Life plan


A life plan

It would not be easy for me to write down something about my actual life plan today. I know that well that I would not know now to say what will be necessary to really live as well as it is actually necessary for this existence and what is expected of us.

Cobbler, stick to your last. With this I would like to exhort myself to continue doing my previous things. With these I would like to stand before my fellow men. It needs a lot of peace and quiet if it is to become something. For a benign life this existence is actually there for the human being. If the reflection of the things of this world on radio and television also reflects something else, then only that which is benign in nature can be good.

I have that claim. It seems to me that it is necessary to continue to maintain it. Other things certainly also belong to it said. But for now, I'll leave it at that. Let's just have a look at what happens to it.


My refuge

The apartment house with the apartment accessible to me forms the dwelling, thanks to which I can exist as I do today. This is where I keep my books on shelves. There is a possibility to deal with them if I want to. In addition I have several beautiful armchairs on which I can sit reading. Sometimes it happens that I make myself a coffee and spend some of my time sifting through this library.

In this apartment there are also two tables where I can work. In addition, I have a desk. The desk and one of the desks are each besieged with a computer, so that I mainly paint and draw in the kitchen at the dining table. But there's a better light there.

My apartment is a place where I have produced many of my works. Here I have always painted and written, played music and worked. This sometimes leads to pleasant moments for me.

I'm glad to be prepared for that. Accordingly, I sometimes procure new material for my art object. That's how I arranged it so that there is always a certain amount of equipment available. I keep pencils and paint boxes, ink, painting materials and brushes here next to papers. In this way, I can in principle take action at any time and create something of my own, just as I need it myself.

This apartment also has an excellent internet connection. Thanks to this I can, whenever I want to, look something up on the Internet or be active myself at my work show. So it has come that I have expanded this card index and the typesetting box further in recent years.

For me it is important that I can stay in a workshop. My refuge has become such on a smaller scale. Here I would like to reflect on my cause and be active in what I enjoy.


My home

The root of my own person has become my name in the course of my life. This now gives me the necessary support and clarity that I need to live. I find this hold there because I know this name well and know how to identify myself with it. That clarity comes to me because it's so easy for me to do that. I am equipped thanks to this thinking and I go out into the world with the knowledge that I carry my name.

In addition, I have built myself a smaller base station on the Internet, which is a miniature of its kind and describes what defines me in this existence. My two boxes, the card index box 'Baukasten' as well as the set box with my actual works of art embody this. They both serve me to linger and rest after the sometimes long and hard working days.

These things from my workshop can be found on the Internet. Since 2006 I have been working on the design of my website. My things have not exactly been used or noticed with high frequency so far. Nevertheless, I think they have something rich about them.

I was born in an area at the foot of the Black Forest. That's Ortenau. I live in the small town of Offenburg. Here I can read, write and also paint something. Friends sometimes visit me, share with me some of the things they have brought with them. Also I share something with these, not only my time would that be.


My denomination

In order not to lose oneself in this life in the structure of a coexistence of societies with their different opinions and attitudes to life, man needs an actual denomination so that he can assert himself well. Thanks to her, he will be able to set up a solid framework for life, which will constitute him. Then he will align himself in this existence because it has something in store for him that he needs.

Only such a denomination should equip us. This will be the one which we can recognize well, understand correctly and truly fulfill. So she serves us as a guideline for our soul life. Taking care of one of these is supposed to be the right thing for us. That's what we do to lead a benign existence. It's worth fighting for. This is intended to strengthen your own personality in the long term.

Without an honest and sincere reference to something given, no human being can exist permanently. The author Schneider has chosen his own denomination for this. He takes these into consideration. It's supposed to mean that you're focusing on something within this universe. Thus one finds one's own orientation.

He keeps his own things in tune with it. Schneider has already sketched the course of these with his writings. He stands up for her. He applies the idea of simplicity of facts to his concerns about what constitutes his existence. Thus he finds to some possibility of the representation of it.


