I would like to allow these beautiful moments to happen at work. I can pick up some of them and integrate them with an actual reproduction, according to their relevance for myself, into the already existing text by means of interweaving. Those associated impulses are supposed to make me a little more alive. Meanwhile, I'd like to take a closer look at what kind of mood I'm in. A lucky circumstance, for example, should also be shown as such.

It should be written down by me exactly what also really occurs with me. That's what I'm aiming for. This is gonna be as good, true and right as it is. There I would like to do my work conscientiously, as it comes to my mind. I trust very much in me, I count on this too.

As a second aspect of this creation of my own writings, I would like to point out that in this work I confess my Christian faith where it seems necessary to me to do so. However, this should not be done in excess, so that what is given here would not unduly offend other people.

The third aspect of this exhibition will be that I want to maintain a certain proximity to the things that are predetermined for me. I try to keep my real insight into the reasons for my existence. Those related incidents shall be properly recognised as such.

I have set it up in such a way that, thanks to the work I do in dealing with my own things, I continue to correspond to my previous starting point. It's supposed to help me preserve a happiness associated with it. All the good stuff about it is supposed to be worth something. It will therefore be completely right for me to keep it that way.


A literary event

A thought that occurs to me shall be a thought to be exploited. That's why I'll let it happen. I recognize it. That's what I do, even though it seems questionable to me for now.

Thus I reach the basic state of reflection in a very simple way. I accept the given and accept it as my default. In time, I become aware of a sense of it. Well, that is good. But that's where I've tried to get before, where it's possible for me.

A human being's satisfaction should be one that he gets along with. What will be more important than to feel an inner emotion of the mind yourself in order to be with oneself. That way, I can empower myself with my things. Happiness occurs then in a very light way.