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The story of a person can be written down with words and can also be recounted with words. Such words, however, would not simply come to us. One will have to prepare them some day, if it is to be something good, which is to be rightly told about us.


About the matter

A success wants to be heard. What has succeeded well, that belongs named. That's how the author Schneider believes it. This should be true and so it should be heard.

The fact that Schneider writes his texts in an idealistic manner and assumes that the given has already been implemented successfully, is due to the fact that he is reluctant to constantly change his writings on his own. Moreover, an ideal state can still be used to remind us of it. Such a situation will be recognized, determined and taken up. This should be useful for the performance of the actual task.

He considers the criticism that all this would not yet have been realized to be justified. The author acknowledges that. But we should be able to rule out the possibility of falling into a hectic rush and throwing all that is given over the top.

Good things take time. So the right amount of patience will also be required for this matter. Without applying them, it would not be easy to take account of existing texts. Those, in these contained defects have it in itself and must be recognized first of all simply. Schneider takes his works to his breast again and again and deals with them. That's why he reads them, why he listens to them.

It would not always be easy to correct the flow of one's words. And that's what actions are associated with. These are based on our own habits. These must first be broken through before a change can be made to them.


Elaboration for the purpose of life

The purpose of my life has remained something that I do not want to leave to my own individuality or any other random form. Rather, it should be established, no matter how I have done my things so far. One purpose of life is to fulfill the task given to me. Every human being once in a lifetime imagines such a thing himself. All he has to do is remember it for himself. That's how I do it. That's where the world comes in, if that's true. I think we should do everything we can to achieve this. Such a right order will, however, fundamentally require a world like ours.

With my texts, I create images of those structures that have already defined me. I like to write down what I have already learned about it. The perpendicular would already be a partial aspect of the construction of such a structure, namely the mandala, which I would like to create for myself. This is what I want to visualize. That's why I'm doing this. Together with the writings on my life, the exhibition of my work and a presentation of the actual constitution of it, it will probably further stabilize me that I am doing something like this. I'm hoping for something from that all the time.

In order to really see and find the task that life has already given me from my present position, I have to look around for it. That's how I remember it. This will usher in a phase of reflection. Then I will go and look for a posture already planned for me, which should enable me to orient my mind. As soon as I have found these, I preserve the good I have gained. It's another experience for me. But first I have to go inside myself once. I then pause for what I have been told. I perceive this. In addition, I need a true knowledge of the thing that is predetermined for me by the living God for my life, before I can succeed in such a thing. This is supposed to be a reason for my actions. I also have to maintain the position that is right for me. In the long run, I will preserve them for myself if I conscientiously complete them. Again and again I will visit them later in my life. My knowledge of physical mechanics also helps me a little. These are intended to make many things easier. That's one thing after another. Some things I can comprehend at the same time and assign to each other, as it is given. Then, when the right time and place have been reached, something will be possible. So it should also be true that something happens to me that I expected to happen.

So I am still looking for such a valid thing for me. From my current position, that's my business. I let everything be different behaviour and am completely myself. What didn't go well with it, I give up temporarily. This attitude to the given thing is what should make it possible for me to exist with it. Without having caused an unnecessary consumption of energy, these things would not have to wear out excessively with me either. So that's gonna last for a while after all. Meanwhile, I have endeavoured to preserve the structure given to me for the moment. I'm trying to keep them real. I know that it can equip me and therefore I will do what is necessary.

So I also go my other ways in life. In everyday life I explore the 'terrain' in my immediate surroundings. I favored an unabridged path. On one of these I walk through the realms of this world. On this I have succeeded in gradually becoming free of surplus specifications.

And it remembers something. I would like to explore the task connected with this existence of myself and then fulfil it continuously. I expected something from that. A real progress of my things should be initiated by this. I think so. That's why I've focused my life on one such thing. I will continue to do it in a way that does justice to it. I want to acknowledge this whenever it occurred to me to do so. Because I really think that this is the right moment to do it.

This is all supposed to be a simple process. I can do this because it corresponded to the things I was given. I remember thanks to that from time to time. During these phases of actual attention to myself, this process has happened to me again and again. So it's always been important to me. So I'm familiar with it, too. I would like to confess to this now. With my current state of knowledge about my actual things, this should mean for me that I already have a basic idea of what my existence is all about. And these things are written down with words here. So I have enough orientation to deal with this life well enough.

