Speech formation


Introduction to my way of speech formation

This Wiki has meanwhile become a place of constitution for me. I once created it for myself so that I could stay here in the future. I could not say how far it would serve any purpose other than mine. But I thought it was quite possible that it could give someone insights into their own human existence. But I wouldn't know yet, which part of my texts is only valid for me and which one has got a more universal character. Other people will have to deal with this one day.

At the very least, I would like to have achieved all that is necessary and necessary to ensure a certain readability of my text works, at least for people with a pronounced literary disposition. I will also make sure that this writing of my own thoughts and ideas does not contradict the rules of a calm reading. The words I have put up should be able to be used to reflect on the actual things of this existence. The scripture written here should not have resisted higher beings and should not have stood in their way in the performance of their works. Then I have to check my linguistic creations myself to make sure that this requirement is met with them. This thing has retained a certain meaning for me. I take them seriously. So it has taken a high rank with me whether one can cope well with my writings. That's why I try so hard to create them. I am already aware of the implications of my own work for my own future and its preservation.

Here all this shall be presented completely and correctly, which gives my life its present framework, its inner meaning, as well as its true content. I would also like to talk a little about the related references to my existence. I will do this more and more, because a contemporary reference to my life wants to be established, if you want to assign these writings to yourself. The previous written material of mine shows a too small portion of the mentioned. A lot of things even only happened here in an abstract way, or they were encoded by me. I'd like to keep that. I still have a lot to do before it can be properly understood what my happiness as a human being is with this life. I would also like to write and speak about the normal and ordinary, as it is right now. That means something to me. It does it perfectly right. The things of my existence are to be explained and shown by me with the help of these writings in their true uniqueness, because they are beautiful.

The texts to be written here step by step are supposed to be completely based on their train of thought and conclusive on their form. The created shall be or become something valid of its kind. I would therefore like to write the rest here in such a way that the realities of my life are sufficiently understood. These should also be shown to readers who are not familiar with my person. I want to do this without leaving something out or sweeping under the carpet that is actually important for my existence. Only then, if this succeeds, will I make my thoughts and ideas about this existence of myself plausible to another person. Then, when I have said or written something about it, I also want to be understood.

I have just spontaneously written these words down as they appear here. I didn't have to think much about it when I did that. An observation of the given should be completely sufficient to do such a thing. That's all I expected from myself, and that's all I was honest about.

The spontaneous element obviously appears here. It has for me an important consciousness in my existence, because it can bring it to life. It serves me as a possibility for a concept and a conception of my being. I recognize this with its structure. According to the temporal manifestation of the nature of this world, I understand all this. I'm doing the best I can. So, thanks to a note of certain things, I managed to build up my cardbox and name my own good.

This thing of mine I have prepared in some meditation. It only had to be brought to mind in order to be able to preserve it as Scripture. Thanks to a knowledge of the deeper resonances inherent in me, I was able to orient myself well. So I have always seen my body as a memory of all that I have perceived. As such it can be used, since the essence of resonance with its reflexes is ordered in a way that can be recognized and seen. Things occur one after the other and result in events. Order is brought into this system by leaving it as it is. One can arrange one's life according to this manifestation of the inner. This is done by getting involved with it and preserving it as if it were right, as it happens there.

I found that some time ago and understood it well. There I finally knew how to assign these deep reflexes to myself correctly and started something with them. That's why I know who I am and what I can do. Many kinds of contemplation of the given could have been carried out by me. That's when they finally came true for me. That's how I looked at her.

It turned out that I understood some of my life in a simple way. I probably wouldn't have to say how good this is for myself. A lot of good has come into my life there. It's been released because I learned to accept it.

I was filled with joy when I first got used to these lighter forms. From this moment on a process has started for me which is important for me. I'm still taking him away. He's the one that's allowed me to process my things now. I'm trying to consolidate my own things a little now.

Oh yes, I have really meditated for years on the essence of my inner resonance. I watched the heart and its beats. I kept the existing breathing cycle and only controlled myself. I don't want to interfere with the essence of things. That's why I hold back and stand like this. What I do and what I am have and can do or I must fail. I follow this simple idea in life as if it were a principle. It makes it possible to weight a person's experiences. Some things will come to light so clearly and have such an impact.

And yet I have seen a purpose in continuing along this path. Then, with the help of the goods gained, I began to write down something about what was there. Today, I still work my own scripts for the same purpose. I want to write a book for everything and consolidate myself in life for life.


Follow the inner order

Over time, as I wrote my writings on the work of mine, I finally became aware of the course of the words as they may occur. I was pleased because this fact is very useful for the order in the work but also for a neatness in the creation of the works. From there it is then a small step to where one can see the forces behind it. If the scriptures are also a success, a condensate of man's activity, then all this has a reason on the basis of which it appears and occurs. It certainly depends on the orientation of a person whether he can get involved with his nature if he wants to be artistically active. If he is able to do this in an orderly manner, the results will also be corresponding and bring him forward.

