Aimed at a friend

First of all please consider the following sentence: 'Man is already fully developed'. (quote)


Consideration of my share in life

For a reason which will hopefully gradually become understandable to those who have already dealt with my life and existence in more detail, I have not claimed for myself a path of life according to an individual manner. There has never been such an individual way for me. Instead, I would like to be allowed to follow a valid path, which is equipped with a valid destination, and I would like to do so. For this reason, I combine the things of my existence into a coherent whole, searching as intensely as I can for the truth of my life as I can, without actually harming myself or others. I really long for the fact that I can really take up and assert my true and character-appropriate position once.

Meanwhile, it has not been in my own power to decide for myself whether the image that other people have once imagined of me is good or bad for me. I know what I'm saying here is right. I had to leave it to the Lord of these things and to the people themselves how they did things for me and therefore I can only confess myself who I really am and what was once truly given to me. Moreover, I have only been able to try to live it in a decent way. I do this so that I can ensure a success or also an existence of myself in the course of my existence as a human being. My actual power during this existence has hardly been greater than this.

The thing that still defines me is close to my heart. I would like to achieve that I myself take care in my own existence to preserve my own things in such a way that they will retain their actual validity for me. Now and here I can only show what really seemed good, true or right to me. It's the only thing I've assigned to myself. In addition, I can write something down as a writer, translate it as a painter and somehow create it harmoniously as a composition by means of my music.

I don't want to keep any uncertainty about the goodness of my things during this life, because I think it weakened me unnecessarily. Sometimes I have allowed myself to be somewhat belittled towards other people in order not to fail with my actual cause. But I hardly need to believe in such an assessment of my things by others any more.

I believe that one can really express what one needs to be in one's own existence in benign words. And I tried to do that with my own writings. So with these I represent my own life.

The alleged inability of me to preserve the things of this existence was probably given to me earlier. However, this could not have been so determined for me in an all-encompassing and everlasting way. There are still some possibilities for me to find the good in life itself and to preserve it for mine and myself. I would like to retain this view of my existence. I regard this view of my life as fundamentally possible and appropriate to the cause of my being.

I would like to continue to follow the path I have already taken here. I wouldn't want to give up on what I started so hard and funny. I also try to keep what I got from other people once for myself. I will also preserve for myself what I have found and secured for myself. My cup shouldn't break prematurely for no reason. I want to cover the entire path of my existence during this life of mine.

I still follow this path in an unabridged manner. I have willingly renounced some of the wrong forms, the sometimes unjustly praised individuality. I'm staying whatever I really am. However, I do not want to exaggerate my attention away from the fashions of those people who have become important to me. I too am one of them and sometimes I simply agree with their views.

What am I trying to achieve for myself? - I'm looking for a true order and beauty of things in this life. Such I find sometimes even in the given. I have oriented my own life according to what good things have opened up for me in the process. Sometimes I can see an order of things and their beauty well. Then, if this also really happened and appeared to me in the right light, it will also really be true. I am willing to acknowledge these events as they are. The order and its beauty I accept as it really appears. I like to keep them in their original condition.

I believe in the good that can result from a person's effort. I hope that one day something good will come from myself for other people. That's what's important to me right now.

To ensure for myself that the goodness of my work would not diminish unnecessarily, I refer to my denomination in this existence. I believe in a god. Everything that I would like to produce in my own works should correspond to this faith or at least not have contradicted it. In order to go a good step further in this direction, I have trained my knowledge as a layman in the catechism of this church, to which I belong. This is a book in the 1992 edition. I promised myself something good for myself to read it.

I hope that there is a way for a person who is familiar with the preservation of the things of this human existence, who can be found and explained. I have searched for such a path especially for myself and would like to describe it in my own words.

I hardly know anything about the approaching future of us humans. I therefore hold fast to the belief that there is a valid, even a divine order. I'm doing this so as not to worry myself. This prospect is meant to be a guideline for my human life. I also believe that the principles of order of this world have always been fixed and determine us. I think it's immutable and given. It has become dear to me to think about an order and its beauty of things in such an aspect. And now what about the future? - Perhaps this will remain completely open for the smaller of human beings. There it will need a force of order, in order to create for us humans a genuine security. It is recognized by me as a supreme power.

I have gradually made my faith in such an order, as I consider it to be given, the centre of my life. It preserves the harmony of things and makes some good things possible in the first place, I think. I therefore prepare myself for my further path in life by recognizing these forces. I am also on the lookout for other good opportunities for me to learn something about the meaning of the things that are necessary for life. What I can really grasp of it myself, I write down the trivial parts of it in my own writings. This is supposed to be spiritual training for me.

I want to be solid for once. I do not want to disparage God and his servants in this place now. I tried to write down something true with these words. I wouldn't know right away if I'm doing well. I keep this insight and reason. I'm thinking about it. It's supposed to help me maintain good behavior on my part. I would even be prepared to correct such statements. However, I will only do this when the need for it is really comprehensible. It must seem necessary to me.

And what will happen to my work as a writer and artist now? - I would like to revise my own work bit by bit with measure and goal, in order to form something of value from the basic substance of my goods. Sometimes I meticulously go about formulating and forming my thoughts and create something that I sometimes like. There are ideas coming up which have always delighted me. To finally integrate them into the text has made me happy at times.