My commitment

My self-commitment is one that should come about under my own influence and will. This begins to be true and to exist as soon as I have manifested it. Now is the right time for a first attempt to present them. This should also be the right place to show them in a simple way. So I wrote something down with words and thanks to those I made something.

This voluntary commitment should remain in place. So I intend to make something consciously clear to myself with the help of her. What a beautiful day it is today.

I realize that for me, as for everyone else, there are certain conditions in this existence that must be adhered to. These can be marked. You can name them for that.

A naming of the conditions of this existence shall be done in a conscious way. You should provide it with your own thoughts and ideas when you process it. I write some things down with words. The fonts in question can be found in the 'Construction kit' file. This Wiki also belongs to it.

Everything that has already been created here has a special meaning. I suspect so. I have therefore tried to produce my writings in as passable a way as possible. So I set it up so that this work retains its validity.

The ability required to produce such things was acquired in 'Freischreibstunden' by creating 'thought protocols'. I would like to be able to finally use this gift here. So I try to keep something familiar to me about this existence. I'll add my words. So I can integrate them into my text work.

I use my strength as a human being to create something of good value for myself. That is so welcome. I want to enjoy what I do, what I am and what I have.

I keep the order of my things to a large extent. This should help me with this task. I have set out to place my art thing at the centre of my existence. I count my writing among these also.


Serve a cause and be fair to yourself

It is my conviction that it is right to name one's own things and their meaning in a trivial way. For this I have to determine the basic forms of it. Once my things have been processed in a clear and unambiguous way, I can finally start to process my existence. Without such equipment this will be almost impossible. I prepare myself for it so that I can once recognize the simplicity of the given.

I've got some work to do. I try to reduce the size of my texts to the essentials. What I have already achieved are first approximations to the true events of my life. So I've already gained some knowledge about what makes me tick. Starting from this position, I finally have a perspective for this existence. My own things are taking shape. Working on the description of these facts should be my task.


Aim with rear sight and front sight

For a person like me it should be something quite normal that he recognizes his own goal for himself, which he knows exactly how to determine. Since the society in which we live is so comprehensively competitive, a definition of the goal should be one of the first things that life is all about. One of the common objectives is to implement a plan within a clearly defined timeframe. We are to be guided by that, what such a plan requires of us.

To accomplish this, we divide the big plan for the whole into sections. To do this, we look at what exactly is demanded of us. We must bring order into it in order to be able to read and understand such a plan. This matter shall be approached with expert knowledge.

Starting from a vision of the finished work, we look backwards, i.e. from afar to close, at which subtasks are to be fulfilled. There will be some that have to be done in parallel. Others clearly build on already completed subtasks and presuppose them.

To deal properly with such plans requires some knowledge of the natural conditions in our country. Plans are the products of imaginative people. These want to be transferred to the real conditions. This requires a trained power of observation. This also requires knowledge of the feasibility of technical implementations. And there is a need for a supervisory body to improve coordination in the performance of the work steps.

Based on this observation, I would like to create a plan for the development of my art object. Since this is a production of small works, I simply leave some things out. I don't want to build a temple. I think it's good to know your way. Such a person may be detained. You can show your approaches and determine the appearances for them. This will make it easier for others to understand what we are doing. We ourselves will also improve our orientation in this way if we put such things to words. That's what such studies are for.

The study comes before the own goods. First of all, we have to gain the actual knowledge before we can use it to our advantage. Thus the preparation of a work also has its sense. For this one can set out that one will keep to the order of a construction of the given. That much insight should be possible.

One also realizes that making great plans requires many things for which there is no certainty at all. That's the first thing to prepare. You have to be fair to the nature of things. Without these there is no empirical value of validity and therefore no success.


Bring something light into the game

The things that have already been said and written shall apply to me. That is why I try to fill my real need for a determination of this existence with words. Step by step this need remains what it is and drives me as a language designer to do more. Step by step, I am taking the true course of my life to accomplish this.

