Will to live


If everything's all right, what else is there to do? - Some things will only arise and appear when the prerequisites have already been sufficiently fulfilled. We have to get used to recognizing something that is really given.


Working on your own topic

From the known and the good man forms something. This is supposed to be his own, which is released in the process. He made it.

Those who have now chosen the letter for themselves as a type of employment would do well to receive their 'thought protocols'. These reflections of his actual quality help him in his search for something of substantial importance for the work.

Such a system would be found, but also adapted and formed. We Schreiber alone have only a few options for this. Language limits the development of things. Without ensuring an acceptable form, there would be nothing that could be achieved with one's own works of art. One goes into oneself and searches for the adequate way of representation for one's own good.

A process as it is carried out when writing books would not be anything that can be copied from other authors. At least that wouldn't be possible for me. Rather than that, I have felt some aspiration on myself and lived it out in order to simply create the possible. Hundreds of smaller texts have been created in this way, each of them of an intrinsic value. And yet the result is rather inadequate. You wouldn't want to show it off. That wouldn't be worth the effort.

A writer is often ridiculed and maligned because he is still unprepared. So it happens that he is looking for a way to realize his thoughts and ideas. He must be at home in the realm of his own words. He has to identify himself with his creative power and accomplish something that should not go unheard.

How much more difficult is it if you don't deliver any sensations and write down something about the ordinary and the benign. Nowadays it is the cry of the people that is usually most accepted by the people themselves. There man can easily achieve that he takes a reasonable position. And he wants to win them over.

That would be a bad thing. I hardly want that. With my work I strive for an important relationship to an experience of the possible. I wouldn't need it very much if my writings didn't ensure that. Such a reference will be significant. And so I recognize it and expand it as much as possible. I build some bridges within my world of thoughts and ideas and create paths. I would like to arrive with my work, but in the meantime I choose what kind of human nature I want to achieve it with.

Probably my works are just a bit too cheap for someone to find much about what a found food can be for him. Then he will disdain the threadbare taste of this food and carelessly push it aside. Others have more bite, he might add. And yet I will try to continue on my path.



Man lives with the elements. These elements shall be understood separately from him, even if he consists of them. These are actual objects that he will treat. These existentially important circumstances must all be in good condition if man is to have a wonderful life for himself.

The highest element will be fire. It represents the embodiment of the world of God in our cosmos. Going toward fire means we're going toward God. To serve the fire is therefore to serve the sphere of God.

This sphere of God shall be the highest tangible sphere. Man must beware of entering them permanently or touching them unduly. Within this sphere he could not exist permanently as a human being. It would not be masterable for him in this form.

But he can acknowledge this sphere and turn to it (coming from outside) as well as approach it. He can keep them in himself. This will be so true even if she herself is able to purify everything that penetrates into her through her immanent energy.

Man has to regard the fire as a higher gift of God or his high servants and to go near him. Approaching fire means that all things in our environment must be in a fine state. This will be so necessary because the fire is of the highest fineness.

The beginning of the service at the fire shall be a devotion to him. Since it will be dangerous to do this, it also means that one sometimes has to turn to the dangerous in this life. This approach is intended to point out to us that one must first turn to all the wrong things in order to detach oneself from them. They should be regulated and destroyed so that our environment is free of them. A subsequent order of the given should then correct the incorrectly pronounced things. Only then, when this has sufficiently happened, will we be ready to get to know something higher from the sphere of a spiritual world.

This process of purification is to be understood only in terms of the appearance of the elements in their form as matter. It will not be an act of destruction of it, but one of the birth of something improved. But it is just as necessary to leave everything given as it is and not to presume anything. Who will know in which state the material things are rightly given? Who has received actual experience in it and is not a charlatan who is on the wrong track?

But there is one thing I would like to point out. In addition, I explain the following relation as important for our understanding of it.

If in such a process the body would not find its shape by its own power and become a human body, nothing would be gained for us in such processes. Purity is supposed to release a real strength in us. This occurs as a bound quantity in the kind of order of things. She's emancipated in it.

Such a strength makes up our form and human being as it leads us to an orderliness of our habitus. Increasing purity is primarily achieved by maintaining purity. That should make this process possible. Something arises by itself. It's been that way for ages. You get smart about it and act right. Leaving the circumstances as they are will be a normal part of the process of becoming. Changes of this are possible, but in principle inadequate for a progress of ourselves. All this should be preserved as it already occurs. After that we educate ourselves, it represents our equipment. We can be sure of that.

