Inner Alchemy


The task of this existence

Turn around once in a while. Then find yourself again. Go all the way back to your actual source. She'll give you something of your own.


To take something off

There are lots of difficulties during the moment of the present. But it would not be the task of a single person to regulate them all. One should not deprive oneself of power, but one should also not overtax oneself. One therefore always leaves something out of one's previous plans when they would no longer be needed. One experiences the moment of the present in a relaxed way. Things are to be left as they are or have come. On it all firmness of the given should build with us, because that is possible.

Yes, one stabilizes oneself by such an abstention, which moves one to let go of something oneself. A decline is much more likely to be achieved by too much effort and exaggerated power than by a person's inner peace.


A training with spirit

A person who identifies one of his forms to another person preserves that person and himself something of value. This can be seen and seen. Such a creation creates a work in all its given conclusiveness, which can be understood and understood at the same time. I want both of them to succeed. In such a situation you will both experience something of the value of the matter at stake.

This will be a training with spirit. So this existence is to be understood by ourselves, but also to be preserved as this can appear. This should be possible because it will be given in this way. It can be useful to do something because it teaches you a thing of weight. Equipped with a corresponding knowledge of the reasons for a person's actions, one might possibly be able to achieve something oneself. So there would be something good in it for us, thanks to which we will experience a certain inspiration. This is supposed to give us some security thanks to an understanding of the essence of things. Own works are to be produced easier by us then, if this thing of weight will be entered to us. Just as well as one will be the other. Here we can witness our own work or the observations of the other participant. Our own knowledge of such moments will mature in the aftermath once they have been used by us. A human's habitus is likely to stabilize.

Such a participation in an event with people should help us to further. The actual wealth of ourselves will soon be recognized by someone who can really have an idea of it. And the way there clearly appears before one's own eyes. If you want to try to achieve something that someone really needs, you can probably feel a certain joy if you succeed.


Transformation and retransformation

It is to be expected that there will be many things in a person's life that have to be regulated in order to survive. For this purpose, one makes use of the given means, but must also preserve them. There's a way of dealing with what's there. Maybe that'll do us good.

Sometimes there are also difficulties with us. We have to deal with these. Some people can do that and some people wouldn't be able to do it easily. Both guys have to be fair. Every one of us has a problem at some point, which would not be easy for him to solve. Yes, one could not even properly fix such a thing at times.

A bad habit of the present time will be the rash solving of problems without the right basis for it. This alchemical process in itself would be worth nothing without completely establishing the reference to alchemy. Solving problems would be nothing more than an intermediate step. The preceding process and the following appearance should be added to this stage or phase of transformation to show the principle of a wheel as the idea of a whole. Processes of transformation without such progress will not be per se.

Then, when this is acknowledged by us, one has to take the trouble to restore everything that has been raised to another level of reflection to its original state. This process is called reverse transformation. He turns off the given when it takes place. Only in this way can something be faithfully achieved that will be worthwhile to comprehend. This is supposed to be a realization. Any knowledge gained in this way will be useful.


The spirit is contained in man

What components will a person's concerns have? Can there be a completeness of what man knows to consider in himself? What images do we see in our own eyes and how should we learn to see them?

A sequence of thoughts about a thing is intended to produce in us humans a conception of the facts associated with it, its manifestation as form. As a rule, we perceive this thing at its threshold to its surroundings, recognize something visible at its surface and comprehend the invisible in its depth. This will be done as we will be able to understand it right now. That would be a simple process, as it can take place daily with us. After all, the given things are also there. These want to be seen, understood and recognized.

The spirit of man should be capable of reflecting the nature that surrounds us. That's what makes us human. As such a person, we train a soundness in ourselves. This exists because of an independent view of the given as well as an implementation of what constitutes us.

The given exists as an object and carries as content a form in itself. This should be memorable to us. That would be a first thought in what will come up with a memory of us. Without one, all human activity would be useless. What a person has, is and can do should be based on his own memories. Without building one's own good on one's actual memory, it would not be consistent in some way.