I'll soon have some of my things cleared up. In the further course of this I then explored the structure of the texts. Again I stood in front of a mountain of work. I have also tried to wear it down and exploit it.

What do I really aim for with my texts? What's it gonna be worth writing any of this down? - Sometimes I like to think about it, but I can't find a way out of the necessity. There's certain things that make me feel sorry for myself. I can only match that on my own. Otherwise, I have a clear picture of what's going to happen. Then it would not be possible to prevent failure. Both lead to the same path. But what is a way can also happen. That's why I'm not afraid of failure, because that's also possible. So I take the pressure out of me and can concentrate on more essential things.

What's that gonna be? - That depends entirely on what you want to consider essential. For me, the path is essential. Such a thing leads to many a transformation of man. But the transformations of a human being result from his activity. That is why the path for me is embodied in many things. A road alone is only a fact of the world. The true paths, however, can be found in humans and do not require such paths. If we only march long enough on the same paths, some paths may arise by themselves. So we are creators of ways. How passable these are depends on how regularly they are committed. A regularity of ways also means an exercise of man. Whoever does a thing over and over again learns something about what it is.

I also go the same ways regularly. If I also vary my sequence of steps, I will make progress.


Strengthening a human ego power

I like to take care of what's mine. In doing so, I try to secure its actual value for myself. I'd like to recognize him once I get back here. That's where I can finally start building my own thing. Some words from myself remind me of this desire for consolidation and stability of my concerns in this existence. I let this affect me and create the necessary space to remember my actual wishes and expectations again.

That's how I feel. It wouldn't go well without it. What is called life and rightly so called may have something to do with ourselves. An orientation of man according to the knowledge of his own ego, the ego, comes into force with a few years and belongs strengthened. Without preserving this power of the ego, man would have nothing to make him happy.

No luck without me! - Only the subject is capable of perception and activity. He who has lost it would no longer be able to control himself. So he is influenced by everything and would have nothing to oppose it. The happiness of man would lapse.


Getting orientation

It's possible to explore something that exists because it is there. I fathom myself when I examine the given things. There I can consider and assign these. My cosmos is thus more richly illustrated. So find out what makes me different. All I have to do is relate myself to something and see what happens to me.

Sometimes I create certain works, which should equip this world. That's how some of what makes me tick is emancipated. The creations show in themselves what that is. In good harmony with myself, there is my action. That's how I want to appear to you.

I have therefore created an object for a mediation of it, which I use as a model to set myself in relation to something of elementary importance for this existence. It is true that I would like to show you this object in order to make some of it clear to you.

This image exists only virtually, but I have saved it as a file in the meantime. It can be accessed. This image is a simple scheme of internal references. It is the drawing of a square with reference to a circle and a kind of rotation. I like to visualize this object. At those quiet hours of devotion I do.

picture description

The square in a rotation

To consolidate this idea of mine, I made this picture. From this construct you can see how it is constructed. It was drawn from outside to inside. First the two squares were created, then the two ellipses. After all, the inner circle was painted by me. Finally, I have positioned three squares in this one. As a basic idea I drew the innermost square and the inner circle.

So I visualize it temporarily and add my thoughts. I orientate myself physically to it. A certain peace comes over me at times when I meditate like this.

For years I did an inner show with help of this abstract construction. I now adapt the construct of words in my writings to this structural object as well. I draw it in my mind and imagine it to be vividly tangible. I'm doing this in a virtual way.

When sitting or standing, I refer to such a square in the position just given to me. This is supposed to strengthen a uniform orientation of my physical reference points. So I hope to achieve a real, mutual parity of power. Also a complete form during the rotation should become possible for me in this way. In every position I set it up to suit what I have seen before and what I can do right now.


Realizing the actual orientation

I imagine my body depending on a square. This visualization is supposed to fix something about me. A balance of those invisible references of the virtual forces of a human being should be set or established with their help. I'm trying to release that. I'm already doing some preparatory work for that.

I bring a square of any size into the correct position to the middle of the circle by the reference to a perpendicular. Both centers are united there. Now these are congruent.

I refer to such a primary system for the establishment of the given when I speak or write of its proportionality. When I describe my scale, it is usually '1: 1: 1 = 100%'. I'll set it up with his circumstances. Basically, this is the basis of my current artistic work.

I transfer the regularity of the square to myself and, at the same time, I let go of everything else. I wouldn't need anything more for myself at this stage. In the aftermath I continue to work on my own things with what has meanwhile been released in my life.


objects of careful custody

Sometimes I wondered who I really was and what kind of task I was given for this life. Meanwhile, I can hardly find the right answers. So there is not much else left for me but to take care of my equipment, with which I will fulfill this task I am looking for.

I wear a material garment, yes I have even received a material shape. This matter should be taken into account in the further consideration of this life.

Thanks to the integration of the theorems of resonance into my writings, I have been able to show my own life practice a little more clearly. But do other people really understand me? How will I find that out other than by continuing on my way? - I try to do justice to my own cause despite the constantly renewing adversities and rigors of my existence.

