An attraction and my relationship with it

As a person, I have always been strongly attracted to things that are attractive to me. I like these so much that I collect them often. In the meantime I have already acquired a whole fund of material things. These are mostly books, music and (often self-produced) pictures.

There has been an interesting fact with me, which I would like to point out to you now simply once. What I read, see or hear, I absorb into myself and somehow penetrate afterwards during an in-depth reflection. In this way I have already accepted many things according to a nature familiar to me. I believe that I transform them at reception, i.e. bring them into a form that is just for me. This is supposed to be a part of the context of my life.

This process of assimilation of the real things of other people endows me richly. I have inner images in me that give me a certain peace.

In the meantime, I possess a high degree of knowledge about the things that have become known to me as well as my own ability to view such works. Basically, it'll be right to say it like that. I trained that taste of mine there. After all, I can see well what is fair to me and what I would like to use it for.

My relationship to myself is of an accepting, but consistently controlled kind. If I am so passionate when it comes to experiencing the joy of acquiring new things, I also take good care of the stock of things in my possession. I will continue to deal with them.

I have sometimes recognized that passion of mine as a form of liveliness. But where there will be 'life' this will also happen and will be finished sometime. There can also be a 'death' possible. Such a thing could not be circumvented.

This should help us to gain clarity and insight into the necessities of this existence. Let's get ready in time. The best thing would be to start right away. Without a knowledge of the future, no path can be taken in this existence in a logical way. I like to keep my love for this life and think about it. I'm therefore willing to lead my things to their conclusion. The sooner I make this one, the happier I'll be.


A correspondence of my things

It is so true that I can often see for myself how my being corresponds to the environment I know. I notice what's happening. I'll recognize it if someone's exerting an influence on me.

I usually didn't fight one off for no reason. I know well that everyone strives for what is right and wants to achieve something that can be called good. I have experienced collisions with my fellow human beings before and I long for them to want to end. In the run-up to such dislimitations I appear to be controlled and try to contain the quarrels.

I sometimes imagine the variability of a person's energetic potentials as a swinging pendulum. All types of mechanical influencing variables occur in this case. It wouldn't be just a swing, it could knock something over and even hurt it. I take care and limit its possibilities so that this would not happen. That's how I get it under control.

A free movement of human beings sometimes makes them compliant. Then he will no longer accept any restriction of his behaviour and will bring himself and others into great distress because of it. Since I have recognized this, I create for myself such empirical values as have to do with a regulation and control of the given. If I also master these things to a large extent, it puts me in a position where I can be very gentle and mild to the people who are important to me almost without exception.

They are delimitations, because of which something gets out of joint in the life of a person. A freedom of movement experienced because of such adversities in life leads us people astray. All of a sudden, a lot of things happen if that's the case.

Special circumstances also make special methods necessary. It would not be possible to assume that everyone knows how to apply these correctly. Some get along, but others wouldn't.

One can also be affected by such upheavals in one's own environment. If one has also retained confidence in the actual humanity, such uncertain conditions will override everything and temporarily change many things in us. It's not supposed to happen in a person's life. An undesirable opportunity to do so nevertheless exists under unfavourable circumstances.

It is quite rightly given to man today that he should strive for success and that he should realize such success. Each individual therefore defines for himself such goals and milestones as are appropriate to them. These would not be recognized or even reached before the time for it. As a human being, you have your own nature, which you have to be just about. Without fulfilling these, nothing good would be permanently released by us.

Everything there can be described as a true success, if that is true. There should be no performance without the establishment of such a possibility. What, however, is regarded as a success and also described as such by fellow human beings, has sometimes deviated considerably from the meaning of real happiness. Some have taken the liberty of denouncing the nature of such things as wrong or false and of making it known. So he did not move anything, but created many situations to which people are blinded.

What people sometimes do to each other out of envy can be disgusting. Such a thing is ugly even when it comes across as pretty and finely dressed.

But there is no great fuss to be made about such a thing. That would be too stale. Let us remember something that leads to a desired success for us and how to finally get one.

A motivation for such considerations should exist with us. That's what you wear. I try, for example, to clearly show you my path as an artist with the help of such texts. Nothing I would want to leave out, which is truly given. Everything is to be completely rightly so present and allowed to be named.