Such a form of this purity, preserved by existence itself, should lead us to improvements of a simple kind in this life. A refinement of the meaning of this existence will immanently reveal to man his true inner greatness. He is temporarily qualified to do so. The findings in this regard should be obtained from ourselves. Then you'll get something out of it, too, if that's what we're told.

Those who turn to fire can feel its warmth and light in its flickering and glowing appearance. Meanwhile the fire hisses and breaks the wood. This happens because it hardens it and therefore it is put under tension. It just breaks open while the fire gnaws on him.

Evil should recognize and heal its own madness in the sight of fire. Man has already drawn some benefit from its embers. It is his gift to preserve that power of fire for himself and to use it for his own purposes. It was therefore considered a good thing for us to bring ourselves closer to fire without harming anything in the process. The fire really shouldn't be used to destroy anything.

The orange-yellow light of the fire at night will nourish that dark side of the soul and give you light, warmth and a sense of home. This will happen so that this world will be light and bright again by day. That would be really nice. This is to be welcomed and can also be remembered at night. This is possible, even if you are still surrounded by darkness.

People sweat and stink from time to time. Some troubles occur to him because of it. In the morning and in the evening cleanse yourself of it. Clean hands and face, body, genitals and feet. Cleanse yourself with clear, fresh water and massage it into your skin. This element has its own way of solving things and washing them away. What remains is man in his real state. This type of refinement is consistently mild. It'll make a difference. Thanks to the water on the skin we get a feeling of ourselves. The water reflects what makes us tick. So it happens that one can experience something good while cleaning the body. This softness of water is a penetrating power. It reaches for the dirt in our pores and frees them from it again. The surplus there is removed in the process.

Just as a fire is ignited by ignition, a feeling of water must also be activated by a certain process in order to heal us spiritually, i.e. to purify us. It wouldn't be enough just to pour a little water over yourself. That would be a waste of it. No, you should release the feeling for how you feel when you use this water to wash yourself. We want something of us to be felt. After all, it is able to cling to us and enliven our haptics.

It should also be used by you to experience the light in you. It can also be drunk. So it will be able to penetrate you. Then it shall at last flush out from your heart that filth which has already temporarily polluted your thoughts.

Only a real state of mind of man according to the true event of his existence will complete this process of cleansing. Step by step and step by step you free yourself from laziness and boredom. Then the cleaning will be complete. In the morning and in the evening we're supposed to do this. There we have a good day and also a good night afterwards. Thus the whole becomes complete also for the soul and helps it to a lighter existence.

This is supposed to have been the discussion of those first two elements water and fire. But I also have a certain earthy part of myself, which I would like to examine now.

The earthy determines symbolically over the nature of the own work and thus over the own possessions with us humans with. And I can say that I have hoarded a lot at my home, which is now almost part of myself. I dispose of it and arrange my existence with this fundus in a reasonable way. So I have some smaller collections with which I can arrange my existence at home in a pleasant way. I manage this property well. Basically, I have built up a real creative workshop, in which I also live. Since my own means are always scarce and finally of their kind, I can be very satisfied with what I keep for myself.

Meanwhile in this life I try to go a way detached from others, from things uncertain to myself. It is my ambition to stay independent or to become independent again where possible. A dependency is something that sometimes exists quite rightly with us humans. But there is also a threat of imbalance within this existence. It was necessary to fend off such.

I therefore repeatedly abstain from those useless forms of participation in actual nullities. So far I have been standing as far away as possible from the larger groups of people. I'm against uniformism. This world will only be worth living in if there are many kinds of natures in us humans that can exist as they are. Everyone keeps his or her own cosmos, and it is precisely because of his or her otherness that he or she exists in this life in a special way. How respectable that will be! - That again should correspond to element air with its property of volatility at me.

Now the circle of elements will be complete and closed for the time being. Within this circle, however, I myself am represented. There I appear through the natural element wood, embodied as a little plant. It's something I've had in mind since childhood. I've always looked at myself as such and I'm glad about it. I was very happy to maintain this idea of my existence.

I feel like a conifer right now. Every seven years my garment can be renewed. My needles are long, pointed and full of good oil. My bark is gnarled and my resin is full of tannin. Everything on me is sticky and smells. I love the beetles and other insects, as well as the birds and squirrels that live on me and enrich my life with their joy in things. I also feel these. I'm offering them a home.