What I have already created should be something refreshing for other people. But from where shall I take such a thing, if not out of my own concern for the truth of the given things? - That's why I train myself in the works of important kinds by other authors and artists. Afterwards I try to weight the associated findings correctly. So I hope to win something for myself that will be worth to present.

But what is it about the aforementioned faith of mine? - For many years I have led a life without substance in this respect. I wanted to change that again sometime. Therefore I have returned to my former faith, have taken it up again. That happened to me in 2006. I would now like to deepen this faith a little bit by little. I consider what is mine and come to some conclusions. In this matter, I confess from the outset that I am a layman in the true sense of the word, in order to do something right. Yes, I know that I did not really know everything there was to know at all times and everywhere. I'm anything but perfect. I have consistently made many swabs and lowered my expectations of myself. I am rather looking for a level on which I can consolidate myself. Yes, I want to stabilize as much as possible. But sometimes I got really lost in my ways. Then I had to turn back again and again. Aware of these clues to my existence, I set out to discover my own roots. - With such words I can find my way back to myself, I just noticed.

I am following a path that will probably have brought something good to some other people as well. Meanwhile I live in an area which is also inhabited by some other people. I do things in this life like others have certainly done.

It's how I keep my own life. This is important to me. It's still good for me to see some sense in this. It has remained my own desire to examine the ordinary in my existence and to express it in my own words. In this way I get a self-written text to read. I need this so urgently for my studies.

I want to keep my heart open for the love of my neighbor. It's to make me realize that's the way it is with me. I want to continue to be patient and keep the peace of us human beings. That's how I explained it to myself.

I pray that my thoughts may become a source of truth and love and that I may recover from it in such a way. I want to be able to talk to people about ordinary and bearable things. I would also like to take a healthy and tolerable stand on the things of my existence in conversation, as well as otherwise. This should then also be respected by the people, as I would also like to respect and understand their point of view.

I dress in opaque robes and tie my belt and the straps to it well. I hold my bag with me and carry a staff. My shoes are of sturdy design and my clothes are weatherproof and suitable to give me sufficient protection from the climate here. I am my own shaft and shoemaker. All this should help me to get the strength I so urgently need. Thanks to her, I will probably be able to fulfill my actual task sufficiently well for once.

I am the author of these words today. I hereby give these to the Lord, as well as to the reader of this page once to the knowledge. I believe in a presence of these words from me. I hope they were acceptable. With this Scripture, however, I have only stated that which I have really recognized beforehand and whose value I have been able to judge myself. I hereby confess to this actual simplicity of mine. I would now like to make it clear on the ground that I want to continue my efforts to act properly. Then, if it's really in my power, I'll do it. And I'd like to do the same.

However, it has been beyond my power to take into account such things in my judgement of myself that I have not myself recognized. Then I didn't really know how to fathom them. My spirit has now only given me the strength to say this as clearly as it is written here.

The word preserved here has been designed by myself. Due to my own doubts it could be formed bit by bit as it now appears here. That's why I want his salary to match mine. It shows me who I am and what my attitude is. It's as full of strengths and weaknesses as I am. I wrote this text down once for my own study, so that I could learn and understand something thanks to it. He appears here as I imagined my things to be myself at that time. That's exactly how I portrayed them.

I try to ensure the uniformity of my things. I have to check what I've already written. I take a close look at their form at times. These writings are not really special literary publications. They are merely disputes with myself, which I perform and design on my own initiative. I equip myself with these words so that I can have something of my own for once. I would like to keep my manpower and get up again and again from the ground up, in order to really use myself for all the things already mentioned here. The discussion with myself as a human being should be able to lead to a detailed clarification of these things.

But to sue too much, I wouldn't mean to. I would much rather ask the Lord there now for sufficient protection for mine and myself, for the preservation of our property, for the preservation of our just disposition and our peace. We would like to be given a justified hope for a good life.

What did I do for it? - I will continue to turn to those persons whom my actual service reveals to me and whose protection he suggests to me. What I once noticed myself, I would like to use and implement in my further work. This is how I would like to learn to deal with it and to know how to consider it afterwards for further development.

I hereby confess myself to myself and to my own words, as they appear here. I orientate myself in everyday life on these. There are some exams and also some sample of me. I want to find out if these things are any good. I am also investigating how I can design my other works so that they will one day suffice to initiate a real progress in me.


The Schalk

I didn't get the opportunities that other people have in their existence. If I feel bad, then I really feel bad about it. If I'm okay with something, then I'm really okay with it. When I'm working on something, I'm completely working on it. If I'm crashing, I'm really crashing. Some call it "living to the fullest". I maintain that it is much more difficult to live in this way than in another. You have to reconcile a lot of things. Sometimes you have to carry a big load like that.


The weaver of one's own things

It is my task to be the weaver of my own brand, which I set myself in this existence. This make is then to become an entire part of my work. Every single piece from my workshop should serve this purpose somehow. I want to accept and accept for myself everything that is really connected with it as it can appear. The preparation that will be necessary for this should be done by myself. I will continue to follow my path in an unabridged manner.

So I have a lot of things to do. I'd like to do that in a simple way. Some of this I do in writing with my own words. That's how my lyrics were written in the 'construction kit'. Among these I have also counted the drafting of my own constitution in words. This is an integral part of my show of works, which is intended to support my work as an artist.