Meanwhile, my things are thriving. I sometimes remember what it used to be like with me. I am happy about some of the changes that have taken place in the younger years. Some of it is already manifest today. In the meantime such things have come into being that I can use very well. So I got something for myself that wouldn't be wrong or even incorrect. My base will be stable. On it I would like to try to build the rest of myself.

Recently, I've been focusing more on this old goal again. What condition me? - I think about that sometimes. I'd like to preserve some of that. This leads me to prepare a pictorial representation of my actual guidelines for this life. By means of such, something good becomes possible for me, I believe firmly with me. I am actually capable of depicting such things with words. It will then be possible to derive an image of this matter from it. After all, I am a visual artist after all, or at least very skilled in such things. So it is on my agenda to create such a work which corresponds to myself. I would also like to create it because something like this becomes possible for me to gain knowledge about myself. I call it the mandala of 'my heart' or 'my life'. As such, it means a lot to me.

In linguistic-abstract form this scheme of my existence has already been embodied by me as my own Wiki. I have been preparing for this topic for some time. What is there only needs to be shaped so that it can be transferred to a visible plane. Afterwards, a retransmission of this will take place, which I would like to call an inner vision. I carry these out in order to come to a perception of myself as a person. Meanwhile, I keep the principles of the presentation of such a thing simple. So something clearly audible can emerge.

How's that happening? What image of the essence of things am I getting? - I believe that one's own existence can be represented as a construct, indeed as a system consisting of spheres and their references. They're all supposed to be potential differences. Exactly in this way, how those really occur, I would like to depict them in a schematic. A resulting work may be sketched first of all. But that would already be something fixed, which can be used. With such a structure, represented for instance on a white sheet of paper, one can then finally deal with it. There one will be able to compile something on the basis of her, which stands in connection with it. Meanwhile, the work is to be created in stages, on the basis of a show of my work I will build it up. I'm still preparing to create it once. A good thing just takes a while. But I'm making progress setting up my things. One thing already comes now to the other and will probably complement each other sometime well. Thus a certain success of this thing is already in prospect for me.

That makes me happy. Also so far I have gathered some experience with the creation of such things. Sometimes it forms easily in my hands, sometimes it trains me a little when I am creatively involved in such a thing. This is sometimes an interplay of such forms, which encourages me not to reject this task. Something is formed with substance before my eyes, which also carries a certain quality in itself or brings out such a quality, which in turn can condition me. At least if I let that happen, that's the way it is with me.

It means something to me that I can handle my life and existence. In preparation for this, I form an image similar to a mandala and describe it in words. I have described it in detail in a wiki written especially for this purpose. With it I connect the possibility of gaining an actual strength of my person. For me this should make something good possible that I have illustrated my inner show. I share that with other people. That's also how I came to present it, what came out of it. A mandala should become this image of the things of my life because it is of a transcendent nature. Something can be inserted into it and also something can be taken out of it. If it is also something shaped that the being of this world is supposed to carry, then such a mandala can also be an actual shell of forms. They are the ones who condition me. That's why this is so important to me.

Such a construct should reveal and again conceal the conditions of a world, as ours is, and its reality, the given change of things at the same time visible before us in time and space as structure, which has originated from the will and spirit of a human being. All this should be open to the public and yet so secure, as if there were nothing there that could interest the ignorant.

I would like to produce this Mandala sometime as an improved object. Meanwhile I initiate an inner show of my things with the already existing material. That's something I'm good with. I'll set it up so that it really suits me.

From the beginning I have given this image the name Mandala of my 'heart' or my 'life', because the goal for me is to help clarify the conditions of my existence for me. I would like to draw and paint it myself, so that it will one day acquire form and colour. Then it shall appear to me visibly before my eyes as a living image of the gift given to me when it finally happens. This will be a personal work for me to create. It will give me the necessary strength for this life that I already have.

In a preliminary construction of it, I described this mandala with words, and thus made myself an inner, i.e. mental as well as ideal conception of it. I have already implemented some of the experiences that I have made during my long phase of returning to my goods in recent years. I've looked at it that way and assigned it to each other. Also during my studies as a mechanical engineer in the years from 2002 to 2006 I acquired some knowledge, which would be not insignificant for it. So I have the power, but also the means, to create it once. Now I can confidently fall back on a basic knowledge of 'descriptive geometry'. Then, when I will represent, point out and equip this structure, it will help me a little. That representation of this work shall be made in such a way that my inner light will be reflected in it. What has already happened in my life and certainly still belongs to my existence should be taken into account. Only if everything can be taken into account that has already made me out so far, this drawing will be right.