As a conifer I stand in the mountains on a slope sheltered from the wind. However, the distance between the individual trees is large here. The climate has so badly affected us. We trees therefore long for a change of the given and a return of the glorious. I would like to ask that many young saplings may have the courage to enter into that struggle for the real life force.

I pray to the spirit of the woods and raise my voice full of melancholy and lamentation. Would the mountain like to know something about our lot through this content of my voice and be prepared to report our fate to Mother Earth and Grandmother Water, so that they may once again take care of us.


A letter addressed to myself

Welcome to 'Beggar's Einsiedelei', that smithy for your own stuff in your workshop. Here is your place of collection, which you once created for yourself, as it now appears here. Here you work out that constitution which is valid for you and which does justice to your own disposition. With their help you would like to gain yourself access to such writings, which should belong to you. These are therefore also to be created by yourself.

A nature of this forge has strongly conditioned your life so far. Keep her in a good, orderly state by constantly dealing with her and working something out here. That's supposed to be something you can use for yourself.

How about you right now? - You probably set it up for what you want to be there for today. First of all, it requires a valid basic form for walking, sitting and standing. You know that well, and that's why you kept it. That's how you look after yourself. What are you aware of? - Please respond to this question and make yourself aware from time to time of how you deal with yourself.

Make yourself a plan. Proceed in an orderly manner if you create one. Create for yourself a condition which is suitable for it. Then consider yours in depth.

You yourself have once considered that the origin of interpersonal unity in the matter of the physical reality of this existence will be the relation of such a body to a square. You picked up the idea for it in the Nicomachan ethics of Aristotle. If this is really true, this fact will be known since antiquity. But you don't have to worry about that. Rather, it is more important that you maintain this reference to your body.

That all-determining reference is one that can define the form and location of a physical thing. On the basis of such an approach you align the visualized square and define yourself according to it. An interior view connected with it has an enriching effect on yourself. She has already brought to light your innerly perceived, i.e. mentally appearing images and made clear to you something about your existence. This is how you set it up so that you can align yourself with your body. There are times when pain falls from you as if it had lapsed.

You still orient yourself towards such an object. The fact that you only visualize it should not change anything about this thing. It remains the same object and always carries the same values.

This is supposed to be the true and real starting point of your own things. A visualization of this thing embodies your life plan. If this is also kept quite abstract, it still has a clear form and a clear inner reference. That is why you should agree with what comes into your life and becomes true with this knowledge. So go out from the square yourself when you try to set up your posture for yourself. That would be so correct.

Such an aligned posture is to be used by you to perform your daily meditation. You're used to these. Don't let them take that away from you! - It's about staying pain-free or becoming pain-free again.

Then, when you have passed, you shall begin to comprehend your own constitution. This will be so necessary. Every human being needs to know something about himself. It wouldn't be acceptable for you to allow yourself a real carelessness on this point.

You should be prepared to write down those thoughts and ideas that are clear to you. Just write down what makes you tick. In this way you can become aware of something else. It's supposed to make you strong.

Thou shalt be the waking spirit and live as a human being. So think about what life is all about. And also realize how close or how far away you are from having this yourself.

One thing in particular. You yourself dream the dream of being a capable worker. Set yourself the goal to get to know your task and to fulfill it completely. You're supposed to be a good blacksmith. Set it up so you can stay that way. Don't hurt yourself. Do not use any harmful hobbies. Try to think about your real thing and stay the one you really are. Then consider the following, too. The actual work at work might not have been all that life is supposed to be.

Meanwhile a preservation of one's own should shape you and lead you towards it, so that you can one day recognize what will be the real thing about this life. As a human being who has already sufficiently preserved his own good in earlier times, you shall continue to protect and preserve this good, as it has always been true. If necessary, defend it from the trials and tribulations of your disagreeable fellow men. You shall keep your property to yourself and know how to preserve it well. It wouldn't be anybody's business what it is. Only you will be able to preserve your property and stand for it. Do it the way you're supposed to do it. Preserve it according to its inventory or improve it where it will be possible. So you won't have to be reproached for actual infidelity.

Keep to the law and order as they apply in this country. Say for yourself what is true and right, act righteously when you do something. Let some people mock you for being so honorable. In the meantime, you shall not have repented to remain faithful to your Lord. His cause has a high value and is a true good. Trust that he will trust you and act so that it is good for the cause of this life.