By means of a representation of this constitution hidden within the entire file 'construction kit' I try to consider and name for you all that, whose true existence I have already once preserved and evaluated for myself alone. That's what I do, because I can use it later in my work, without appearing too profane. So some things come into being on their own with me.

In this way I have succeeded in many a good thing. Afterwards it was necessary to reflect a little on what had become. That's also in my writings. Meanwhile, I would like to extend those relevant passages of this collection of texts a little more. Besides, I'm trying to back them up. I do this in order to determine for myself what really came into being in my work, but also what can be deleted from it. These fonts should simply, seen from their structure, fall out.

Nevertheless, I have been unhappy at times. So far I have not managed to do all this right away without a certain amount of preparation time. I wasn't a virtuoso when I started writing the 'Beggarwiki'. That forerunner of the 'construction kit' has been created by me in an exhausting and sometimes exhausting way. That's when I realized a lot about my life. At that time I already realized what was driving me straight to ruin and finally stopped me from continuing on such a path.

I search for the true order of this existence as a human being and could not find it without my own orientation. It costs time to be set up, but also strength, since many of the surplus things that were once mistakenly appropriated have to be dissolved and handed over. Sometimes you even stand there with empty hands in front of the other people, when you try to think about the real thing.

My attitude is important to me. I would like to convey this myself through my existence. I want other people to see me the way I am. It is necessary to be sincere about this. I don't want to have to use my strength to disguise myself in front of these people. That would be too exhausting. Moreover, the wear and tear would be a great pity.

My mind is fixed by a reflection of me on three pillars of this existence. There would be the position, then my basic attitude, but also my inner resonance. I'm always concerned about one of them while I'm there and appearing. This is therefore to be perceived by myself in me. Basically I even have to admit her and also to initiate that I recognize her as she is with me. Meanwhile the form of her changes indispensably and makes me astonished, laugh, breathe, but I am also puzzled sometimes because of her. Then I have to orient myself again to know my way around.

There I confess myself to the fact that the change should be one which is effective independently of my nature. That is why I am also independent of the change of the given and remain myself. What could be better than that, after all, something like that reveals the constancy of one's own person. The spirit thanks this with strong powers.

So I develop the prerequisites to show you the construct thanks to which my forces have sorted and repaired themselves. This is supposed to be a scaffold for me. It's something that keeps me going, but it's also something that I have to do to survive. So now my things are about to become consistent.

I pray to God on high, that what is good may finally come true. It is true that this 'construction kit' is intended to serve as a card index for my training. By the power of my words I try to reach my fellow men with his help. I did not do this only by means of the occurrence of these things in the Internet. I am also making some real effort to make something acceptable to you. Through the creation of these writings here, I have been concerned with showing you some of these motivations of my existence. They equip me with many a motivation. So I can be occupied with it, and also acquire some knowledge to such things, which constitute me. I do this for myself, but I also do something of value for other people.

The quasi public character of this site has still remained beneficial for my work. That is so with me, because I can make it clear to myself again and again that someone else might understand something of what I have written down there. Only then, if I can reach you with my words, will you recognize my thoughts and perceive my ideas and know how to read them. This is supposed to be a milestone that must be reached. That has motivated me so far still to further activity at the 'construction kit'. And I will continue to deal with this, but I am still learning something new.

The question has now arisen as to how I approached these things before. It's nothing like it's happening at my place these days. If I haven't been able to name many things correctly for a long time, I've already known some of them well. There I have worked out actual example texts for my work, in order to learn something new. I have transferred their scheme to the less successful 'thought protocols' and thus increasingly emphasized the value of these somewhat better.

Nowadays I execute my writings in such a way as is simply possible with reproductions of them. I think through their linguistic form and also the content of these. They would already be given by life, but have to be compared with it. It only takes something to be named in order to appear audible. Even as an observer, you can do that really well. In this way, one becomes aware of what is really there and can weave it into the existing material.

Meanwhile, I look at my own existence and show you the good that comes with it in as trivial a way as possible. So it happens that I can clarify many things that condition me in this existence.


A fundamental decision

I introduce myself to you here on this Wiki as a person. Also for myself I do what I have portrayed there in such a way as this one is given here. I do this in so much detail that I can rediscover myself in these writings, but also by means of these writings. So I can network my thoughts and reflect them. What's important is the light on my things. I want to solve the functional without losing it.

During a reading of this scripture, I would like to show and explain the true motivation for the creation of such things. That's why I look at myself here. That's what I'm talking about. Thus one will become aware of some of my own movements once one has read this Scripture.

I'm doing the same thing. In the next step I then carry out a comparison of the given with the one already given to me. That's what I've been working for today. It actually endows me with a substance. I call it elsewhere Sekasaktrum and explain what it is. Such things are given to me. I appreciate this one. That's why it can be said that I bring something here when I read a work that comes from myself.

So I compare a view of the given with the thoughts and feelings that have arisen in me. I felt that way, some of it I thought to myself. Both can be compared with each other. That's how I verify my writings. These truths need only correspond to me alone in order to suffice. That is why this work is to be understood here so personally. What is written in this Wiki shall refer to my own person.

I can understand them and make something of my concern when I sit there and read. This way I become aware of some things and can protect myself. That's how these fonts came into being. It's all good the way it's been. I can think about that a little. I have grasped what has become clear to me in my thoughts. Such a thing can certainly please a person if he is able to clarify the reason for his existence.

