Saria is a faraway land close by, where things are so different that they succeed in a good way. It is the land of my heart and my dreams. That's how I meet it every day.


At the end of your journey, return home. Please ask yourself the following. Did you find your way around the world the way you went about it?


The way to Sarien

Within the realities of one's own life, man walks through the corridors of the houses of a society to be accepted as honourable and experiences events. He weights them and evaluates them himself. He only recognizes what is true that has already proven to be true before. Moreover, he would not really know much about what there is. He will have to understand something like that before he gets along with it in a good way.

Only those things which he himself finds in a real situation should be an integral part of his property. With nothing else in this life he would want to realize a real happiness of himself but with it.



Imagine now that you are entering a strange property and are walking through the forecourt towards a beautiful stone house with its imposing size. They'll welcome you there in a friendly way.

You now go into the interior of this house, where it is noticeably cool and therefore refreshing for you. After another welcome by the host, you will be taken to the garden, where a large terrace adjoins the house. There you will be asked to make yourself comfortable on a chair. They're offering you something to drink. Water, juice and some bread are provided.

First of all you remain there in your usual restraint, but little by little you participate in the things you find. You spend your day here collecting the impressions that this great side of the world is making on you. You will be accompanied by well-disposed people who are obliging and helpful towards each other, but who also know how to use the day for themselves in an interesting and witty way.

Here you find yourself, and here you want to prove yourself for good. You know this is a real place to live. Here you have got something that can probably really help you in life.


A reception of the adept in the vestibule of Sarien's manor house

As the gardener of my soul, I am concerned about the vitality of the breath inherent in me, also because it gives me my shape and I would like to be healthy.

I work a lot. Some things I've done really well so far and some other things I still haven't been able to do at all. That's really so true about me. I wouldn't say it like that otherwise. In this life I will probably have to put many of my goods in order before they will suffice.

How do I do that? - On the one hand I am looking for an environment for myself which allows me to rest for a while, on the other hand I am looking for a task for myself which can fulfill me according to my temperament. Peace and fulfillment are therefore highly valued by me. I acknowledge their importance to myself. I want this to last.

My actual things should be contemplative. I myself will be given the same power to transform the things that occur as any other human being. I have a real will to make a difference. As a rule, I allow this to happen and like to preserve my own. I would like to be grateful for the preservation of this strength from me, which I become aware of in the process. I am also grateful for what I get for myself from other people. And also that which some of my works already accept as something good fills me with a light joy. And so it happens to me that I am really favourably attuned to those other people.


What if something didn't please you?

We humans live in this world. We've got to deal with her. Everything that can happen to her makes a difference. The further we go with our understanding of what is given to us, the better we will be able to live.

There's no getting around it. One has to face the given. Sometimes it will be good if you don't say anything about how you see things. Why should such openness be practiced? Wouldn't that just be a nudity on our part?

Every human being has something of his own. That's his estate. It gets to people. The one who gets worse gets blamed. The one who is better off gets praise for it. Both are possible. Even a single thing can cause praise or reprimand. Depending on who we're dealing with, it'll be like that for us.

A human drive spurs them on. They are often as eager to influence what is given. But this will be contrary to the nature of man. One will only disturb, lose or spill something on one's own. Then, when other people have not liked our existence, they communicate particularly thoroughly. Sometimes it will be up to them to leave a place.

The given is there. It appears true to the laws of nature.