If justice is to be done, it must be done. So let someone judge something and let these judgements be carried out some day. Protect this order, do not deviate from the actual law. Only in this way can you secure your rights for yourself. Only that which corresponds to it should be right. Only when something happens that has really served the order of these things can it be called true. Then the law applied and brought something to the people. This is how peace prevails among us humans.

Sometimes people agree on something. Meanwhile, everyone has remained a human being of his own kind. So acknowledge this inequality of people. Even if it only seems to be small and inconspicuous on its own, it has nevertheless had a considerable effect on the happiness of this existence. We were once created to do the same thing. We are constantly being introduced to this. This will rightly happen, because we greatly appreciate this basic principle of a democratic order. However, it is also true that we use our freedom differently. So we went different ways when we had this existence in the past, and therefore today we have achieved different goals.

Your goal has already been explained by you once in its verbal definition. That's what you did a long time ago. That's how you imagined it. You want to preserve what is yours and prove yourself in life as a human being before your fellow human beings. You go the following way. You want to encourage other people to be ready and demand something from yourself. This will already be a good start for your cause in this existence. Keep that up.

So you have chosen something for yourself that you want to do. But you have already recognized the fruits of your life on your own initiative. I want you to cover the following four things. Your residence in the city of Offenburg is your main place where you live. Here you meet with friends, keep your possessions and take care of yourself. Therefore confess to this dwelling place and keep it in good order. Adhere to your possessions just as much as you do to your friendships with other people, because they exist. Hold that in high esteem. Meanwhile, confess to your body, which you should treat with care whenever the time has come. Do it this way, that it may be preserved to you in all given health. Also confess to your actions as you usually know how to carry them out. By means of these four things you align your life.

Every human being has such fruits in a similar way. These were once so recognized by other people. I firmly believe in this classification and will maintain it. There should therefore be no reason to complain about what one will receive in life. Our own should be brought about and preserved by ourselves. All apparent feelings of injustice in this life are now being reversed in this way for the time being. If we have really become free of this excessive burden, we will be able to cope better.

That's the way it's supposed to be. So recognize the nature of the things which have been given or predisposed to you. Recognize the nature of your body as it is predisposed to you. Know the true nature of your abode and keep it in order. Also recognize the nature of your action, which you are doing yourself. All this should be in your possession and actually be sufficient to lead a benign life. Please be aware of that.

Now that you've come this far, I'm asking you to take a break and get something inside yourself. Free yourself from an unjustified influence on the circumstances of your existence. Such a system would certainly be of no use to anything suitable. Sometimes you harm yourself in a massive way, just because you meant well, but don't know how to do anything real. It is important to leave the given things as they already appear. Become aware of what these are. Make it clear you know that. You can find that out for yourself.

That's one thing after another. It was now time to resume the actual work. For this you should choose an item for yourself. It would be a good thing if this one came from your own pool. Then it's already yours. So you wouldn't have to wait until you can buy it yourself.

So take this item of your own choice and start trying it out. Do that by working with him.

What you rightly possess is all yours. It's your property. So it can be used completely by you. Use it for your own cause and see if it serves its purpose.

Do you also fulfill such a purpose in your existence? Are you familiar with other people and know how to be just for them? - You're a Catholic yourself. That's your denomination. As the one who you are simple in this existence, you need a suitable task for yourself. This is supposed to be one that you can fulfill well. So far, you've been thinking about being a writer.

In order to be able to do this thing well enough, you need certain objects for yourself, which are useful to you in carrying out the work. You'll have to get these items yourself some day. It should be there best, if you produce these yourself for yourself. I'd like to remind you of that again.

That's supposed to be a real milestone. The realization of a necessity in this life, which is to be found in the true task of us, has enriched you. Now you're even looking at what tools you need to do this job. That's just worth a bravo here.

But now you are only at the very beginning of your actual effort for yourself. Your motivation for an improved existence is still very weak with you. It is as tender as the air and as gentle as the water. The objects you have to deal with, however, are like earth, wood, stone as well as metal and of solid construction. Sometimes they burn, have a hard crust and are not easy to handle. Now use the possibility to connect these properties with each other. Do a good job. Then, as you adjust your tools, prepare yourself for what to do. Create suitable items for yourself that you can use well. You yourself should be the fire that can put your things into a fine state.

