Aspects of this existence


Every spark of luck will have a little ash, too.


Task and idea

I strive for a simple completeness of those things to be preserved by me. Such I would like to achieve during this one existence of mine.


To have an overview of the whole

A person's life will be one that can appear in a clear way in the whole. Then we will surely recognize the questions of our life and correctly assign the statements of a contemporary event to them. Through everything it has been made what is given to us, this occurs at it as a sum. Nothing should interfere with what we think of ourselves. That is why man will be recognizable as existing because he is subject to such conditions, but also because he can fasten his existence to these conditions.

One makes it clear to oneself what principles have already become understandable from this existence. Schneider also does this when he is in seclusion. Let his writings bear witness to what he strives for. These are already manifest and want to be looked at and read by the readership.

A life like ours is connected with an existence within the world, which knows all the horrors, but also all the beautiful things about it. We participate in the given as it is. This occurrence of ourselves on earth is to be lived in a benign way.

Acknowledge one's own existence and do what is necessary in a sufficient but moderate way. An orientation of our person towards this human existence, which is connected with joy, happiness and sadness, really takes place. Let us simply correspond with our minds to this reason of our existence.

What else but that is supposed to make a life as a human being? - Only in the completeness of the given alone will the whole be one for itself. In it one seeks and finds one's salvation by acknowledging that it will have to be preserved. Every movement, every thought of us will be worth something. Let's do this, think so carefully. This should correspond to an idea of this life, which itself sees it as conducive. Such a quality can truly exist with us. It's what happens there. This should also appear. It can be possible and true. Man corresponds to it while he accepts his own, as it really happens.

But only a finiteness of the given will meanwhile make our own feelings possible for men. Let us be reasonable about this. What really defines us is what we try to find out again and again throughout our lives in order to achieve stability. We strive for such a thing because so much can change during this human existence. At times our tracks get lost in the sand of this world. We will rightly call this reality. It's given. In this sense, the world will be friendly towards us. Their qualities continually provide us with further possibilities for inner peace within ourselves. What is there to make any sense other than to preserve this life as it is already true in itself?


Thought of a future

Sometimes arriving has been more important than leaving. One would like to be there once and for all and pass with something.


Reason as echo of a memory

Those aspects of this existence should all be finally of their kind as phenomena. Then these won't be torture for us. Something can have an effect and yet it passes. It may leave us with a good memory that we have experienced it.

Everything's supposed to be here. This also applies to the actual end. It's already marked out. The emergence of life also determines its progress and thus certainly leads to its extinction again. Nothing of ourselves would last forever unless a knowledge of it had been wrongly formed. But that will then be the result of an error.

All good things pass by once and are then replaced by something else, which can also happen. And it's really supposed to happen. It's the course of events that these things change. It wouldn't be good to endure if the structure of this universe wasn't the way it is. We should acknowledge this insight and make use of it ourselves. I would like to remind readers that this is not a real disaster, but a real opportunity for us.

Even the number of real aspects of this earthly life is limited. Only in this way will these occur in a comprehensible way. We should look at and monitor what is given to us, but we would not need to change it. Let us simply join such a knowledge of the given and acknowledge it as it is. Wouldn't that have any value for us?

It's all finite. Although that sum of the whole of this globe will be greater than the sum of the things of one individual, it will also remain limited. Much of this is merely repetitions of a redundant nature, which are irrelevant in order to increase their value. To recognize that will be something trivial when you know what it is like, what will be given to us. Basically, these redundancies and trivialities make up almost all of this life with its human existence. For those who have seen this world, it will be so. What everyone knows will all be just repetitions of what is actually the same. Nothing other than what we also know will be discovered in it. If things appear to be nuanced, they always remain what they actually are. You can handle that. It completes the finiteness of the fillings.

Every life has something in it that can become conscious of the living being that leads it. All these things known to us should be made to master this life. That's what we're supposed to learn how to do. Let's make ourselves aware of what condition us. Under this aspect every human being is equal. All our paths are worth just as much, whatever they may be.

Everything good is already predetermined for us by what happiness means to us. There's still what's significant about it. None of this would need to be indefinite in the long run. Again and again will come up what is true. Like a fractal of spiritual activity, man re-performs his scanning of the experience, which leads to a refreshment of the already formed and existing thoughts and can bring them to life. Meanwhile, people network their experiences with what they already know. Soon his mind will be strengthened.

Once all this comes into force, there will also be something to experience. Some truths come to light openly. Like the other things, these also appear to conform to their nature. This world is probably maintained by such a pulse, which can give us a brief glimpse of it in another light. Soon we would like to take up a new position and gain some new perspectives. This is supposed to be equivalent to a motorization, which can drive us. So everything that exists has its order, but no permanent existence. The virtual worlds are a multiple of the realities. Let us be motivated to acknowledge what is given, even if it does not happen at all times and always. Then, when we also appear in a way that corresponds to how this world is structured, we will really exist. So perhaps we will be able to survive because of our knowledge of such a content of words.