This is how you proceed at Werk whenever you have remembered what you actually have to achieve. The actions of a human being will also be animated by a good spirit. Let us submit to this fact. Let us obey the associated regulation of our actions. So we will also participate well in what is given for the general of this world. Man should be understood correctly as an inspired part of nature.


Harmony as a goal

Man unifies his own doing, being and having. He does this in order to get it settled what he wants to achieve himself.

There's a wish. You really want to be understandable for your fellow human beings. But what will you have to do to make sure that you are understood? - We shall create our own work in an orderly manner. For this purpose, one would put one's existence in order or create something in the aftermath that corresponds to it. You take your time to do your job. In addition, limit them to their essential share.

Working can be like magic, alchemy and inner alchemy in one. This contains something of what can really be created and maintained by a human being. Meanwhile, no one will want to take more steps at once than just the next. One maintains one's own basic understanding of certain facts, but goes only one valid way. And I do not demand the impossible from myself.



I've come this far just because I've gone this way myself. To throw these things of mine over the top again seems to me to be useless and superfluous at the same time. An already installed base station I received through my work. This little fortress, castle or something else was enough for me to restore my own condition after many a dark night. But what is supposed to have been my real weakness? - Probably it is a blatant expenditure of myself, which has brought me in my existence already so on wrong ways.

That is why from now on something is important to me not to exaggerate what is mine so much anymore. Instead, I need a real oasis for myself to recover from the long 'marches' of earlier days.


Processing and

As an artist, it is a good idea to inscribe a real piece of information in your works. These are to be generated by us from what we already know, by accepting our own thoughts at work and reflecting them when they have an effect. This procedure is intended to give us an idea of how something will be done in an appropriate manner. In addition, it should help us to attain such powers, which are preserved as expressions by our fellow human beings. There the real good of man will find its existence. This should then finally embody something that really conditions us in our existence. Only something like this can be called true and be trusted by others.

For better insight one simply goes something inside oneself and feels the depth of one's own things in oneself. A source of strength will be sought and found by us because it will exist. One's own life should one day result in what we become aware of. If our things can be joined flush by themselves, then we have determined them according to their true nature. So they will also be of use to us for something good. Man can arrange himself there.

But where does this strength of a man come from? - A certain gift should be given to every human being. She is the one he can use for his existence. There he can engage in something and thus becomes a useful journeyman for others. People like to talk about such things. This will give us some encouragement, but also some joy for this existence. One approaches it nevertheless simply and passes with the actual property.

This should not be called into question prematurely. You don't deny anyone what they are, what they have, what they can do. The own idea of this existence will be an inner picture of ourselves. We have designed this once true to our thinking. It will have to be verified in a conversation with like-minded people. To do this, we have to show how we imagine things to be. So it can finally be heard by the bystanders. We should confidently associate these thoughts of our own kind with those true events of our lives which we know and can relate to. Some knowledge about this existence exists rightly. This can already make out our being now and cause happiness for us. Thanks to such talents, we possess something of our own that will enable us.

There's something for us to own. We want to create something with this. Our mind should be taken into account by us. Without one, nothing would go well. This should be understandable to us while we are doing something. We show that character of our being to our fellow human beings, possess certain taste preferences, but also have actual taste preferences for us. Those circumstances, because of which something becomes clear to us, are to be considered by us and to receive meaning for this life with us.

We'll soon find ourselves there. That can take place gladly in the happening of the everyday life. All of this is meant to educate something about us that will be good for us to use. So there is something that we are certain of ourselves. We should illuminate our own thoughts and ideas in order to achieve something with them. This in turn leads to a consolidation of the inner experience. Something else is coming true. Certain illustrations are caused by our spirit in ourselves and equip us. This gives us some impression of the spiritual activity of a human being, an experience of the soul.

This is supposed to result in some capacity for the actual work we do. We then only have to attach these to make something come true. This promises some joy, but fruits also want to be obtained in this way.