But even then I am still taken by a mode of working and have been able to enjoy it. I see all this as a good thing. That's what I assumed. So many things have come to my mind that I can already understand quite well.

This is how I should be able to clean up the structure of something found here. I'll do it in stages. Sporadically, I continue on this path and draw my paths through in a slow manner. This is supposed to be good for my own cause. I'm learning a lot from writing. The essence of things affects me and will thus have to be clarified for myself.

This work is supposed to occupy me and to bring something forward while I work on it. This wickerwork of actual thoughts and ideas is to be really expanded. That's how it's gonna be. Meanwhile, it should also enliven or activate me a little, if I understand again what I have created there. I know how to say that because sometimes it has already happened. That's where it came true for me. This card index box already does something like this quite well. I realize I'm experiencing some of a certain liveliness about myself here.

So I was finally happy with the result and tamed my actual freedom of movement at Werk. How necessary such a thing can be! - And the following I have considered then also still with me. I can just give you something about myself here, without giving my own habitus a weak spot. Also to you I would like to point out only such ways, which are practicable. At least I've made some progress on those.

I haven't been a tracker since. Often I did not have any orientation and therefore had to moderate myself. Even if I had been attacked, I have only benefited from it to a very limited extent. All the pressure is given in this existence, and yet it pulls me away from it.


Duktus and habitus of a writer

Some things I have already brought to file while writing this wiki, which in principle would like to demand something in hearing from you. One would not be able to assign and understand the word written down here simply in such a way, without having got to know me already something. One should not disregard oneself as a person if one wants to understand it correctly. My happiness in life says something. It expresses, for example, how I shape my everyday life, while it conditions me and therefore makes this creative work possible for me in the first place.

In this 'construction kit' I sometimes wrote down my own things crosswise, how it suited me and how I was able to do it. So some of the things available here can have an effect on them like cabbage and turnips. That's conceivable. A certain degree of constancy would therefore be good for me. I sometimes strive to finally emancipate one of these from myself. Whether I will be able to do that one day, hardly anyone will know already. But I wouldn't want to give up hope in something like this.


Empathy and more

Here on the wiki 'Einsiedelei' I would like to show you what I really have to worry about in my life. This is what I represent. I want to be consistent in doing this. I'm interested myself in how it works to do justice to such a task. So it happened that I started to create a perpetual 'newspaper' here. If it also wants to seem unbelievable, it does happen. Thread after thread I weave this cloth and develop these fonts. They have it to the topic, which still causes me during the many years of my life way up to now. Again and again I set out and weave new experiences and trivial knowledge into this text work.

During the first phase of the creation of this work, I already became aware of some things about my existence. I'll write down more of these someday. For the time being, I'm still studying a literary way of speaking. Without such an approach, the necessary words and sentences would not arise in a person's mind.

Is it even possible to implement such a project and carry out the necessary work steps? - I think that's possible. It's up to me to explain this to you. But first, I'll ask him.

I would like to make it a little easier for you to understand me in my function as author of this 'construction kit' with those wikis contained in it in a simple way. In addition I do something, which I then also designate for you in detail. Basically, I hope to show you how I'm doing along this road. It would not be possible to shorten this path. I realize that more and more in a clear way.

After all, it has already become true that what I have to say is prepared by me in as ordinary a way as possible. Once such thoughts and ideas have finally been clarified by me, as they are also really carried out by me, I will gain some certainty for myself. Thus my path leads me temporarily through the realm of my inner world and I can explore its structure. How good it is that I have begun to arrange my steps in their true order.

At the beginning, this gait of my writing was very cumbersome. At first I hardly made any progress. Instead, I wrote more and more, got more and more bogged down and gained nothing for myself other than that mass of incalculable words of the 'Beggarwiki'. At that time I didn't understand many things properly and didn't know how to express my own thoughts conclusively. But only the goodness of one's own ideas will make the soil of the spirit arable. Since I knew this, it was also my intention to continue on my path despite such adverse circumstances.

I would now like to use myself more and more for that self-assignable spirit, as it seems to me, in the further creation of these things. I like to do it that way. This happens by confessing to this one and announcing what constitutes it. So I expose myself to some moments, which are to be recognized as true. Basically, I recognize him as the sum of the whole, which makes me condition. So he finally appears to me. He becomes noticeable. This spirit of mine shall finally be supplied by my mind with an actual power, as it is entitled to it in principle. Then, when I've had enough fun doing it, I'll keep up the desire to do it. Then I want to succeed. I would also like to keep my strength for the performance of my work.

I have a focus on this. I used to furnish them for myself. I still find these on myself. In the creation of those trivial parts of my work, inner joys resonate which have confirmed this to me. I have put many words together for the first time when this has become true.

This is how I write down my thoughts and form myself in this work. That's where I feel the value of it. To this important thing of my existence I would like to measure a certain, but sufficiently large part of my own time and strength and thus build something for myself that I need. So I try to strengthen myself and to find back to my true strength, how it should actually be due to me.

What I'm doing here should be sufficient for my aspirations as a human being. As a writer, I would probably not be successful with something like this, but in the meantime I have also held back a little on my work. I have dedicated myself to my actual things in detail. Their meaning is at least of use to me.