So this mandala should harmoniously correspond to the principle I have practiced in my life. So it has only to describe that part of the process of things which really suits me.

It shall all be coherently attached to a wall of the one given to me. Everything and nothing should be evaluated correctly by me. A traction of the elements would not be sufficient to learn to exist as an artist. A conclusiveness of the connections and their physical forms should therefore also be guaranteed. Basically, it is necessary to add such a portrait, as this mandala is one, from something familiar.

I already promised myself a lot of it to produce this drawing once. I will probably soon be initiating the first attempts to do so. I want to prepare myself to finally scoop them. That's what I'd like to do. I do this so that it can be clarified promptly what the principle of my existence is.


The mandala of my life

A future of man will be given. But is it really possible to look at something like this, even to anticipate it in terms of acting? - I have something to think about. I imagine my Mandala there once. I paid attention to four basic things. Self-awareness and external perception in a cosmos of introspection and world observation should form a single unit with me. These four leaves are supposed to be the reason for a root, which is apparently firmly planted in me.

That would be something that I would like to put down here with words so that it would one day come true. I want it to be the essentials that bring me something good. Meanwhile, I myself can only be understood as the boundary line of such a drawing, its limitation to the shaping of such a thing. These are the ones I'm depicting. Meanwhile, I use my hands to gesturally depict the corresponding paths and moments. So I prepare myself for this work. It is already immanent in me and has a meaning-giving effect on my current actions.

So I will know how to create this image of my existence as a construct. I gradually conscientiously derive the necessary assets for myself with the help of the method of speech formation. I know I can afford it. I'm training myself for that right now. This is what I do while verbally reflecting on my thoughts and ideas about this existence. No one else but me has had such access to my things. So it's going to be me who's in demand here to create the real thing. Fulfilling such a thing can only be my own task.

Meanwhile, what have I been thinking about? - I believe that this description of the things I can do can also suit other people. Then, when all that already exists here has been correctly completed, seen from its content, that will be possible. Then maybe what I'm doing will be acceptable to you, too.

So I go to work. There should be a stable construct, consisting of words, to be trained by me. This will be a trivial process for a writer like me. Thus something is created in a process of partial steps. A self-discovery takes place. A progress becomes so possible. Thanks to this, I can confidently remember what I really am. It shows me what that's all about. That's where I present it. This should make it possible to show how this language can be useful for the preparation of such a work. I have already tracked down some true things myself and have made them for me with words.

This is what happened when I myself named and took up what was necessary for this. Then I really presented it as it should have been. Thanks to an interweaving of some further words, I have meanwhile managed to shed a little more light on the actual framework of my world of thoughts and ideas. This has fulfilled my wish for the creation of an inner light. Such was the one I needed to enlighten the one given to me. After all, a text work that is easy to read, but executed in a conclusive manner, should result here.

The task for me continues to be to work towards the correct representation of the nature of my own things. While I have carried out my 'freewriting lessons' very intensively before, many things have arisen, which perhaps now require a thorough clarification. This is to take place. I'll go into that. While I am working on this, I do not want to disregard unduly those rules which have become accessible to us humans as conventions. We should know how to comply with these. I would like to continue working on my writings myself without unduly violating anything actual. I accept as given what I have been given in terms of values and source materials, and I content myself with the way they are. I draw my good from these resources.

In order to carry out sufficiently well by myself what I have already mentioned in this document as my intentions, I would like to define my means and ways sufficiently precisely, which have been determining me throughout my life. Doing this thing myself will help me. I now offer you the prospect that I will stand up for it. Then, when that will be sufficiently accomplished by me, you shall be aware of my equipment for this life. Then you will probably know correctly what is possible for me and what it would not be like.

But there is one thing I will certainly not have to say about this. The question about the 'reason of things' which has happened should always be given, but it should already have been fixed for this. Life doesn't need such essence. A reason would not be more than the 'base'. Only that alone can he ensure that we will experience a hold through the base. Throughout one's life, every thing that occurs manifests itself or would not exist. But the reason itself will be different from this one. Because of one reason, hardly anything other than plateaus, pits, mountains or other structures will manifest. It should be this ground on which all living things are built, but all life has remained consistently independent of it or has become independent of it in the course of time.