As a writer, you try to pass. Just as the language of man actually already contains all that there will be, so human existence has already brought everything with it for us that can exist. Those things created by a man shall be testimonies of this whole as it appears. Everyone has their own access to it and therefore achieves a completely different goal. A set of equipment already produced and created by yourself should suffice for this approach. You have to fix it up for yourself. Everybody's got to do this. No one's spared such a thing. This is supposed to be so true because it can only be good that everyone has the power to do it on their own. So make those goods yourself which are needed by you for this existence. Make yourself the author of your works.

Man can deal with such an object. He can choose between the path of words or the path of work. The essence of a human being should determine the path that suits him. But the following approach applies. No linguistic term will be given without a practical utility of a thing and no practical utility of a thing will be given without a linguistic term for it. So it can be said that a good philosopher will also be a good worker, while a good worker will also be a good philosopher.

That's what you write on your flags. You want to take good care of your own things and plan to do something for yourself. You are about to understand how you will achieve what you need for this life. Continue along this path. Continue your task.

What's going on with you in the meantime? - You feel your vital breath and give it the meaning of an instrument to shape your health. You acknowledge the form of your own action and gradually implement it so that a calm channel can be found for it. You move something and cause something through it. That's what you do without rushing into it. This should be a real opportunity for you to do something with it yourself. The moment is filled with joy when you get your things moving.

Confess again and again during your life to a preservation of the given. That would be all right. It is intended to bring progress into our lives and help us to survive. The valid framework for our things should be set like this. Orient yourself on this. Aim for him in a normal way. He shall be the one who holds things together and thus protects the given. Also for you as a human being something should be added and gain validity. So submit to this fact and do not rely solely on yourself in this life. Acknowledge faithfully that thus given order. But keep also that organic order of physical things as they are necessary for the preservation of life.

Recognize yourself during all these thoughts and preserve the existence of yourself as it is. Meanwhile, remain who you are. Confess your thinking and find your word.

Preserve your spirit as it is predisposed to you. Give yourself a meaningful occupation so that he may enjoy himself. Preserve your body as it is predisposed to you and follow its rhythms. Give him a good occupation, too, if he asks for it. Meanwhile, maintain your vital breath as it is given to you, and treat it with as much care as if it were a gem. Meanwhile, feel that reason of your heart as it beats you. Does it not in its own way radiate a real joy? - So hear it and feel its timbre as it echoes. Thanks to this effort for your own disposition, you are able to feel yourself as well as you really can.

Recognize this existence of your own sensation as a necessity of this life. It has been formed from a resonance of your soul deep within your heart. Let her guide you and obey her. It should be the actual source of your experiences in this life.

Confess yourself to what another person has once given you for your own use and thus to the one who has given it to you. Give him something equivalent in return. Keep your relationship with people like that because they're with you. From the contact with him you shall draw your own knowledge, which says what constitutes the given things. This thing is supposed to empower you to reason. This is how your resources are created. Use these for your work. This work should give you access to your real joy.

It can happen that way. From your knowledge of a true order of the given comes your actual empowerment in this existence. That's why you can hold your own so well. It determines your relationship with your fellow human beings. Those people you deal with can sometimes acknowledge that. All good and all bad should come from this one thing. All that which you have not yet been able to do properly yourself, you have in truth only failed to do because you have not yet correctly recognized the underlying order. That's why you haven't been empowered by them yet. You already realized that.

Every single fact of value fits into a valid order without contradicting another description of the valid order. You know that well. You understand, too. You also know that you have to be able to prove everything you have already said to yourself. At least you need to know how to prove it. That source in you shall thus become a source of truth and goodness.

You believe there's something that lasts. All harmony has arisen from the observance of the valid set of rules of an order. That's what you're assuming. You recognize that cause for the order of things in the forces of order. These are bound by them.

You examined her. At your present work, you do that. From that manifestation which you are currently working on, however, only an insufficient or even useless part of such a force of order emanates. Their true facets are actually still hidden from you. Remember that!

You carry out an awareness of the given order and relate your own things to it. This shows you that your order still has no real validity. Not even linguistically it already exists. That's how it sometimes makes your existence difficult. You'd better not be tired halfway! Besides the knowledge of this suffering and this darkness of your soul, you also feel the feeling that new hope is justified. But do not only accept this hope for yourself, but also the respective sorrow and the probably still hidden fate of yourself. Stand for the good as well as for the bad of you. Do it this way if it is right and true that it is set for you this way.