Sometimes I have picked up some misfortunes and given myself some consolation. This is something that has become a hold and reference point in my existence again and again. It's supposed to be true that I can afford something like this for myself. True to such an understanding of the given as it appears here, and its form as it can be, I would like to be allowed to continue with these things. I want to stay consistent in that. That suits me well, I think.


An existence as existence

My own make, a portrait of my creative power equivalent to a mandala, is something I would like to design. I take the existing property and expand it. I arrange my fundus and weight those things contained in it. Then I can create something that corresponds to me in terms of its value. I like that.

Thus I already create some good in the consciousness of my way. Perhaps I will be able to show you some day that everything about it is true. It shall be so given what I did to it when it came into being. Something forms with substance in me, which I examine in detail. I didn't just recognize his value to myself. Rather than this, it is also a value of activity in what can fulfill me. And so something comes into being with me that I can find good. It's supposed to be like a network, which is what I'm developing. Basically I weave fonts, pictures and other things. Such a process of creating one's own things is given to me. I only correspond to him alone.

Such a cloth would be woven and formed by me. It is to be designed with the aid of movements of its own kind. These should be allowed to appear in 'own frequencies'. I myself stay out of it for the most part and hardly do anything arbitrary about it. Rather, I follow a path that is already there. Such a one is motorically pronounced with me. I'm well trained in the matter.

It makes me feel like I exist. I rely on my knitted fabric and continue along this path. If I also maintain some bases, thanks to which I know how to take care of myself, it has nevertheless become true that these things happen by themselves. I want you to understand how this works. What there is should be allowed to exist. So that's where I do my work. I have upheld my own good for myself to live on.

There is this process of unfolding a creator's power to form my real thing as I need it. Meanwhile, I find myself and keep my insight. I can't do this without stopping them at my place. There is sometimes a certain harmony between me.

I also communicate with my environment, so I am in contact with it. The own work should be used for the mediation of something, which will be valuable enough for it.


A process happens within the framework of our conditions

Some things I make. Other things come into being. The sum of these makes the whole of me. One goes over into the other. That's how things change all the time. Meanwhile, their change has also changed his face.

Sometimes firm structures develop with us. These alone only can be recognized well. But everything else will be just as existent, will occur and will also have an effect. A certain veil is given to things and makes them unassailable. The sum of these forms the whole of this world.

A real suffering in this life is to be experienced with some certainty by us humans. No one will be able to protect themselves from it permanently. And yet education and self-realization takes place in us humans because of it and perhaps also nevertheless. You expose yourself to it. A mentality of oversized protection is one of preventing existence. You can't raise an apple tree with that. The pears will also quickly become lazy if you put unnecessary effort into everything. It makes people comfortable and full. Then what will he have out of his existence? - Then the portrait was immediately scattered with the hands of sand on the floor or a table, so that the wind could soon blow it away again. That, too, would be something beautiful that should and can exist. No one attaches too much importance to being the chosen one. You can see that. Then soon everything will be better with us again, I think.

And such a faith has it in it. Without owning this for yourself, everything has no value. The beauty of it is the process, its execution by man in this life. I want this one to be benign. Any appearance of things will be possible there. Something's happening. From its principle man has joy in it. Only then, when his works pass away again, will they be non-toxic. Especially the work of a human being is to be used and exploited. A standstill will also be one of conservation. When every scratch in the varnish and every inheritance is declared a gift of God, this world fills up with trifles. Then we create idols, worship them like idols and degenerate due to their actual meaninglessness.

Everything alive is conditioned by something. This world and ourselves are in correspondence with each other. This can be recognized and fixed every day. And that's what we're supposed to be willing to do. Let's just remember what we've been given.

Such a truth of the existential one would remain just in this existence. One becomes aware of it oneself and learns something from it, which is to be fastened again. That's what we'll talk about, that's what we should write about. This will only show us the actual limitation of our power when we have set about making our own identifiable. Knowing something about it will be so necessary. Then we will probably do many things right once we have understood them well.


Directness of the given

I would like to try to dedicate myself to such a thing of my own, as this Wiki embodies it, with a certain devotion. In doing so, I will build on my fundus and increasingly sift through it as well as take it into account in my work. This is supposed to serve a networking of my references. There's something going on in this life that can be very much alive. It can be recognized by us, we can also name it. This is supposed to be a contemplative moment for me when I've managed it. What I can set up there with myself, I will then also release in the future from myself. So I would like to refresh myself at this spring and yet I also become a part of it.

Then, when this work has received a sufficient quality, one will look at it, read it and perhaps understand something about it. The circumstances under which it arose should not be neglected. I also say a few words about these at times. I'm talking about her. But I only named it by myself, the way I looked at it. My spark of life would like to skip there on my words or also not. Such a fire wants to be passed on and yet it can just as easily go out again. This will be according to the course of events and will happen as it is intended.

Here I would not only like to experience my own joy in the power I have just gained, but I would also like to use it to my advantage. That's what I'm trying to do. That's to train me. Then, when I truly grasp something of what is given to me and sincerely reproduce it afterwards, something shall mature in me. I try to realize a benign progress of my things. After all, I am already designing this network of my own wikis for this purpose, which are embodied by the 'construction kit'. So hopefully I will also have something of it that I have been looking through and ordering my writings for quite some time, but also weighting them. What I write and improve there gives me insight into this existence as a man who has become man. Winning something like that makes me happy. I will certainly soon remember again what I have achieved in addition everything.