That's so true. The essence of things remains what it is. It will be self-sufficient and exist in the same way. A reason will not be a cause, but the hold of the root of an idea, thing or form, which is rightly to be called alive. This can form, and it probably siphons off something from the bottom of things. What will emerge has nevertheless already found its way into its inventory. Nothing would come out of nowhere. One reason would also not make up the whole content of what we humans are given as 'soul'. This is supposed to be there, to occur, to condition and to make a difference, but that would not be everything through which a person exists and draws his happiness.

With regard to the mandala to be made by me, the base should be like the metal plate on which it can be carved. This is a carrier substance, but by no means is the whole substance of the image embodied by it. With this it is united by its design, but in principle it will also have been compatible with it. You can carve something into a metal plate with a needle. The only thing that can be represented on this basis is what the materials, tools and methods used are suitable for.

The process of creating this mandala will be the life of myself as an idea or thought process. The paths that I wish to take in this process should result in many a cycle for me. I imagine it that way because it will be necessary to do it this way so that I would not have to go down. Again and again the path of man in this existence forms recurring structures. Everything is in order and fulfilled, as many a poet has already known to say in earlier times. That's the way it should be with me. I also want to succeed in something good for once. I want to believe that the thing that I once started can really be accomplished and completed.

What situation am I in right now? - That's what I'm wondering. And that's how I think about it now. Thanks to this kind of preparation for the creation of that mandala, something has gradually come right with me. This is supposed to stand for something good. That's what delights me about it. I benefit from this because, thanks to this achievement, I can now finally draw the first circle. All those properties of this image are further conditioned by this perpendicular. It makes things round, other elements can also be arranged regularly from now on. This is how they should be aligned to a center.

The elements are now to be arranged in a regular manner. This is supposed to result an actual concentricity of this construct. So it becomes determinable for me what I can do. Everything should appear in its true proportions. Then it would no longer be distorted. This will finally make a good experience of such a construction possible for me.

What other ideas come to my mind now? - As I have already said, the following facts shall apply to the presentation of my things. I would like to determine and name my actual task for this life. That's what I'm really working towards. I would like to understand these also in their given value. I would also like to explore the environment of it. I'm therefore going on so that I may soon be aware of it. Then, if that is true, I believe it will be possible for me to do it.

So what is my primary task? - I would like to try to achieve a suitable position in everyday life with the people of my personal and direct environment. This is supposed to endow me with rich impressions of this existence. So I will probably become aware of those things that have really conditioned me throughout my life. I look at them carefully when I see something about them. For this I need a convention, which I mentioned briefly before, for my behaviour to be actually benign. I would like to know myself how to follow an actually usual procedure.

This is how the given now presents itself to me. So I can see it. For this I need the strength to concentrate on what I actually do. I strive for a real order of my things and that peace connected with it there for myself. I want to reach it once without difficulty. What I have been given will come to pass without being difficult to accomplish. What I'm doing will serve me well.

But all this should also have some healthy limitations. I would not want to integrate myself into this imaginary world because I am already the author of it. So I already have enough experience with it and can directly control its development. This is the real circumstance that should enable me to exist with the things of my life. I would like to assign all the things described here to each other and know how to weight them correctly. Afterwards this fundus should equip me with my work lastingly.

I am on my way to finding real arguments for the preservation of this existence. A clearing up of the actions to be carried out by myself and a subsequent improvement of my own things should be allowed to take place there in a self-determined manner. Thanks to my own, actively determined orientation, I contribute something to this. I'm doing this so that I can succeed. And here again it should be nothing more than a restraint on my part, which will give me the real strength of my person. So these things, as I wish to set them up for myself, have finally taken on a meaning.


gain insight

I stand by myself while I create this wiki. I am supported in this by a show of those things given to me, which I freely name. I'll have my say. Accordingly, some of my qualities are clearly audible. I would now like to investigate how my things appear to me after this orientation. I faithfully recognize their perpendicular form and continue to align myself with them. Yeah, I'll take that for granted. I become aware of the concentric structure of those elements that are effective in me. I think that's a good first start for my project.

So how does this portrait develop in the future? - I would like to handle the actual work for the representation of my things in such a way that a suitable measure can be set for this. First and foremost, however, the alignment to the solder should be guaranteed. A keeping of the real proportionality of all these elements shall thus be given.

