Acknowledging an inner work

With the execution of my inner work I would like to revive my own form of the plant and thus completely walk my inner path. For this purpose I formally apply a method of speech formation to my own existence, which serves the naming and knowledge of my things. This should make my real happiness tangible and also allow me to experience it myself once again. I want my own things to unfold completely. This is the kind of fulfillment I seek for myself.

I try to keep myself straight on my path, so that the harmony of harmony between the outer and the inner path can be maintained by me again. This should initiate the actual success for me and therefore make something good possible for myself, which I need. Such a kind of success should not be further differentiated by me. I don't want anybody to demand that I do that after all. I deliberately leave this matter so unrecognisable and have therefore named it unclearly. That was in keeping with the success. Just as he has already become for me, he will remain forever. Meanwhile, I keep the essential as my whole good, the value of which I would like to be able to assess continuously.

How did I create my fonts? - I've been like a technician in handling the words involved. Meanwhile, I also act as a creator of language. I program something with my own word, which I would like to use once. In this way I create a space for something that will one day lead to a feeling of happiness. I know that I will continue to say on the ground that I still need such a thing.


Constituent Instruction

(addressed to myself)

Give yourself again and again the space and the means for what is to be fulfilled for you. If you have remained patient in this matter and have constantly stood up for your own interests, then success would not have to be absent permanently.

Let the green branch grow before it can thrive. Only when the bud is formed has the whole shrub stood in the juice and is thoroughly covered with strengthening resin. Only such a shrub is able to hold its own here under our climatic conditions.

Recognize by the insistence of the plant the spirit related to you. Use the elixir of your own contemplation to comfort yourself. It's supposed to be like an oil on your skin. Everything that has already become clear to you, you have already internalized. Inform yourself of this. Everything that you have already internalized should be available to you for your own use from now on.

Wait until the day has come when you will finally succeed in doing your things well. Remember, I'm sure it's just gonna happen. You wouldn't have to do anything about it. So don't rush and continue your way with a steady gait.

Keep your strength to deal with the things given to you. Don't stand in front of locked doors in your life. Don't yell at them if they wouldn't obey you. Abstain from such wrong emotional outbursts. Don't complain too much about your suffering, because it has been determined so rightly also for you. But don't be too happy about a supposed happiness either. This will be something totally exhausting for a spent soul like you.

Continue your journey towards the light of a simple fulfillment. Unfold yourself temporarily at work, but also unfold the unfolded good again. You will do something for yourself that is well described by the word 'skill'.

Constitute yourself according to your inner resonance with your own impulses. Experience them faithfully, as they have just been given to you. Find your fulfillment by moderating your desires. That'll probably make you a little stronger.

Please stay who you are now. Keep what you already have. It certainly wouldn't be too little for you. I guess it's worth what you have.

You will probably recognize your predisposition well enough at some point. Then you'll have it a little easier organizing your existence. I can handle that idea. Weight your things in a beneficial way.

There is supposed to be a way for you to keep your things thriving. Once you have a better relationship to your actual predisposition, it would probably no longer be necessary to lack the powers of your mind.

You will achieve a lot with what you already have in your possession. Wait until you see what you're capable of.

Always act yourself in a demanding and beneficial way in the sense of your denomination. Deal in this way with yourself and in the same way with your fellow human beings. Earn certain merits in life for yourself. Collect them and pass them on from time to time. I want you to like your work. They should not be less important to you than your own existence is to you.

In the course of time, life inevitably brings about many changes. Things get changed. And where such a change has occurred, a return of the good, true and right things should be possible again and again. The value of this is to be acknowledged by you. These goods couldn't just get lost to a human being like that. So do not give up your own hope for their preservation. The real thing's trying to win like this.

Walk also you in this world and use what was given to you before, for your own and yourself as a livelihood. Always act in the spirit of your protégé. Support yours as they deserve it and beyond. You're not supposed to be petty with these. Do not deny them what they need. This existence should be such a source of constant inspiration for you to benign deeds.