Cultivate your own attitude of severity towards yourself. The one who has closed himself off from a knowledge of his own darkness will also no longer perceive the light in himself. So preserve your goods as they appear. Don't pretend!

What kind of person are you? - You wouldn't be able to say exactly. Who of the people around you has already recognized you as you really are? - You can only guess it by yourself. You already know that from yourself. You are probably equipped with everything you will need to live, just like everyone else around you is.

In spite of your rough shape you are actually a filigree type. You're made of glass rather than stone, horn rather than bone. Your own sensitivity fits in very well with this. You have tried to fight this weakness, which seems to be innate to you, unsuccessfully for years and thereby used up great reserves of power. You have now begun to accept this weakness and to take yourself as you really can be. Thanks to this thing, your sensitivity in your soul has gradually diminished and transformed into a tolerable form of sensitivity.

Even if your physical condition still wouldn't be the best, you are now already streaked with such fine veins as have always been so important to you in life. A connection of your two hands with the root of the lowest chakra of the Kundalini is a possibility for you to finally flood these fine veins with some life energy.

You now remember that the guidance of consciousness to the finer material centers of your body used to be at the center of your yoga practice when you rehearsed the asana.

You try to remain in harmony with the order you are given and correct your own steps in a simple manner to survive with it. You'll do that when it's good for you. You also pay attention to the feedback of your fellow human beings. You see this feedback as a major gain for yourself.

What you have already understood about life, you understand even better thanks to the knowledge of the guidelines and the teachings of those people who are suitable for it. You acknowledge that there are many good people with a loud being who are able to teach you and give you a guideline for this existence. The being on which you are personally based (according to the genius you worship) ensures for you some things that can take you forward in life. That's what you're counting on.

Acknowledge what has become, as it is true for you. Acknowledge what's already good about your life. Acknowledge what you once got and keep it for yourself. Mediate your things in a benign way and assign them to your real thing.

Confess to the unity of these things. Make no distinction between the body, the soul and the spirit. Neither in contemplation nor in substance shall you do so. Do not distinguish between your own frequency, the natural frequency and the internal resonance, neither in the observation nor in the matter. Where things carry a single, determining unity, these should also be equal.

Confess yourself to yourself as a being. You already know yourself pretty well how you are. You already know a little about your possessions. You sometimes recognize your characteristics and find them sometimes better and sometimes worse suitable for this existence. You know your own declarations of intent and use them as a valid principle for your own actions.

Your actions sometimes have an exactly determinable consequence. This can sometimes be very harmful for you. Dedicate yourself to mastering this occurring consequence so that it would not destroy you. So improve your actions.

Confess to yourself. You are so polite in your own behaviour towards your fellow human beings as you can be in a benign way. What you have called a mistake in yourself will perhaps only be an imperfection. What you have called irritation in your mind may also be an imperfection of yours alone. Even if you cannot always understand the people around you, you will pay attention to them and at least try to be attentive and just towards them.

Keep everything honest. Preserve all effort. Keep it on yourself as well as on other people. Honesty and effort should be characteristics of an improvement of the everyday. To strive honestly is arming oneself against the rigors of fate.

"Nobody's gonna be perfect. All linguistic means in our case have not gone further than human nature intended. You're certainly not an eloquent orator. It is clear to you that you can hardly put everything into words as truthfully and correctly as it will be necessary for your cause. Therefore limit your things to a healthy level. Dedicate yourself to the one you know. Abstain from all excessive speeches and contributions.

Instead, practice better in creating your own work and the language suitable for your own home use. Combine the things of your life into a single but valid motif. Handle this motif in a coherent way. There might be some improvement possible for you.

Separate yourself without hesitation from those people who make no effort to measure the value of the true things correctly. Tell those people who would not prove themselves. Keep yours. Act true to your feelings. The heart wouldn't be wrong about the essence of things. At best, people are wrong about the heart.

What would be your real job right now? What do you accomplish to fulfill them now? Are you ready to think about it? Do you dare to realize for yourself now what your things are worth to you and what they can be used for? - Remember, this looks a lot like work.

You're arming yourself. The elaboration of individual topics related to your life has a high value for you. You make these things in your own way. Thus the aspects of your existence in your card index melt and will be available to you later for your own works.