By the occurrence of a clarification of the always uniform thoughts and ideas we shall understand and purify this human existence. There we would like to write down something true about what we are prepared to acknowledge. This should be known to us so that it is also suitable for it. We will know and understand some of this. There it will also be for us to preserve for the near future. For this purpose we have our own pictures and writings at our disposal, as they are. But also the word and the spirit have been given to us for this reason, so that we make use of them and develop something. At the very least, it will be our consciousness that we train.


Recognition of human equality

Each cause has something in it that makes it an absolute quantity. This influences the development of things absolutely. It becomes a condition of everything else.

A value of the given, on the other hand, is something that we have to see from our position. We will not identify any causes. And yet we know that there will be. That's what we learned.

For some reason, we would not distinguish between the causes and their consequences. Then, when we look at the events of this world, it becomes obvious. If we first describe what we perceive there, it even becomes obvious. We participate in this world in the first place through such participation, but could not finally clarify what it is. Within a present all this appears according to its value as it is. However, this will be something that can and should be distinguished from the actual cause of these things.

One wouldn't happen without the other. This duality of the given has not made it easier for us to come to terms with it. We certainly ask ourselves the question about the reason and would still not find anything in it that causes us. We have no known relationship with this one. And yet he's there, he happens and he has an effect. But he stays what he is.

This reason is a prerequisite for life, but is itself probably without one. The structures in this world could not simply be described as living without knowing their content more precisely. Only that which we see will appear true to us. This would not be wrongly named after a point of view that is just for man.

One can examine things for the interaction of the causes causing them and learn something about their value, which can be recognized right now. As one has recognized this, one should then also record it with words. This is to be stated here once that it will be within the bounds of possibility to achieve this.

Then, when our observations have also taken shape, we can record them so that they come to see us. Our thoughts and ideas are finally taking shape. We are to inspect and also verify such a system. There something becomes apparent for us humans, which is evaluable.

A certain capacity of man only arises when he has sufficiently explained one thing to another, who also passes this knowledge on. There it can have an effect, whether we know to designate the given. What we imagine, we will not convey to others. But we should make sure that this other man gets his own idea of what is to be fixed to a thing. He might recognize them there.

A sheet of paper in front of us we can paint and inscribe as we like. Something will come of it. The senses sharpen themselves for the given. The more diverse the information we know how to add, the clearer it will be.

For this purpose we should also give a description in our own words. We would like to name and designate something according to our intention. We will draw mental connections from this. These bridges should make our knowledge accessible to other people. But please, let's not do it too well!

Meanwhile, the process of depicting the given would seem unnecessary for many people. Many people weigh up and say that they already know how to do this or that they don't need to do it in the first place. No honest effort will be enough to break such false pride. But the following will be right. The simple should be practiced regularly or our powers in this regard should dwindle. And that's how it works.


create opportunities

A reference to known dimensions can greatly facilitate communication with another person. In this way something can be said that is already clear to the interviewer. In this way you quickly find a common basis for the conversation.


The last house of the street

The last house of a known area would be the rightly determined turning point for ourselves. There can also be such clues in meditation. One would not need to go any further than to a place where things are rightly still familiar.

The human spirit is a thriving one. He brings about all the power of man, also constitutes his strength. But before time to a thing this will hardly appear. One can only incur actual losses if one unjustly crosses the real thresholds of this world.

speech formation


With the first word a text begins to develop. So pay attention to your choice of words. Each further one also forms the given and therefore forms something which will be given to you afterwards. Blessing and cursing can therefore be a language for man. What is determined by that when we say something is the progress of things. The first word at the beginning of a text makes everything possible, we might think. But we should remain aware of our own situation and only say something about it.



Man preserves himself. We are not only there for the joy of others, but we have also not found a reason to enjoy everything.

The best thing we can do is to accept the insight that we can survive. That's what the seal is for, to corroborate something like that. You draw up a contract and act on it.

Meanwhile, man is servable, not to remain righteous without himself. He'll break every seal if it's unduly enslaved him. Nobody's gonna need a second because of a load. It's enough to get along with less to get rid of one.

After a transcript

Sacrificial Sermon

Freely based on Meister Eckhart

"Sacrificial Cane Sermon."

Nolite timere eos, qui corpus occidunt, animam autem occidere non possunt. (Matt. X., 28)

You should not fear those who will kill the body, for the soul would not be able to judge them.

