have guts

Controlling and directing the important things in one's own life should be something that is actually indispensable for a person. Those who want to do their job well should also strive to recognize something connected with it and to understand correctly what it is. This usually improves his position. There he experiences a different view of the given and can do something. He then orients himself with his own habitus according to this changed condition. This will be the case if he is really prepared to maintain what has been recognized in this way.


Striving for equalization

A certain dynamic of things simply occurs and is given. This should also exist, so that everything can appear in a calm river. For this it would be indispensable to allow oneself to a large extent what is happening here at all. There's nothing you can do about it anyway when something's emanating. One would also not always summon up a strength against such developments, because that would not work. Some simply thrive, while others wither.

Such effects should compensate themselves, if at all. You take a little time to do your own thing. The nature of a human being will not be one that always makes any provision possible. One may sometimes strive to achieve something like this, but it will hardly be possible to achieve it. Meanwhile, no matter how important our own ideals are to us, it hardly matters how things become. And such we have to subordinate ourselves to.


Restriction of the task

Restricting one's own task to a relevant part of it will make it possible for us humans to fulfill it in the first place. How are we supposed to achieve anything if we are supposed to pull at five ends at the same time? - That wouldn't even work.

You'd better make it easy with such things and insist in a useful way. Do neither too little, nor do you do anything supernatural. That wouldn't be anything to keep us going in the long run.

What we want to do, we should choose for ourselves. It's supposed to be something that looks good on us, too. It will be possible to accomplish it without being in dire need of it.

Only what we have the real power to do can we do. Anything else shall be unfit for us to do so.


To share the bread and the wine

The bread and the wine sometimes taste better than usual when you have found someone with whom you would like to share both.


Preserving the good

Something that exists already has an inherent right to occur with us humans and to be taken up in conversation. This should lead to a determination of the given.


To alleviate a suffering

To feel suffering will be something necessary for a human being. How else is he supposed to know anything about this? - We're not supposed to be blind to what we are.


Acknowledge something given

One soon becomes accustomed to following the given example when one sees a sense in doing so. It will be true that one can learn to discover such a sense of things for oneself. One should only relate something to the already known in order to recognize its meaning.

The facets of this matter will soon be clearly audible. What wouldn't we be aware of! - Then you will probably soon understand something about what is there and what will have an effect when that has happened. We would like to survive even in this life with something real. Some hope is said to have been fully justified in ourselves. This would be entitled at any time to appear to us.


Rethinking one's own approach

A personal approach to the conduct of one's business sometimes becomes clear to the person and determines the course of things in one's life. This should be what he is willing to keep. From this he will constitute an inner guidance of himself. A person likes to work towards such a goal because it can give him many a reason for a happy existence.

The actual task of this life is to be accepted by ourselves as intended for us and also to be kept in this way. Let's just keep what we already know about ourselves. A reference to what causes us in this existence will be given to us. But if that is really the case, then we should also be successful. We should finally recognize one of these for ourselves. This should give us some opportunity for a progress of our own thoughts and ideas about this life.

Let's keep the good for ourselves. Let us simply find a real joy in this existence as it is. This thing is meant to mean something to us. This is supposed to bring about some moment in us, which will give us space and strength for an independent existence.


The unabridged path

An unabridged path will at least be a whole path, which can be well taken. If we first know how to commit this ourselves, our own circles will finally be aware of what makes us tick. That's what you tie down, what you learn. You can also think about what you have of this life itself. So you'll learn something about what you own in this life. What are we going to achieve? - Let's think about this. Our own goal should appear clear to us. Then we can finally choose this one for ourselves.


A simple completion of the events

Something will be necessary for this existence. This is supposed to be what it takes. You can recognize something like that yourself, but sometimes you also get it pointed out or said by other people.

Then, when the situation in question has fit in well, some of what other people say to us will also be clear to us. But this has little to do with ourselves, because it is their experiences they are talking about.

We have to find out for ourselves what we want to understand correctly. It wouldn't be easy to cause. That will already have its own reason, which becomes clear to us and is understandable. What we are to do, it will be that we act faithfully to our own reason.

How else are we to acknowledge this existence as what it really is for us?