Like a blacksmith, you pour the resin of thoughts into the waxy forms, forming the flowers of existence that make up your language. With each new act of creation, new gratitude springs from you, which should be an example to your genius.

As a human being, you wouldn't be alone in the world. Even if you felt as if you had created all your things just for yourself, this would not be the case. You're part of humanity and you're just part of it.

You also belong to a group of people who stand up for themselves. You experience an inner disposition of yourself and therefore develop an idea of equality and fraternity in common togetherness. The right of the individual is for you always the same right as that of all other members of the community of people.

You will certainly promote unity with the people you are familiar with. In your activity you stand by your things and build something of your own with them. You sometimes wish that the other people around you would also like to deal with their time in the same way.

You sometimes know about the meaningfulness of the individual actions of people. You've sometimes recognized the reason for their actions. Occasionally you have not noticed this either or only afterwards. But you know for sure that a person, here now perceived for himself, always tries to act in a meaningful way. Consider that when dealing with these.

A beneficialness of those things of life can be recognized by everyone who really wants it. And it will certainly be followed to the best of one's conscience by anyone who can.

The being of a human being could not actually lose its meaningfulness. Nor can the positive spark of a soul be lost to man. You therefore also recognize the works of a human being. This is how you keep your positive image of yourself. This is supposed to be a chance for you.

You don't want to be a rioter of your fellow men. You know that people should get along together. No one should be excluded from a community without reason. Neither should anyone be disadvantaged within a community without having a real reason to do so.

As long as a person has done nothing wrong, he should not be to blame for anything. Every person deserves a new and sufficiently good chance every day to show his fellow human beings that he is improving. It should also be the case that everyone has a bad night or a bad day once in a while after they have not been really well.

You reintroduce into your life a practice according to the Christian teaching and thus finally confess your true faith. Like a training in the Christian spirit, you justify your behaviour in everyday life with suitable motives and find your way back to your actual form of spirituality.

You keep your attitude to the things of your life and strengthen your social-charitable basic attitude. In this way you approach the community of your fellow human beings in small steps. It has become your desire to exist once within their ranks.

You live faithfully to your principle of life. You have successfully extended the principle of your actions in 2011. It now reads as follows: Encouraging and challenging, proving and preserving. The spiritual principle also needed renewal. You have therefore set up the mantra 'Markus Ezekiel Balthasar Nathaniel'. It now replaces the mantra 'Hare Krishna' for you. In terms of sound you try to strengthen a Jewish-Christian tradition of the Occident by means of this mantra.

Recently you are also again concerned with scientific things. You have explored the square and rediscovered with it as an aid your love of accuracy in the things you felt. In addition, you have realized that three facts should apply to you at the same time.

The finite freedom of movement, the finite limitation of movement and the finite detachment of a bond. You have adjusted these three things to each other at right angles and thus weighted them as independent of each other. For the dimensioning of this thing you have chosen an analogy to the inner relations of an imagined square with its form and position tolerances. This helps you to achieve a static purpose of your body as well as your vital powers. In this way the respective energetic imbalance can be corrected by yourself, which could no longer be completely mastered simply by shifting the limbs of the body.

What do you think you've become in the meantime? - You think about it a lot. The given things have a valid meaning for you, which has taught you something. I'm sure you know that. That sense is familiar to you. It is connected with mimic, gesture, word and thought and tied to yourself. Forces have an effect here. These should be recognisable by their orientation. So we would like to bring order into this system. It should be possible to take note of this. This pairing of power and order is given. She should be the one who actually determines everything in life for us. What this means to us will only depend on how well we know how to control this system. There should be an opportunity to do so.

With its help we adjust everything that concerns ourselves in this existence. Their virtual nature is also our own. At times, we understand very well what we feel about ourselves. Here we should express ourselves with our own means and thus also protect the given from decay.

What we know how to express, we will also perceive. Then it becomes our own impression when we have shown and conveyed something of it. Thus a progress arises, which is co-determined by these events. This is to ensure that we will one day have significant powers in this life. These should already be recognised in this way.

I would also like to give you a principle of action to which you should get used: First do what is really necessary for yours and yourself. Then first do what is useful for your own cause. That's the way it is. Then, when that will also be accomplished, dedicate yourself to the things that give meaning to your life.