This is how something was created that carries weight. The good, true and right of it shall be preserved. What has already been achieved will continue to exist in the future. For this I write this 'perpetual newspaper', which has found its beginning in my artistic work. My mind logs have been the beginning of what happened here. These alone will only show what has driven me at the moment. But they are a good source material for creating your own texts. After all, I have illuminated my own thoughts and ideas a little. Starting from these basic texts, I now order my writings in a coordinated manner. I take it upon myself to do so. I'm serious about what I've written here. I would like to confess to this work.

Those things about my existence which I have already described in such detail shall continue to be valid. That should be so until I adapt them again. My life goes on, so there will also be a reception of things and the reflection of the given in me.


A remembrance of one's own cause

It is a necessity of life that man be recognized in this existence by his fellow men. This is the only way to ensure success for him. That's why I tried to achieve a valid form for my things in my work as a language designer. What I have created there wants to be preserved and preserved. I would like to prepare it myself, so that it will come true.

But I'm only learning what this human existence is all about. It won't matter what I've already written down. There wouldn't be more than one truth. It alone will be valid.

basic form

My speech formation

I am in the process of unifying the structure of my writings and formally correcting them. I subordinate the content and expressiveness of these texts to the necessary linguistic correction. Afterwards I carry out a stylistic follow-up.

I have set up a few rules for the development of this card index.

§ Time stage present, future I and perfect

§ Basic form Indicative for statements

§ Basic form subjunctive with negation

§ Extension of the texts by suitable objects

§ Assumption of an 'adhesion' of the mind to the finding of suitable additions with words

§ Reduction of an accumulation of homophonic words

§ Reference to one's own work of art as a matter of value

§ Equating good and bad about their unity

§ Perform a reading of the texts in order to preserve the structure of the language.

§ Maintain existing sequences of thoughts and ideas during revision to a large extent

A measure of parity (1: 1: 1 = 100 %) must be adhered to and implemented for the entire text.


To achieve a completeness of the given

This existence brings with it many a good thing for me. Not only do I have to struggle alone with this life, it also has its beautiful moments. This one brings it with it as well. This has found justifiably so to a stock with me. That's why I call this. On this basis I try to build the foundation for my basis as a language designer.

The already experienced and experienced of this existence has its own value for me. This is my life, too. There it should be something benign, which I would like to bring rightly in connection with my life history. I try to recognize and strengthen all the given aspects of it. I want to get a picture for the whole of me.

The 'construction kit' already consists of something that gives the rough outline of my life story. In union with my artistic work, it exists as it occurs here.


bring order into events

I like to be active. The work in the set case forms a certain part of the foundation on which I have been building my own writings for several years. I am trying to clarify these circumstances. I would like to know how to ensure my basis for my own artistic work. A fundus is to be built up there for the rest. I'm already dealing with this one these days. My writing approaches more and more the clarification of my artistic intention.


Are in seclusion

On that day when I found out what the created work on man is, I also realized that he can only create himself because he also reflects his Creator. To do this, he has to align himself to these. So I go into seclusion with myself.


The secret

I believe that there is something in the life of every human being that can rightly be called his secret. This will be the own sewing box from which the other people would like to get to know something.


The value of a human being

A human being is to be accepted and recognised as valuable in its entirety. This value must be considered complete and comprehensive, not only in quantitative terms. So man will appear in a benign way. His life will be respected and he'll be fine. Only when his value has been secured will he know how to exist in such a way.

Everything has been of a positive value, if you have accepted that. Only from such a control room can the desired order be set by itself. This is neither falsely established nor destined without reason to be what we like it to be. That wouldn't be good. We would not win anything like that, but we would distort and dissolve much that we actually needed. It is so beautiful that it is good, true and right how everything occurs and is given. It couldn't be anything else. This world is there and a conception of it should correspond to it. What we say and do, have and wish should not have contradicted this truth. If we simply correspond to the given, we will acknowledge its correctness. In the good, as in the bad also this is to be invested also in benign way with us.

The wrong thing was arbitrary and could also be recognized that way. It is shown what was invalid. Man better not mislead another. He lets go of everything wrong and finally fix the wrong where he can do it. That'll be enough for once. Then we can finally talk about something that will be good or bad, but that is part of this world and its nature.