In the run-up to my efforts for my existence I have longed for and wished for such a kind of activity. She's the one that keeps me on the ball when it comes to my things. Whether it will be true that something so great can be achieved by myself can at least be hoped for. What I think of myself, that remembers me sporadically again. This brings me to an awareness of such moments. That makes something happen to me that I don't want to be unhappy about.

I'll say it without hesitation. I don't need any extra strength to do that. Such a moment may lead gladly to an existence with me. I know very well that such a thing will be possible. There it is to be introduced by myself and aligned what makes this one.

So something happens to me as I write and read. Somehow, I walk along and find my way back. Who wouldn't understand that? - I would like to see this as a preparation for times to come in this existence of mine. While I am writing this own thought for you, I am thinking about it in detail. I go back to that again and again in myself. That's what makes me feel like. I wouldn't be in a hurry to get ahead that way. What happens on its own shall be enough for me. I would like to admit it, but also declare it acceptable. I'm ready for that.


To maintain peace with patience

I confess to my work. This is a task that I have previously set for myself and which continues to exist for me. That is why I am writing all this down, because I want to prepare myself to take real responsibility for what is mine. There is then also an intensive reappraisal of my existence and ultimately even a preparation of the other works by myself.

Naturally, my own brand represents something of what actually defines me. It should do so in a sufficient form so that others and I will not be harmed if I show it off. Your own reputation should not be damaged without reason if I share something of it. Yes, also the whole writings on it are to show better that strength of me and the structure of my works, than to destroy something of it, which was once rightly transferred to me.

Also from my previous knowledge about the essence of the given things, this text work shall show something. This is so important because what is recognized needs to be designated in order to be attached. That's what I want to do. I'm writing something down for that. This should give me some insight into the nature of these facts, which will continue to determine me. The fact that they are doing so, I confidently accept as true. I know well that these are right for it. So I can keep my peace with it.


An interplay of circumstances occurs with me

Unfortunately, in some situations it is true that I only think of a few things. It's a given with me, and I have to let it happen. That's how I have to accept it, because it didn't happen differently. But how do I deal with it?

In work I orient myself by my actual power to create such things as are given to me, but have none beyond it. Meanwhile, I myself am in motion with some strength and am willing to do what I have rightly demanded of me. I then change these words over and over again until they have seemed conclusive to me. So my works multiply, the whole of it shall once be true.

Then I read it again and perceived what I had already created before. So something of it could become clear to me, which from now on requires me additionally. That should contribute something to my actual strengthening.

What do I also need to do other than to raise a concern of the given? That's what's going to appear anyway! - Then, when everything is already in place with me and has worked suitably for me, it should also exist well. What else am I supposed to change if it's enough for me? - I am admitted to trying to keep my work simple.

I am certainly a person concerned with myself in thoughts and through ideas. I know I like the way my life looks to me. These texts should not be misunderstood because of different adversities of my existence. They're not supposed to be there to twist my rope.

It will be true that I can only well describe something of myself that can be clarified. To this end, I have once linguistically explained what I had to say in order to reflect on it. I am now extending the resulting text works with meaningful but trivial additions, because such things are associated with benign perceptions. Where that will really be given, I will try to get it. For this I examine their meaning for myself.

Thus I limit myself to the things given to me when evaluating these things. I don't need any special effort to do that. That's something I know well. A special wisdom would not be necessary to recognize something like this on its own. So it's true that for long stretches of my existence I managed without any great insights. Basically, it will also be right to notice how much I trust in what I have been given.

You only have to deal with that once it's the case with you. I used to be used to other things, I adapted too much to coincidences. And yet I can already do something that would not necessarily be wrong or even arbitrary of its kind. That's what I hope for.

In everyday life I need an object with which I can deal in order to express myself reasonably about the given of this existence. This provides me with the necessary clues to do something like this. They are the ones I can name and assign. Without input there is no output. (Without output there is also no input.) Without having sufficiently managed my own working capacity, there would be none of this as it appears before you here.


Purification as a process

I grant myself my own experience of the given, but also its knowledge as a real orientation for myself. I do this so that I can see for myself what the essence of these things is for me. I wouldn't always know that in advance. That's why I have to build on my own experience.

Because of this handicap I write my own lyrics at all. Without fulfilling a condition, there will be no existence of anything. Without pinpointing a problem, man has not determined a task for himself. So I find the real reason for something good in the bad. Meanwhile, the cycle of becoming remains in motion. I won't stumble excessively and continue on my trajectory.

There are still too few potent interlocutors in my environment. My own need for an education of own thoughts and ideas to this existence I have covered so far only by my writing something. I had some screw-ups at times that wouldn't be so good. This is how some of the 'thought protocols' originated from my pen.

Nevertheless, something good could also be released in my case when I first represented it more strongly what I am doing there. Those thought logs helped me with that. So I wrote something about myself in my own language. It has become possible to finally respond to this.

This language is to form us humans. It's because of her that we become something in the first place. And she does it all by herself. That's when I continued my free writing lessons. What does this work of art mean to me? - Finally, I have acquired the ability to shape some things at my discretion. I'm sure you'll think you'll be pleased to hear that.

So I continued this path as a speech designer. From then on, I have regarded this kind of occupation as one that allows me to understand and understand my existence. There I pushed this matter further with some seriousness and created some useful things for it. I go my way without recognizing it sufficiently well in every detail. And yet I carry on.

