Constant structures

Man has something for himself that makes him special. There are his qualities. These characterize him. They arise in the course of a lifetime according to his life experience, his temperament and his works. He is shaped by his own behaviour, but also by what he has spoken throughout his life. Each person is active in the present to a certain extent. He can only accept everything else, but he should do the same. At least we'd have to think about what's happening to us. One deals with it in such a way that the actual possibilities of this existence would not diminish.

What a man once did, that's why he deserved it. This gives them something at their disposal that they can call their own. He did it, that's why. Think of his deeds and actions as something that forms a whole in the whole. That would be our life. With him we are writing a real story.

The works produced by us shall suffice for us. That's all there is to it. What we have created out of our own drive is also awarded to us. I think that something like this is needed for people because it can be beneficial for them. This chance can be seen. What is necessary for the individual need not be necessary for everyone. Everyone chooses it for himself, as he needs it.

Working this thing yourself will mean something. Works are created and something is experienced. With such a thing one remains loyal to one's intention. One equips oneself with one's own energy. This will be possible at the factory in particular.

If our own temperament will not be easy for others to understand, they will have their own. No one makes it particularly easy for the other. Everyone needs something for himself that only he knows. You couldn't tell someone else what that was gonna be. Let one therefore exist by means of those things which belong to one, and let other men do their own thing. One neither destroys it, nor denies its actual value. We don't want our position to be weakened either.

No one needs to bend for other people just to make them a little more comfortable. There's no demand for that. The fundamental imbalance in our society is one for which we also bear responsibility. He who would not be just would not have to judge that either. Without a certain amount of reflection no real reason will be possible. This would not be given from the outset, but one must constantly work out its value. No one gets anything like this for free.


Phase II morphing

If there is a process which is rightly called morphing, then there should also be a retransformation from such a state into the normal aspect of this existence.

It should be such a backward change in which one finds one's way back to oneself.


The own role

The togetherness of the people in this world already creates many a structure by itself. This is recognizable and can be discussed. As such, it is of great importance because it has a strong impact on the fate of the individual. The role that one assumes sometimes also determines a person's future. Some things will be possible, but also some others will be forgiven. We don't always have that in our hands, which means our happiness. Some people thought much of it, but others spoke disparagingly about it.

Human participation is possible. It is the necessary prerequisite for the stability and the supportiveness of the state of a civilization. That structure of a society preserved by human beings is an order which arises by itself. Anything else would be forced and would not release the full potential of people. It has remained of a good value that people defend their freedom, but have not unduly reserved it for themselves either. Everyone will be a blacksmith of his own fortune, but some have already tried to dispute the other's place. A lot of good things have been spoiled, which would not be appropriate.

A person should be of age and behave in accordance with the fact that he is. All forms of mutual or reciprocal weakening are to be abolished, so that man perceives a necessity of his being, acting and being able himself. He grows into a role associated with it, which says that he can do something. Our actual works should aim at recognizing man according to his true value. Such a value would not be to be called otherwise than by its completeness thanks to its integrity in the form of a dignity. Anything different, on the other hand, would be a weakening of the human being and will therefore have a negative effect on what we call the state.


Thoughts about a matrix

As a former student of mechanical engineering, I had to struggle with some mathematical constructs. I didn't always immediately know how to understand those things that I had to master. Besides the determinant and the tensor, the matrix is also something that wasn't always catchy for me. Only with time have I found examples of this and thus recognized the field of application of it. Sometimes my imagination has not even been sufficient to correctly grasp at least the basic features of the theory that belongs to it. The juggling with my actual incapacity seemed to me to be a laborious process, after all I tried to survive.

Related to the concept of the matrix, I will now simply write down the following words. I want these to clear up some of the essentials of this for me.

However, I would like to take such a matrix simply as given and just have a closer look at the single element of it. How will it be built? - And the following question should also be asked. How will it fit into the structure of the matrix?

But first I give something to consider a general form of the matrix. This construct consists of elements, which together embody the value, but also the property of the matrix. All of it is interrelated and interdependent.

Meanwhile, such a matrix, inwards, has a structure of elements, but, outwards, an effect as an independent elementary. For this reason, it is to be understood as essential for an understanding of this world and its things, because it forms a unity.

The word matrix means now in common usage simply the 'tissue' of the structure of a substance. As such, it would not come into force until it is loaded, but it can always be there and have an effect. In the case of physical effects on a matrix afflicted with physical quantities, there will be a mutual influence of the same among themselves, a kind of exchange, reception or simply an effect. The inner structure of the matrix changes in an equivalent way to the external influence. So this one can withstand it. Due to the actual stability of a substance and a time-limited phase of the effect of such processes, the matrix springs, oscillates or appears as one that pulsates, i.e. in a way that it is in motion. The assumption of a matrix as a purely static system could not be guaranteed permanently.

Meanwhile a matrix, recognized as the fixed principle of a unity of this world, can also disintegrate and divide into many submatrices. These only result in a temporary rearrangement of the given, because they represent a resistance against any kind of dissolution. Afterwards, they usually reassemble into a whole form.

speech formation


When creating a card index box, each person can make certain experiences with how he or she is equipped. That has always distinguished his person. It now gradually becomes aware of something of it because it appears in the matter and that is why it becomes aware of it. The structure of his works allows man to see for himself how he works. This sometimes causes some dizziness in us, but also makes us familiar with what we ourselves embody.

Such a work on a card index box leads to some moments which are of importance for the creation of further works. Their kindness wouldn't be easy to ensure. There one has to carry out some preliminary work to it first of all conscientiously. It would not be meaningless for a germination of one's own strength.

Without a certain strength of strength, nothing could work well for us. Think about it and act accordingly. There are many things that will help us to achieve our wealth in the way we are meant to.

A share of these assets is generated by the employment itself. Our fund is created, but also the power of ourselves appears. You can really get used to a work of art. Give yourself the necessary space, equip yourself with the necessary means and take your time. So it can be true that we ourselves can obtain those abilities for ourselves which are necessary for it.

The whole is the sum of its parts. Everything adds up, also experiences, forces and those moments of a temporal experience do this. We would certainly like to do something soon to ensure that what is possible comes true for us. Just handle these things well and insist on ploughing them.


Measurement of values

Only a person who recognizes the value of a thing for himself can achieve it. Without such a process to determine a meaning of the given, we cannot desire anything. Then the real happiness and our destiny, which will oppress us, will degenerate.