The only way

That path which is really to be followed and which is also truly followed would be in two respects the only valid path for someone like me.


The temple in the desert

Some people have a veritable cult around their bodies. Such people sometimes come to describe their bodies as a temple. An extremely beautiful appreciation of the body can be that which I would like to accept. At least that's the kind of thing I welcome.

Who will experience once, what it actually means to have to do without physical functions permanently, recognizes probably the handicap of a human being in dealing with this life. Over the course of our lives, this existence can gradually take on a meaning that weakens us or even threatens us. It will be essential to take good care of one's own quality of life. This is also due to our health. This body of ours would not be wearable without such a thing not clouding our happiness.

The spirit of a human being should be formed from the sum of the things that happen to us. Meanwhile the human body is flooded with an actual vitality. Inside us he appears as a wind and tries to enliven us. Yes, there will even be a multitude of winds, which will let us recognize our own liveliness. Thanks to internal reflexes, these also appear as functionality of this body. In this way we perceive actively and reactively what has been entered into us.

Meanwhile, our being alone can only be as well developed in us as it has taken possession of our body. Ideally, one corresponds to the other. With the body again we give our mind space to occur.

Space can seem meaningless without its friendship and relationship to structure. Everything that forms there will be good for something. Then a wind comes up and breaks through the temporary chaos by its ordering property. He sifts through things, finally makes this evil go away so that it can dissolve. There some painful habits of things useless for ourselves finally stop with us. Something wrong can then really be corrected, because you can recognize it correctly.

The events in an oasis are supposed to be like this. There the decline of life is defied and it is preserved faithfully to its basis. It will be due to the fact that life was born there when there is a temple.

The temple in the desert is supposed to be a haven of life, which appears useful within this world for its vitalization. I would like to call our human body such a place. You get your own idea of what that means.

Man, whose origin would not only be that nature which surrounds us, but whose existence is simply a part of it and how it would also have been born but not created, has a consciousness for what is given to him. This shall constitute his spirit in its entirety. Such a spirit is united by us.



An actual will of man will almost always be given under normal circumstances. At the very least, the latter should be entitled to question such a person and to align himself with him.


The will of man

The will of a human being is based on his nature and its conditionality. As a rule, this releases something normal in our company. That will then also be something ordinary, which occurs and with which we want to try to survive.

Please don't weaken a man's will. Everything else is ordered according to what a man knows how to realize for himself.

Man leads his life in this existence with his walks and motives completely rightly himself. Everything has strengthened his drive. Nevertheless, there are only finally many ways available to us on which we will be able to get along. It's hard enough with that. That doesn't need to be reinforced.

speech formation

A basis and the effect of owning one

What's already there can exist. Such a thing can be seen because it is already given to us. Everything else should build on this. This is to preserve something for yourself that will condition you.

Every person builds something for himself from the given, which he needs. How he's supposed to do that, describe what makes him tick. What he really achieves for himself is at his own disposal from this moment, when he has already succeeded. He can use it to make something else out of it. The aim is to gradually make people aware of what they actually have for themselves. So he can finally think about what he wants to arrange for himself.

Let's recognize ourselves! - Over time, works will be created that will be preserved, insofar as we are capable of preserving them. That can once embody a whole fundus of man, what happens there. Our own things emerge, while we sift through the given. One thing determines the other. Something becomes clear to us. This can be assigned to the person we already know. Everything therefore appears and affects each other in an interlocked way.



Everything matures in his peace. Without that certain peace, many things will easily happen in the wrong way. Then they get confused. Some of it would seem to be no longer usable because it will be so difficult to straighten it out again.


A way of speaking

Some people bend when they say something. There he winds and the words burst out of him. Whatever happens, it won't be right.



A reduction of the activity of our senses would usually not be easy to carry out. What should be possible for us, however, would be to leave everything as it appears at the moment. There's something coming to rest through ourselves. In this way, things will soon fade away with us.



Something handmade bears all the present characteristics of its manufacturer.


Aligned reflexes

Recognize a square.

Look out for this one.

That's how you set it up.

Recognize the normal force.

Set these up with you.

That's how you act.

Everything else will gradually come about calmly.


A first structure

Starting from an arbitrary existence without power and full of arbitrariness of events, man can oppose what there is. A few seconds should be enough to finally mobilize our forces.


Find strength

A man's concern should be a fruitful one that leads him on his way. This will have to be committed uprightly by us and adhered to as it appears on its own.