The life of me has become an existence in the ministries of the Lord. I'm afraid of him at times. All the good things I've already received have had something to do with working for him. I have always had to think for myself about what would be good for him. However, I have not been able to simply perceive what my actions are. So it has happened that with me nothing else has stirred up than the breeze of wind that is wandering around me. That, in turn, I simply recognized and let it impress me a little. I manage a perception of it reasonably well. I can feel the Lord only through such a resonance with me, as it is there and occurs. That's how I try to recognize him. I want to be faithful to his spirit.

A phase of external work is to be followed again and again by a phase of internal work. This could be, for example, a reflection on the essential. All of us will only work something when we have become ready for it internally. For this we will have to be at home somewhere, possibly also in an inner place within ourselves. And that is precisely where it is necessary to arrive and to survive with one's own goods.

Such a phase of self-discovery requires an actual rest, even a completed activity of another kind. This silence is needed in order to become aware of the power that is actually always present. This can be realized in first attempts by omitting an inappropriate impulse from ourselves. To do this, create a harmony with yourself. So let man live his unity, the compatibility of inside and outside. In doing so, he becomes active in dealing with himself.

Otherwise it wouldn't be well possible for me to pass. For this reason, I hereby gladly acknowledge that I have always seen my very first and actual task in the fulfilment of an inner work. It is important for me to get myself to acknowledge my current task and to perform it conscientiously. I'll do that right away, if I really want to do it. This improves many things, as I have already learned. Some bad deeds are thereby eradicated from myself before they have even come about. Some good things just happen. So I gradually get a good form of my things and can return to my actual path.



One would be healthy if one had brought something of salvation to another person in a way that was acceptable to him. It is therefore clear that health has remained a burden. Man can be free of disease, but not full of health. Such an intermediate state could no longer be circumvented by us. It will be understandable if he passes. Something within our existence will also give us the opportunity to become credited with it. For this we need an actual compatibility of ourselves for others so urgently. From this we should derive a real tolerability for ourselves.

How's that work? - For a moment one preserves the given and preserves something preserved in knowledge for one's own existence. This is the only good we can take care of ourselves at this moment. We should therefore not misjudge it and derive something from it with which we will further develop our own.

Let things be left as they have already come true with us in order to be able to clarify, strengthen and nourish oneself spiritually with their help. All areas of the human being require such care services. No one can be exempted from the fact that he has to procure them himself. Everything that has existed before will only be preserved in this way.

Sometimes the necessary food of the soul has simply been like a sigh. Sometimes a smile has already been enough to bring some shine back into our lives and to give us respect. Let's just appreciate these gifts of human nature. - These have often already become a true blessing for us and have actually remained so later.


I take up the cudgels for my friends.

My friends have always remained good, right and expensive for me. I have already described them almost completely. Nothing about these would make them seem unworthy to me. Nothing about them didn't seem right to me.

Those who have doubted their real friends should show them that. This would then have to be properly justified. Help them in this way to return to the true path. You shouldn't just leave someone out of it.

Friends have actually been an extension of the family by exactly those people who are necessary to participate in life itself in a sincere way. Having friends is vital. Having friends sometimes helps you in need, but also in happiness and peace they can be found.

Having friends shouldn't be just a pastime for us. Friendships are more than that. These go deep and far. So they've retained meaning for their own lives.

He who cannot call friends his own has remained alone in the world. No family, no matter how big, will replace the missing friendships. And it doesn't matter whether these friends are male or female. Friends are always precious people.

You wouldn't be able to just get friends the way you want. Friendship is voluntary and not a service. It is a loose bond braided between friends, which can sometimes possess more firmness than anything else in the world. Friendship connects people, makes a bearable life possible, strengthens friendship.

You're gonna have to get involved with friends to find any. The seemingly unfavourable relationship one has with one's fellow human beings gives one the gift to do so in every respect. It alone should not count what a friend is worth, because the true value was in the friendship and not in the friend itself.

Friends are essential to us, friendship is absolute. What they make possible for us is also recognized as essential. Friendships would not be rejected, they would not be given up, they would not be prematurely terminated.

But sometimes you had to give your friends a sign. Then you should say something to them. For example, a "shouldn't go on like this" would sometimes be good to hear.

Friendship would come to life not only through a kind of tolerance, but also through love. And love is the most important thing for us humans. She places the true conditions on us in this existence.

Friendship would come to life not only through acceptance, but always through closeness, through time spent together, through dedication, devotion and readiness. The elixirs of such friendship are precious for those who have already got to know them so comprehensively. Eating together will connect friends, spending time together will make friends, common concerns will strengthen friendships.

My friends are all precious people to me. Nobody had the right to say that my friendships were no good. Even my friends shouldn't be discredited like that. Those who have done this nevertheless have taken advantage of my goods. That would be unfair.

My friendships are a part of my property, yes these are the best part of it. I own these friendships and the friends own me as a friend. Who would not understand that, I hardly understand either. Then what's all the love trouble for?