There are probably still some dark spots on the map of my mind that are still overlooked by me. I still haven't fully explored everything of myself. Every day I recognize something of it better, that I have to think about true events. What makes me tick wouldn't be easy to understand. I explore this existence of myself in my own way. For this I use the possibilities of speech formation. I equip myself with thoughts and ideas for my existence. I am as active in this as my free time allows.


Fate of a man

I sometimes exist with my own cause, without there being any clear reason why that is so. That shocked me quite a bit at times. I have already succeeded in some things in this existence, without being able to understand why this should be the case. I'm thinking about it, but I can hardly come to a reasonable conclusion. So I can rightly say that I don't know much about it myself and probably can't assign much correctly.

I don't recognize the goal I've been aiming for all my life. I always go somewhere, but I can hardly see any order in it. Such a one is not to be found. I therefore see that it will be important for me to return again and again to the actual starting point of all my own paths, in order to keep something in order or to bring something that makes me special. I try to do that better all the time. This will be something that really means something to me.

So I'm off again today and doing my job as I can right now. For this I walk on an unabridged path, which is given by it. This is to reveal to me the actual course of things of my existence. I suppose so. This gives me the necessary judgement to deal well with what I have been given.

Man can hardly control his own steps in any other way. He will take care of everything he can take care of, but everything else will lie fallow. This is why we sometimes encounter difficulties which we would not be able to explain to ourselves for the time being. But this one will be right. That will be so true. How are we supposed to believe that our paths are always straight? - That certainly won't be the case. This should also be one of the truths of our life as human beings on earth, that we know little about our future.

So at times my own things seemed to me to be incalculable. These happen there. But it would not be easy to weight them correctly. A man's nature should be limited by his species. All of us are limited and have remained our own. We sometimes do terrible things, but we also break away from them and correct our path. There man will be very steady in making his way in an unsteady way and correcting it when he knows something about the meaning of it. That will be his fate, that all his steps must run on finite paths.


Acknowledging an actual inferiority

I go the same way and do not think three steps ahead of my own. It takes some practice to get along well with this world. There's so much going on inside her. What's there to do but stay calm. I do that in my own way, as I'm used to. That's how it is with me so far. I know that about me well.

I now intend to do some empirical field research. I do this in order to find good techniques for me, even at work, which can be applied. I have made noticeable progress along this path and already partly exist with what I can imagine. The fact that I announce something about it has made me ready for this existence.

Something appears and is designed by me. I enumerate my action steps and add them up to a whole. That's supposed to be the whole thing I can acknowledge. That's what I want to call it. I do it at moments of my life that mattered to me. There are such things, they occur to me depending on the situation and only need to be used. So I have already reached here on my way and still go a little further. That's supposed to make me persistent. By means of this own technique I try to stabilize my health. I want to be resilient.

The frequent course of things is regarded by me as one of the possibilities for the realization of a truth. Like an approximate solution according to Newton's principle, I approach my experience values from outside coming to my own. It sometimes happens that I do a count of those recurring events that appear to me on this path. A frequency of repetition of their occurrence testifies to me their necessity. What has meaning for myself appears in many forms, but will be clearer and clearer from time to time. I am convinced of the correctness of such an explainable fact. No one knows its true outcome. All of us are humans on the way to a better existence. I also participate in ensuring such a thing. This peace will have to be preserved. Meanwhile, my work has begun to prosper.

It has been proven several times in my life that I can sometimes judge very well what the right thing is for me. I believe that so strongly. I then understood the rest very conscientiously and did what seemed to me to be to do. That's what I've made my business. That's how what I can afford happens. I'm doing this to get an already given happiness. So my work was able to emerge in the aftermath when I wanted to be creatively active in my spare time. A meaning of it would not be given otherwise than it can rightly appear.


I want to say something about my own things.

Not to be misunderstood would hopefully be the idea that my work show should be a whole structure. She is the symbol of my microcosm. A reproduction of the same takes place in particular in the Wiki 'Mandalas of the Heart'. In my own words, I said something there about what I wanted to hear or read. And yet my work is one in the whole.

With this structure of my own works, things and things I deal myself with what causes me. I'm trying to pass it like this. Everything for it is already there and occurs at this work also occasionally in a suitable form. Hardly any of it was deliberately falsified. And yet these things have slipped from time to time.

How do I continue on this path of speech formation? - It should certainly be possible for a person to recognize the task assigned to him. I now have to prepare myself for this in detail, because I already know that.

I even have a lot to set up and guide in the right direction. But I am not so confident that I will be able to do it on my own. My own has always meant something to me, but I don't want to gamble it away prematurely. Much rather than that, I would like to continue to work hard on something so that my life can really go on. Faithful to my human predisposition, I live my existence. I always leave what seems to me in the meantime as it may appear and would like to know how to accept it.

That's supposed to be my capital. This alone I will use for my cause. And the only way I want to do something like that by myself is in an honest way.

I wonder something about that. Haven't I already received everything that is good for myself to tackle this task?


A path of experience

In my work on my work and in my other life I walk a path of experience of the given. This way is said to have been described by Confucius as the bitterest of all ways. But I see in this bitterness of the way a reason for mindfulness and caring for myself. It has not been predetermined for me to follow an easier and more practicable path. The paths of imitation and learning through one's own reflection complement this main path of experience and only marginally line it. All this road forms the road for me on which I am at home. On her I walk in steps.