It would be enough for us to hear such conversations in which something is made known in a good, true and correct way. We too should speak of things in this way, because that will be appropriate. That would be enough for a good progress. So by means of such things we should try to build up a basis which gives us life. Our existence will be secured by us in this way.

A value of man is therefore given. Remembering them will be necessary. We become aware of how each individual honestly strives for his own destiny. We should also see that some people suffer from this or even threaten to perish because of an actual delusion.

To explain the value of life to each other and also to each other is a beautiful thing. Remembering this one is a task for us. A man's duty does not harm him at all, but helps him further. So he also has something to gain from being just. He's free to choose the right thing. Don't make it too hard for him. What also brings the actual failure of its members to the community? - Of course, it weakens them. That would not be in keeping with the nature of a civilization.

And yet some have been greedy or jealous when others have fared well. Reality is to be understood in a way that also allows some of what will really exist. Blinding and denial of present or past things do not make anyone happy. There is much that can be destroyed if man misjudges his things. It's better to do it as well as the principle demands.

A reality will not be one in which there is a grace period or even a shelter from the real. Such things would really be nothing other than excrescences of a pious charity of some better people. It's gonna be weird if someone creates something like this for others. How can one expect that such protection can contribute something to the strengthening of a person?

A force exists or such a force cannot arise at all. But he who refuses his own strength and denies an actual strength, corrupts his own good without reason. We depend on our equipment. This will also include a person's physical strength. It's better not to reveal them. You don't do that even when you're under criticism. Whether one acts correctly or whether one would not do this is a matter of discretion. In contrast, human survival is a question of existential nature and therefore of higher relevance. That couldn't be anything. And how necessary will it be to correctly quantify the value of man? How important is it that he believes in himself? Is it even possible to survive without it?

Man should be in the right condition to do so, in order to recognize the true utility and the true meaning of his things for himself. Who is carried like an old, sick dog to the hunt, who forgets to walk. Because of such apparent charity, people become victims of such special privileges.

A human being must assert his own qualities. He can also do that, although he can do some things only because of the urge of need. That wouldn't be wrong, but it can initiate his powers. Some people do this when they need to stop. For some, however, it takes years, if not decades, before they find their true strength. That's unfortunate, because it wouldn't be good. Life hasn't been there to be happy and content. Nobody's ever gotten anything out of that kind of nonsense before. Such an addiction to well-being will also be one that gives us humans an unnecessarily large space for depressive moods. What will happen to us when we have begun to come to terms with it? What use is such a wallow to us other than the tendency to some bad inclination?

The human value is positive and so it is recognized on all sides. But it is the value of the I, the ego, the person, yes of the subject to which this value is to be fixed and also be determined. Soon everything that is good will be based on that. With us humans it is so given, because we need it, that we believe in ourselves. That means something. You don't waste away and you don't let other people seem worried about us. Such weak moments of a human being are of little use. You'd better be a little hard on yourself and keep it to yourself, what made you tick. You preserve your happiness by withholding the bad moments. One would put these in order oneself, no matter what it will be.

So it happens that one reflects and is able to do something that will be good for oneself. The value of man has been well remembered. This has not only been of a positive nature, it also has a corresponding effect on us right up to the actual future.


Preparatory collection

(A letter to myself)

Dear Mathias,

do something good for yourself by taking care of your own.

Know that there is something that has created the visible world. Thanks to her, you can see something. Know that it was someone who brought yoga, as you have sometimes practiced it, into the world. Thanks to him, your seal has also become effective. Know that there is an impersonal aspect to everything that condition us humans. Thanks to this fact, it wouldn't matter how we spend our lives. Know that there is a true example of what friendship and devotional love is, what it evokes. You wish for a personal, transcendental relationship with a person you love.

The following I would like to have asked you now: Be faithful to yourself in experiencing this world, this nature of things, an entity of this cosmos, which you inhabit and share. Understand well what you can see of it. Yeah, really see what you were looking at.