So take the tool in one hand and the workpiece with a pair of pliers in the other. Put the iron in the embers and wait so that it can warm up in the forge. When the semi-finished product has finally become so hot that it glows bright red from the inside out, but does not yet spark, place it with a firm grip in front of you on the anvil and form it with your hammer blow. Work hard every day on your work and show your greatness by doing your things so well again and again.

Every day you stand anew at the beginning of your life. You know I do. That's how you're used to it. So learn something new every day, practice something every day, try something out every day and find out what you can see.

Believe in God. He hears you, forms your strength, preserves your sincerity in faith. He also ensures the correctness of your predisposition. Handle this statement accordingly.

Life is precious. Be related to this life.


A person's greatest weakness will be too much power or strength in certain areas.



Grounding myself in my own shall be the right kind of consolidation for me. That guarantees me a certain degree of independence. Thanks to her, I was able to do my own things. This is so necessary for me, because I want to be able to stand up to my fellow men with my concerns.

The life of me first of all takes place at my home. That's where I'm mostly staying. That's the foundation of everything I do here. There I set up a small workshop and built up a stock of materials. So I can do something at any time.

There I build up a base, which should enable me to find a favorable way out into the vastness and depths of the world. At times I only penetrated there alone with my thoughts. It can be said that I have lived very secluded for years. I have become accustomed to this refuge and would like to preserve it for the future.

So I go my way and look for a task for myself. For this I keep everything that has already been given to me by my fellow men on the way. I readily accept such things and sort them into my shelves. Many a thing has already been found that represents a true treasure for me. I can handle that. That's how I'm expanding this base.

But at times I am also thrown back on myself. Then I first align my own powers with myself. To do this, I orientate myself on an imaginary square. This represents a first form recognized by me as true. Once I have positioned myself and found a benign attitude, I prefer to become a master of 'small' powers. I take care of myself and do not twist my hands excessively while I work at Werk.

The second idea of mine is the circle, which clings to such a square. With it I can make turns or add the square a little better. In addition, the circle has its own perpendicular. It penetrates through the center of the circle and keeps a constant distance to all points of the circle. There the square can be constructively averaged out. That normalizes my situation considerably.

Third thing is embodied by equilateral triangle, which should be stable element per se. I imagine it as a stiffened construct. With my strength I can attach to this one and hold on to it. That's how I get to a stop, too. So I already have an anchor point there. With the help of these three forms I arrange my movements and search for their unification.

These basic forms also enable me to visualize during meditation. With their help I can get an idea of how an order can be realized with me. So that's how I learn to get along on the elementary level. I'm getting more and more solid in this life. That's what I'm doing.

So I can make some progress and really secure my base. This is supposed to be like a castle, a fortress of words. For the purpose of preserving and promoting my intellect, I am engaged in this activity. Such protection for the real happiness of life will bring me something. I've needed this thing for a long time and now I can finally arrange it for myself.

The work I do in my small workshop often has something to do with the actual creation of art. I like this kind of operation very much. I also enjoyed collecting simple objects from the presence of this humanity. There I have accumulated books and music at home, which I can partly appreciate very much. These things are familiar to me. I can tell many a valuable thing from the good. There I find again my actual empowerment and my faith, if I deal in detail with something like this.

Meanwhile, I'm working on a file called 'Construction Kit'. With the increasing improvement of my text works, a certain matrix of things forms on me. I would like to call this the true inner illustration of me. Even if these interdependencies cannot be sold, I carry them on me and can perceive them as the result of these efforts. My world of senses would not only be directed towards something external. A perception of the other realities of this cosmos also occurs and creates the internalized image in a person like me.

As an actual stay-at-home, I have hardly been involved in the events of this world. Sometimes I didn't even know what was going on outside my sphere of influence. So it became true for me that I let go of this world and let go of it. Suddenly I had more time for my self-discovery and made it come true. What I have found has contributed to this kind of self-realization.

As the steward of my own things, I practice domesticity. I live with such a strong connection to my own things. I sometimes invite friends to my home and share some of what I have with them. The telephone has also given me many an additional contact opportunity. Thus I can enjoy good conversations with friends even at difficult times and unfavourable moments. The Internet offers me a wider connection to this humanity than the local society is usually able to provide.

The rank that I occupy among my fellow men should not be unimportant to me. That's why I go to a lot of trouble being looked at. I keep my own decency in front of these people, where it goes well and is possible.