In concrete terms, my work is an experience of the given in an order and beauty that I have found. But my works somehow do not carry the completeness and perfection of the works of other people in themselves. Instead, these have shown some elementary lack of me per se.

This assumption of a lesser value of the things I have created than the works of other people has already given me some certainty about myself and this life. That put me in the right position to fight through my effort for myself as well as for man in general and his actual fate.

I believe that man should be allowed to shape his own things according to his own predisposition as it is really given. She's what he's supposed to be guided by. That'll confirm it. In front of himself he will experience so many honours and notice his real dignity. This is to be it, which is based on the not yet secured secret of a true human existence.

Man is to be recognized as fully-fledged, as he already is and occurs today. There should be no need to justify this. It should also not be the case that this one will get into an unjustified conflict because of it, although it exists. One is valuable as a human being because that is a necessity of this life. Anything different would just be a prank and would therefore be neither usable nor usable. An empowerment of man should always be one through which he himself learns to exist. This will serve the whole more than is generally known.


Only a little is needed to be happy. But that's supposed to be something true, something that's really given.


A Carvers Manifesto

My life is no longer a shambles to me. I'm living a good, right life again. I have almost finished my odyssey, almost passed my big test.

I live my life the way I can, in a benign way, and aim myself to serve the Lord with what I can, have and am. I want to be at his disposal when he needs me. I see this as an important part of the task for myself. I look forward to being ready for him.

Meanwhile, my existence has remained limited in many ways. My life alone is only a conditional one. I do not burden myself with any other great task and I do not undertake any great journey to remain ready for the thing that has already been given to me. I therefore live a simple life, which is directed by me to fulfil the task that has really already been set for me really well. That's what my real joy is based on.

Meanwhile I consider my fellow men and their concerns to a large extent. In addition, I faithfully respond to their wishes and suggestions. Where I can afford it, I even follow their will. But I don't want to do that unduly.

Besides, I try to be a certain support for other people. I aim to remain reliable myself ([also] for them). My own life situation will probably continue to stabilize this way. I have already received some good life content for myself in this way. My situation will improve somewhat with each additional day of righteous constancy, I believe.

I've suffered so much before in my life. But the cramps of my soul have slowly begun to dissolve again. I've already started breathing a little more freely again. So now I feel better again after all the long time of this disorientation.

In the meantime, am I still capable of happiness? Will I, as the one who I have become, still exist well in life? - Some ideas from the phase of such considerations are difficult to understand. And yet I have also mentioned these here. It is known to the decisive persons how it really was about me at that time. This one is already over. Once again land has come into sight. Soon I try to throw out my anchor and recover from those old strains.

My environment has recognized and begun to take into account some of my limitations in recent years. Thus one grants me sometimes already some protection in the everyday life. I now have the feeling that I have the support of some people. For that I would like to be very grateful to them.

Thanks to its quality, my existence has finally become a healing shelter for me. A lot of good things have come back to me. Some things had to settle down for the time being, but I was given the necessary time to do so. Since those gloomy years of decline, I've grown a lot of green grass again. On some beautiful days I experienced some better moments. There I finally had good experiences with my existence again. I don't want to see this one as completely depraved anymore. I'm also still trying to get hope for myself.

I care about my fellow men. But sometimes I can also be very firm in my words when it comes to averting imminent damage.

I'm also good with the women around me. I myself feel that this is true. I like to look at these women in my environment and adore them a little bit for their nature. I admit that so willingly. Most of the time, however, I remain a little distanced, because I don't want to be unpleasant for them.

I know that I am already in such an epoch with my life, which finally lets me experience something important. I now realize what I am, can and have. Now it's time to stabilize and strengthen. The great, personal crises of life are probably already over for me. I would like to thank those beings who determine the fate of a human being for not having given up on me. I am very happy about the happiness that has already come true for me.

'Start with the right thing you got from life once. "Get it yourself the way you can. That should be my simple principle for this existence. On the basis of its sense I make clear to myself my actual approach in life.

I did not search the world for what I could not find or argue about. Rather, I determine my happiness by preserving what I have been given. In doing so, I pay attention to what is clearly understandable to me from this cosmos. I look at the sun and moons and learn something from these two. Their course conditions me in a way that life does. Where I can afford it myself, I compensate for my own weaknesses.

Meanwhile, I recognize all good as conditional. Thanks to the finiteness of things, I can appear and survive in the first place. Even those means of mine are of such a nature that they can be exhausted.

I have always recognized what has become as a truth. One thing blends in with another. The good and the bad exist equally as something of value. Meanwhile, everything that has become adds up to a whole in the whole. That's how I figure something out. Meanwhile it completes its own image of this world and becomes our microcosm. Within this we will really gain knowledge and understand something.

I'm going to write it all down and think about what has become of it. It seems to me that I have been able to improve my idea of what constitutes me. I am able to illustrate my inner world in detail and develop a real fantasy.

I'm just sitting there. I'm at my desk at home. I have my written base in the form of a text file on the PC before my eyes and equip it bit by bit according to myself. With screen and keyboard, I create something that does me justice. My things are gradually getting into the right shape.

With the help of this type of employment, I can finally find what I still lack for this existence. I'm training myself on it. This actual representation of my imaginary world equips me for this life with something further, which I have always needed.