See the essence of given things as they are. Practice referring to it and preserving the occurring circle of your forms. Be ready for such things as they seem good, true and right to you. So these shall be given.

It can happen that something was not enough and was therefore too little for someone else. So show yourself humble and act righteous. Don't need to give away something that won't yet be suitable for sharing. Do not give away that of your goods which is still unfinished. How is something to be gained if it is still incomplete and would mean nothing?

Be aware of those things which are considered important within the whole human community. These would not only be religious or spiritual facts. There are also many worldly things to be preserved and granted. That content of the given is also the normal for you, which you can acknowledge for given. That's because it's there. That's why it works. Confess your relationship to such things, even if they alone will be of a relative nature. So you will exist in a simple way according to your actual nature. You're entitled to do that. I'd like to remind you of that with this.

Acknowledge what you have found in those spaces of your own reflection. It's to equip you. That's what it's for. Always sticking to what you really are. Be a simple layman as a Christian, open to the truth of God's love.

Meanwhile, maintain your urge to explore when it comes to understanding creation. Consider this as a thing, as well as a process, which is still active. Be proficient in experiencing the things of a human being and preserve your real nature. Don't make yourself too familiar with this world. Encourage the people in it, but also admonish them to an actual conversion if they act godlessly and appear corrupt. Remember your difficult times as well. Constantly work for your own betterment, come to yourself and go on with it. This will help you maintain your base. Each day of permanence will continue to make it firm. Believe in something like this, because all these things have been good for you before.

Sing if you like, to do it. Speak if you like.

Dedicate yourself to yourself as a human being and thus find those fellow human beings who will acknowledge you. Be a simple man, as there are many. In this role, I have as my role model that male ideal which still exists for the future. As a man, confess to the meaning of a woman. Do the necessary yourself in an active way. Do not avoid the world of women unless you are despised for your essence.

Dedicate yourself entirely to one person. Faithfully acknowledge the events of a reality, no matter what other people have said about it. Keep yourself away from the false reports of recent times, just as you have not paid special attention to the wrong teachings of some idiots. Be strong, even in the expression of the good given to you. Train your mind by simple means to preserve an actual fortune. Be aware that it would not be enough to be aware of something indefinite. You will have to know what you are talking about when you want to be heard.

So be clear in your world of thoughts and ideas. Confess to the cause that has conditioned you. She's gonna keep doing that.

First and foremost you live for the participation in this incarnation as you have chosen it for yourself. You choose the right woman so that she will sit at your side. If it's all right with her, I'm sure she wouldn't turn you down. Do not rush through this life, but become aware of your things in a clear way. Meanwhile collect yourself and bundle your strength to a real strength. This will be the right moment.

Meanwhile an integration of the given takes place. This is the passive part of your own action, its consequence, which will be an effect of your actions. That's gonna mean everything you need to know. Do not build on the future of your actions, but on acting in a presence of what you have already entered. Exchange the unnecessary thoughts of the happiness of the day after tomorrow for the sorrow of today. Do what is necessary for you in a direct way. So immediately a force will unfold when it is recognized. Then it's finally time for it!

Aim at the plumb line with your body to walk upright through this world. Don't stretch yourself too far, but don't fall down like a bag full of rags, which is carelessly thrown to the ground. Go inside yourself and finally come to terms with what you are. There is no need for any other deeds and pleasures than this existence. Understand that.

Demand much from yourself when it comes to the actual happiness of this life. Make sure you are aware of the powers you have on you. Get to the point with these and continue to condition what has made you special. It's been your strength that you've still done so well.

As a language designer, you have some reason to write such things down for yourself. These will be available to you once, so that you can remember what they say. All you're gonna have to do here alone is be there and read. So you too can make a difference for yourself. Use this opportunity to make your things clear. It just makes you realize what that meant to you.

Adjust to the fact that you must exist to the current situation exactly the same as to all the others. Only when that will be possible for you can you even survive with who you are. That's what I've told you now, so you'll be aware of it. It's that it means something for your power of tomorrow that you have now set up for yourself.