Meanwhile be completely focused on the fulfillment of your task in this existence. Live this life according to your actual predisposition to it. Find your thoughts and ideas and preserve them for yourself. Adapt your writings to this reality given to you. Order them after this one. Thus your work will not attain universal validity, but will be of special value to yourself.

Your own little world with this existence would not be worth less than the respective worlds and the existence of the other people around you are. No person can actually experience more than his own little reality and existence allow him to. But don't just dedicate yourself to experiencing the events, but also to an order of your things again and again. Manifest yourself thus according to the valid default, which you have to compile in addition only once.

You shouldn't complain about who you are and what you got. That's also due to yourself. The equipment you are provided with in life must be sufficient for you and your prosperity. That's all we've been destined for. It's gonna happen to everyone. What you yourself know how to do with it also has a meaning for what we are suitable for. If our possessions would not always reach far, it has a certain value in itself that we actively contribute to the improvement of our happiness.

The prosperity of one's own cause depends more on one's own efforts than on the gifts of others to us. That would be a favorable case. Anyone who is capable can get by with only a few things and even share something about them. That's supposed to be your motive for good behavior.

It is your predisposition that continually conditions you in life. Live with her and deal with her as she is. Recognize the good and the bad in equal measure and preserve its value. So let it stand what stands.

You're supposed to be a viewer of your own things. In time, you will read and recognize their real meaning. Then you'll know what to do with these things. That's supposed to be possible. Get ready for this to happen. You'll get used to these things belonging to you. Start by talking about them in a free way or by writing something of your own about them.

There you shall also be an advocate of your own interests. So talk about your things with those people who want to listen to you and give them back what is bothering you. So they will learn something about you and get to know you. You expect a lot of good from it. You have a lot of faith in this.

Order the events of your life and put them into context with your story. Dissolve people's confusion about your own life bit by bit.

The facts of your existence should make your life interesting for other people. But always be just with yourself. Don't just try to please. You yourself are able to present your own things to other people in clear and understandable words. Do not dazzle them with a falsified being. Don't shake them with your stories.

Once you have found a proper form of devotion to your existence for yourself in this way, then you will implement one or the other of them. Trust your most important friends only with what really matters to you, but nothing else.

You want to pay for your own maintenance yourself. This is one of your more important desires in this life. Stand up for it.

There will certainly be a day when you yourself will be up to the task at hand. Then you will stand before the harsh eyes of men. So you will probably one day be able to fulfill your real duty sufficiently well. It'll look good on you.

Preserve your friendships as they exist. Try to be just to these friends. Be good with them. Try to be a helper to them where they wished. Acknowledge their good will and salvation which emanate from them for you and others.

Stay true to this sum of wills. You found this one way for yourself. Stand by you and your word. Learn to exist in this spirit.


Preserve your trait.

Preserve the unity of your power.

Preserve the unity of the moment.

Preserve the unity of the force impulse.

Set yourself up.

Look at the square.

Realize it's inscribed with you.

That's your way.

Keep that path.

That's your duty.

Prove yourself.

Encourage the good.

Challenge yourself.

Come to you.

Find your way in.

Protect your abode.

Protect your property.

Preserve your body.

Protect your actions.

These are your fruits.

When can you make a difference where?

Remember the unit you found before.

Keep this unity in your memory.

Stay true to the resulting thought.

Maintain your courage.

Your strength is thus ensured by yourself.

Notice the small force as well as the big one.

Notice the small moment just as much as the big one.

Notice the small impulse just as much as the big one.

Search for the unity of things and recognize their benefits.

Hold on tight.

Center your mind in the experience of your oneness.

Recognize your boundary, the barrier.

Recognize your freedom, the direction of movement.

Recognize also your real detachment.

Recognize the inhibition of mobility and do not overcome it.

It will only lead to an unnecessary burden to do so.

Pray the Our Father.

Crucify yourself afterwards.

Leave all the hustle and bustle behind and find your way home to your home.