That should be a maxim for me for how I would like to continue this speech formation. Because of her, I eventually went over to calling my thing here on the Internet 'art trash'. As an activist in that spirit, I look at myself these days. Equivalence (equality) and participation (participation) of other people are in high demand when it comes to this idea. Anything other than this will have no such value. It wouldn't do to target such a goal as I have chosen for myself.

The conditions of this life should lead us humans to a certain success in this life. They should therefore also be the ones who will predetermine our path. That is our task, which we have to tackle in order to achieve something. Let's just get rid of all the other stuff that has been contradictory to this thing so far. Instead of taking one's own cause too seriously in this existence and making it great beyond all measure, it is important to remain moderate. What good is it supposed to do to box them through and then walk over 'corpses'? - It would be better to give man the tools to remain unharmed and to survive with more important things. How peaceful will the presence of such a moment be when something will be possible on our own initiative?

Unfortunately, debris and ashes in the history of mankind are the result of many such apparent successes which man once tried to force. The way there is called war. What has already been sacrificed to the demon of progress is not a cowhide.


A place of reflection

As a speech designer, I have already written down many things that usually make me think. But what do I do with these writings then? - I can usually allow something of mine found during a reading and accept it as it appears.

Then I put the thought into my own words. I want to do that in a clear way. Therefore I implement these thoughts and ideas and correct the given. Even though it will be true that I also write down very arbitrary things sporadically, I keep most of it for now. I know very well that I have to revise some of my texts from time to time. I am happy to do that, but I would like to continue to write such 'thought protocols'. As a person who is actually very conservative in his thinking, I have a special approach to the meaning of such concepts as constancy and integrity. There it should come from me to a variety of existing things. I grant this space, which is so urgently needed for strengthening, to me in the 'construction kit'.

Much therefore exists despite any shortcomings in it. I'll admit that. There I have a certain courage to explain something like this publicly on this forum on the Internet. I didn't hide, but I didn't manage to reach a certain audience. So the interaction with my fellow men would not come to the fore of my work. This circumstance in particular shows me how weak my actual performance still is.


Thought of God

As an artist I am looking for a reference to the other people of this world. There's only one way to find this one. That is supposed to be the equality I have in mind. There would be nothing in the world that could be empowering for me if it did not happen. She's the most powerful tool I know. In my opinion, it is a necessity in the social network with other people.



Mankind has been concerned for a very long time with the variability of things, and has often really done so, and perhaps has allowed itself to go into the given in detail. Is this a mistake? - It will hardly be possible for people to have a future without consolidating that existence of the given in the present. Without doing the use of things, you wouldn't keep anything for yourself in the long run. A real basis for building ownership will be something necessary. This requires a solid foundation. This is supposed to be our social order. In the aftermath, people should then know how to fulfil their own needs themselves.


Spiritual world

We humans weight things differently and therefore get our own values about what is given to us. Everyone tries to recognize his actual thought, how to remember it. This is supposed to be a thing to be conceded to man because it can enable him. On the other hand, it will be a real shame if men have misjudged the importance of independent thinking and would not leave it to man as it happened to him. A relationship between people exists only where it is also in mutual interest.


Local Experiments

I looked at my surroundings during an investigation of the circumstances of my existence. Those things that occur there have existed for a very long time. I often leave them in the state in which they have gotten themselves into. That made something clear to me. So I came to an idea of what order is given to us people in this country. A presence of it remembers me from time to time and still amazes me.

There I consider the given to us and weight it in detail with my doubts about it. I'll see what it means to me. It seems as true to me as it seems to be. I notice how this social order affects me. I pay attention to what has happened and what exists.

In the meantime, I have gained some impression of what these things are and how they are composed. It has already clearly shown something for me, which would not be easy to name. Similar to an arrangement of objects, such things exist that give society a certain hold. Just temporally seen these are well ordered.


A life with a valid rule

I'm the boy I've always been, actually still remained. If I have already become a man in the meantime and have already learned so much about this world in this life, it is true that I like to stay modest. So I've rejected the idea of naming it all. Others have also experienced something and are familiar with it.