All endeavours shall be directed to the present position of YOU and shall not be based on any time not yet entered nor on any situation given in an untrue manner. Such thoughts are no better than moving air to get the happiness you need.

The essence of things is oblique when it has been designed to show a weakness in itself. Some people do this out of pure submission or other terrible moments that can harm everything good. You keep that in mind, you don't ask anyone to make a crook of you. You refuse to do that for others. Everyone is the blacksmith of his own fortune, so everyone has to wear his own wooden leg. One does this as a carpenter, the other as a car driver and again the next has fallen into a pit. Does any of these carry my load? - It's not going to be like that. They wouldn't even give me a sandwich without attaching additional conditions to it. How good these things are when they've been embellished. There are moments that seem auspicious. But it just seemed that way on its own. That wasn't true.

But what will be true is the fact that within this world you can fall back on yourself. Then no one will be at your disposal to help you achieve something that can protect us from actual decline. Late the mistakes of a human life sometimes have an effect. But one is hit all the harder by a consequential effect of it. Some have already given up and yet this would not lead to a solution that ends the need. Anyone who has tried to compensate for his misery by committing atrocities is moving in the wrong direction.

Of course it's true that you have to prove what you experience in this life. After all, fate has been one thing for everyone. Who has had a privilege over the other and been able to assert it? - No one, there was the right answer. And that's because soon everything will be different when you feel too confident with your things.

One is armed when it comes to one's own existence. In the long run it has not been possible for us to do without a real strength. Only through one's own weakness will nothing for one's own life be changed for the better. And then you finally stop wallowing in a false certainty. The real happiness is still fragile. Everything can be burdened, it also bends and finally breaks through. So our own destiny comes to deny us success in this life.


About me

The author of the file 'Baukasten' is a man born in 1975 in the city of Offenburg in Germany. His name is Mathias Schneider. He lives there in a small apartment. It is his wish to build something of his own as an artist, writer and composer, from which he can once live. This situation was once due to the fact that for a long time he could not take up regular work in order to earn his own living. That's why he pushed this utopia so hard. He also does this in order to show his fellow men something of his actual fortune. He's still working on the processing of these things. Schneider continues to produce new works in order to do something that suits him. This has become a nice hobby for him meanwhile.

The former 'Beggarwiki' (formerly 'Ferywiki') was Mathias' first work on which he worked constantly for years. All those prototypes of the inscription of his world of thoughts and ideas are contained in it. They occupied a significant place in his life during the phase from 2004 to 2011 and contributed to many a change. Schneider has worked a lot with this collection of his own writings and has built up his second literary work from 2011 onwards. This is the 'construction kit', an online card index with several single pages, the so-called 'wikis'. Also the page 'Einsiedelei' is included and belongs to the 'Baukasten'.

The basic textbook for this card index is the 'Beggarwiki'. Everything contained in the 'construction kit' is based on this. For the author at that time he embodied a stronghold of work. There he added those experiences with his own words to texts, which have meaning for him. Little by little he has transferred some of the examples from the 'Beggarwiki' to the new wiki 'Einsiedelei' in 2011. This he has split sometime thereafter into two areas. As a supplement to the 'Einsiedelei' the Wiki 'Ziegelhaus' has been created. It contains the other files from this phase of its operation,

Now you can find these texts in public. Of course, their form has changed somewhat in the meantime. According to the basic idea, however, this has remained the same. The texts will continue to be cleansed and corrected, but all these are merely adaptations to a necessity of the presence of his existence. After all, the author wants to continue dealing with these collections of texts.

Schneider's further work as a language designer from 2011 onwards has been largely limited to the 'construction kit'. From now on not a single word or letter of the original wiki has been changed for a long time. He froze it in the state of last revision and uninstalled it.