Do not fear those who want to kill you in the flesh'; Spirit does not kill Spirit. Spirit gives life to it. What tries to kill you will be blood and flesh. What is made of flesh and blood dies together. The noblest thing about man will probably be his blood. That's how it'll be true. But even the worst thing about humans can be their blood, if it is badly made. If blood prevails over flesh, man remains humble, patient and chaste. He can then always uphold all virtue. But if flesh prevails over blood, then a man becomes pompous, angry and unchaste. Then he won't show any virtue in himself. Praise be to Saint John. I can hardly praise this better than God has already done.

Now pay attention. I would now like to say something that has never been said before. When God created the heavens, the earth and the beasts, there was no faithful for him, he had nothing to do and he did no work. Then God developed that thought of creating an image of himself. It is a simple task for him to create this: "You can turn it around and turn it around, (?) as you like. But what I do, I do it myself and with myself alone, imprinting my seal on it. 'An equal shall be made'. Neither the Father nor the Son nor the Holy Spirit alone can do this. Rather: The sum of the three as a unit by the Trinity form an equal. When God created man, he became the image of man in his soul. It has become an effective, but also everlasting work. This performance was so important that nothing else but the soul would have been created by it. And the soul would be nothing but God's work. The nature of God, the essence of God and his divinity are so emanated in it that it has become man's task, from a spiritual point of view, to be active. May this be blessed by God, yes, may it be blessed by God! Because God works through the soul, he appreciates this work so much. What is now your soul to you, the divine still works on it. This work of God is so important that it would be nothing but your breath of life, and this breath of life would not differ from that of God. God dwells with himself and his nature. Through the breath, because God has given this, he makes it true. And because he did that, everything was made by him.

I'd like to say something I've never said before. God enjoys the divine itself through its actual taste. In the way that God created you, He also created all animals. With the same joy with which God created you, he also created all animals, less than animals, rather like this: animals in the image of himself. The way he created it all, that's how it all stayed.

Now take good care. All living beings are guided by it in highest perfection. But now I ask you to hear something from the eternal truth and from the everlasting truth and also from my soul. I would now like to say something that I have never said before. God and his divinity are as different as heaven and earth. I'll tell myself this: The inner part and the outer part of man are as different as heaven and earth. God has many territories up there in heaven. God works through prosperity and decay.

Now I come back to my previous speech: The taste of things is always a taste of divine meaning. The sun shines its light on all creatures, and as it does, this light is felt by the creatures as warmth, and yet it has never lost its light.

All creatures carry their own being all their lives. All creatures seem to me to be well formed and well thought out. I myself see the true God in every creature. Take care of what you're doing.

Now I come back to the inner person and the sold person from earlier. I think of a lily in the field, its appearance with its rich colours and foliage. But I won't stop at the show of this plant. Why don't I? It's the joy in me that matters to me. Yes, that I speak is my part, but what I speak is not my part. All creatures have a share in me through my utterances, my form, my external work, just as they have had a share in wine, bread and flesh. But they couldn't perceive the inner part of me the same way. They recognize this through the gift of God. But they don't recognize my inner joy as theirs. You recognize this more than my being in its constancy.

Now I assume that if I expose a basin with water and a mirror inside to the sunlight at the bottom, the sun will shine over it and would not lose it. The play of light of the mirror is for the sun the sun itself, and yet it alone is only a mirror. It's the same with God. God appears at the soul with his nature, his essence and his divinity and yet is different from them. The antagonism of the soul is in remembrance of God from God and yet it is a soul.

So a becoming God, and because all creatures participate in it, they also participate in him. When I stood on the ground, on the ground, at the river and at the source of the Divine, nobody asked me what I wanted and what I would do for it. There wasn't anyone who wanted to know. But when I came out of there, all creatures expressed and pointed out a lot. They asked me, "Brother Eckhart, when did you leave the house? And suddenly I returned to myself. This is supposed to be proof of the following: All creatures speak in the sense of God. But why didn't they talk about divinity? Everything that exists is part of it, and therefore it would not need to be discussed. God is the working one. The divinity would have no effect. Nor does it have the task to achieve anything, since it would not have such a drive itself. She never pays attention to anything achieved. The difference between God and Godhead will be that of action and not action. If I find my way back to God, I'm not staying. So my emotion will be much nobler than my utterance. Only I can understand for myself that all creatures like me are also sensibly constituted. I'm becoming aware of that. But when I get to the bottom, to the ground, to the river or to the source of the deity, no one will ask me where I come from and where I have been. I'm not missed by anybody, God spoils me.

Whoever has understood this sermon I know how to enjoy. If no one had been here, I would have had to preach these to the sacrificial cane. There are a lot of poor people who don't understand and then they'll talk like this: I want to sit on a chair, eat my bread and know how to serve God. I say it with the eternal truth that such people are lost and will achieve nothing. Nor can they prevent those who follow God well by their example from certainly achieving something. Amen.