In the further course of exploring these facts, I first set out in search of a yardstick that would suit me. One such one was then also communicated to me in a nice way at the place of work at that time. An employee, herself an art teacher according to her stand, explained this to me and showed me how to find real proportions. That was a good service from her. I only had to extend it by the third dimension of space in an equivalent way in order to be really satisfied with it myself. But that was easy. I commit myself time and again to keeping to this standard myself. It is simply '1: 1: 1 = 100 %'. It's the right one for me. It represents the whole in its really given, extensive proportion as an object with spatiality. Faithful to this standard, I now gradually set up my things or derive them from it. I did not lose sight of the moment when these things appeared.

I have not tried to search for a measure of my own things without adhering to the commandment of the actual preservation of that valid order of those things. This one I am fond of. I have previously determined and recognized them for myself as my actual intention. The power that appears to be involved causes the preservation of the given in a sustainable way. This releases certain possibilities so that everything can have a harmonious effect.

Let us now consider the given. Something has remained open, can be designed and wants to appear. It seems to me that it makes sense not to stand in the way of this without good reason. So I do it sometimes. In an actual presentation of my things, I confess how the facts are really given at the moment and insert myself into them. This helps me to orientate myself according to the actual harmony of the occurring. This appears in a simple way. Every element of this world benefits from it through tranquility. It makes everything nice.

In this way I acknowledge a fundamental equivalence of the whole. The aforementioned is the reason why I have continually left what I know exactly as it already exists for me. I have added the existing without somehow squeezing it into shape, otherwise squashing or stretching it. This shall be done in such a way that it may be preserved as it is by itself.

This is where a process of knowledge begins. Once these things have shown me their true meaning, I will probably become aware of their purpose. For other people, too, this may soon be apparent, I think. I am convinced that it is right to prepare something like this linguistically. After all, the facts concerning these things are of a somewhat extensive nature. For this purpose, speech formation shall serve me as a method of writing these things. I think that is doing a good job. I can express my thoughts and ideas in this way. I can simply use these in the relevant parts of my texts. Only that which seems important enough to me, I prepare with my work.

I would like to determine an upright attitude in character questions for myself. It's a simple thing to do, but it will still be so necessary. After all, in preserving the things I have been given, I have sometimes found a real happiness for myself.

Now I conclude this small elaboration for the purpose of my life. I don't want this to go completely unnoticed or simply go unheard. I think there's something with substance here.

Especially I have to be fair to it, because I created it once myself. It was a legitimate duty for me to do so. I want to do justice to that which is good in my things, which is rightly recognized by me as true, good and right. Of course, this does not need to be a general form of life purpose, which I describe here. But I have actually thought to myself that a person will do well if he takes himself into his duty by taking on an actual task. A human being who tries to pass with it to fulfil such requirements himself will not be a wrong person.

You should learn something that will also be useful in other ways if you adhere to such a structure.

The given shall be preserved.


To know one's own thoughts of salvation

The service to God and his servantship is important for my own existence as a human being on earth in this life. I bow my respects to the LORD and to his servants. I let go of my purpose and surrender to the highest. I give him food better than that which I eat, and drink better than that which I drink. I wash his feet and keep silent in his presence. I dry his feet and keep my silence. I renounce pleasure. I renounce freedom at the same time.


A progress of things

What happens to me now? - I would like to work as a visual artist. I work out something of my own with the means at my disposal. I would then like to grasp the good created in the process in its entirety from an intellectual point of view as well. That's why I make such simple works. I would like to use what I have discovered in this way in other works, so that something results. I've been doing this for quite some time. I continue this way of creating works, even if it has not been seen with pleasure everywhere so far, because I create something very elaborate without being paid for it.

What makes me human? - Something was once placed in my cradle that I still regard as my property. That's what makes me so sure I kept it. Thanks to this thing, I still exist today in my own way. This one belongs to me, as if there was no real difference between me and this object. However, I have not yet finally realised what an object it is that still shapes me so strongly today. But I'm already on to something. I think I've owned this one since I was a kid.

That can be a pacifier or a rattle, which I once liked so much as a toddler. Anyway, I know I got my own toys back then. And at times I have also vehemently defended this, as I was told later in my life.

Maybe it was just a few wooden blocks on a piece of wire that were attached to my bedstead at the time. Anyway, there's some photo of them on which they can be seen.

They were able to move these blocks on the wire. I will probably have trained the first of my handholds in such things. And hands have remained very important to me to this day.

I'm still doing something good for my own hands today. The quiet and orderly writing of own texts with the help of the keyboard on the PC is something like that, which fulfills this endeavour still today with me. Painting with pens or brushes also gives me pleasure in this respect.

Above all, I have kept a real desire to do what I like with my work.