The author strives for a linguistic preparation of his world of thoughts and ideas as it is. This has already led to initial successes with him. It has become clear that by means of these things a real utility value can arise for him. Thanks to the processing of his important topics for his own life and the formulation of texts for his own concerns, he has since prepared many things that have already moved him very much. The texts that have been created here according to his method of 'naming and taking note of things', which he applies to his existence, reflect the essence of him almost exactly. The adoption of a devout attitude when reading and revising these texts suits him well. It has become a factor for some of his inner strength. This creative work endows the author with some knowledge to convey such facts. He can also gain a real reason in this way, while he expresses something of it with words. Through this he has found many a renewal of his strength. This development process of the current wikis in the 'construction kit' is still in progress.

The 'construction kit' in its present state will probably not be shown to anyone. But this one is a bit too powerful, seen from its size, to be finished just like that. He also doesn't want to just leave him like that. In the course of time, Schneider has bundled his manpower more strongly here. He now continues working online on these writings. These are intended to produce a card index that can be used for a literary work based on them.

So now he continues to work out his writings and brings them into a more uniform form. He deals with their structure and tries to fix them. The aim of this measure is to help potential readers and ensure that their texts are easier to read. A reading of this should soon give you a conclusive picture of his work.

But also some of the obviously peripheral things have to be put in order by Schneider. Finally, he has access to software that can really be used to create such a file. There he can work on something in a sorted way. Each text can be deleted and copied individually. The Wiki can also be passed on to another person.

At some point Schneider would also like to say something with weight about his own art thing. He has already illuminated his person by means of the protocols of his world of thoughts and ideas. Both should be associated with each other and should once be of equal goodness. The fonts to be produced for this purpose should therefore be produced by him step by step, so that this intention can be observed. What has been created so far has meant a lot of detail work for him. But he's glad he's done so well already.


If you come back to your source of life again and again, her water will certainly change, and at some point the day will come when you will have to say goodbye to her, because she would no longer feed you.


About my work and beyond

An actual order will already be present in everything somehow already. Sometimes it already hides itself in the main features of what we probably rightly call chaos. This should be something we will find before we ourselves have understood something of what it is. There we have to learn to understand the order of things ourselves. That will be so true and right, if we want to make them usable for us. Once we have achieved this in some areas, then what we have found can be preserved in the same way as it is with us. With each further progress, we have to assign the additional to the known. This is expected to be a difficult part of the work.

An order is to be found, so that we will also recognize it in other things some day. Everything exists by such analogies to the nature of nature as it occurs. It's really gonna be that way. It will also be important to stick to what we have perceived in order to be well understood by other people in a linguistic rendering of it.

The mere fact that we maintain an inner peace in ourselves should help us to achieve something better. There will be order in things. A knowledge associated with it is to be preserved and processed by us as knowledge. There we will know how to transfer it to other areas. So it will be possible to use it somewhere else one day. If we first do this so well, then we will also achieve something elsewhere in such a way. So one builds on the other.

Little by little, the things of this world submit to our mind as an image. There they will lead to their own knowledge and make clear to us something about the nature of human nature. In this way we can develop an understanding for this. Then, when you know how to express something with suitable words, you can move something through language. There will be something to say or write down. Something can be heard or read. That world known to us will sometimes be an image of reality as it is given.

According to our own knowledge, we should correctly understand that which has become known to us in a good and true way. Meanwhile, much of what really exists remains hidden from our spiritual eye. We couldn't even guess the meaning of that.

We cannot really find the true reason for the existence of this world or of ourselves anywhere and therefore we have to make up our own minds. Not even the creator of the cosmos have we ever met personally. We shouldn't mind that, though. After all, that wouldn't be wrong. Besides, it's the same for everyone else.

What do we have to do to use our existence sufficiently for a good continuance of life? - Actually, we hardly need to do more in this life than to remain a benign person. We will already know how to perform the tasks that have to be performed. We should know how to live simply and well, how that is needed. We do not need to question our harmony with the peace of this world. Let us simply allow this to happen, so that we can hold our own. Once we have finally recognised ourselves, it will soon become clear what this is for. Some opportunities will simply present themselves.