Read something from things

Throughout one's life, man applies many kinds of information to his senses. This information would actually be there to be used by us. That's supposed to happen. We want to do this by assigning them to the actual image of those things of existence that we have of them.

Thereupon one can address the found also once in the society of humans. There you will give some meaning to your own knowledge of such things. We too should confidently become a source for our neighbors, if our knowledge is suitable for them. Let us not disregard such a consideration. It will be true that we have to prepare ourselves for it, even to train ourselves properly for it, in order to exist before other people.



Omissions are usually indicated by placeholders in the text if I work conscientiously. In this way I can get used to them and gradually add those objects needed for them to my own writing. You just do that on a better occasion. You wouldn't want to do that now. I use this procedure in order not to unduly disturb the course of events of the things that have just come to my attention. These are supposed to be the labels I sometimes work with.


A lot of work

The whole together will be something total. It shall be a given quantity known to us. This shall be described and named by us. It clears a man's mind. An own work reflects this knowledge of the given.

How can it be achieved that one becomes aware of the given abundance of things? - In addition one shows it in finite way and also with clear words with oneself, what constitutes the own work creation. Starting from a single position, one describes things by means of a 'thought protocol'. Then you change position. You go your own way and do other things. For the linguistic correction of the 'thought protocol' one then returns again to this text and examines it in detail. You'll know a lot of crookedness from that. Probably they'll know how to fix it that way. It should have meaning for one's own existence to do something like this. After all, it will be something true, which will emanate from ourselves. That's what gives us pleasure. So it retains its good value to us.

Man takes his share. He can find it in the substance of that actual concept of given things. He can understand something about himself because it is clear to him. So everyone will have something for himself to talk about. He should only have to consider something of his own good.

Then something will be complete, even if it has been sufficiently developed. An all and a nothing should be allowed to have their share in it as absolute limit values of the given. We would like to acknowledge these two terms as what they embody and be aware of their corresponding meaning. There'll never be more than all that. Less than nothing has ever existed. So something in our concern should come to the right place and be thoroughly evaluated by us. In this way, the given things form a unity within themselves. So they embody the whole in one through this one.


The unabridged path

True to the intention given to me, I create art, which so far has found its fulfilment mainly in painting, literature and music. In doing so, I am following a path of learning. I work out a concept of the one given to me and align myself with it in my life. I willingly share a good I have worked out myself with the users of the Internet as files. I want to familiarize other people with what I know how to create. My previous works already form a whole bundle of different peculiarities of myself and want to be seen, heard and read.

Moment by moment, in the show of the given, something should add up to a perception of what constitutes me. That would be an act of participation, a participation that I would like to make possible through my exhibition of works. Everything should come to the right place and exist in the way it really is. I expect something from that. An actual growth and prosperity of my things should be possible and welcome.


From the formation of a figure

§ Each physical unit consists of a sum of further quantities occurring in nature and occurs.

§ A consideration of the given leads to an equivalence of the perceived.

Man trains himself. His things find their form in the process.



Since forces, moments and impulses are directed quantities of this nature, which we have to deal with in life, these are certainly also such quantities, which give us our own shape. They attack the substance in their own typical way. They apply their being to the body. This sometimes releases potential for us.



Anyone who has ever tried to open a padlock in the dark with their own bunch of keys will probably understand what I want to say here. Besides the wealth of the light world there is also a treasure in the darkness. Getting along well with one like that would be one of the better moments of this life. Many good things are hidden in the dark and can only be perceived by us if they are sufficiently noticed.


The troubles of a blacksmith

Wieland the blacksmith has a name,

who has no equal in the world.

But faith also teaches us mercy.

The size of some is also a curse for them.

My life is insignificant,

the yield of my hands' work seems miserable to me.

But the day has already arrived

to sum it up, yes all good is already in vain?

There are many sides to life.

Some of them are still unknown to me.

There I am, testing my anxious hand

breathing heavily and full of dark experience.

What's this life supposed to make possible for me, give?

What will become a healing for me, will it teach me?

In the garden I can hear the birds singing.

I can see a certain vivacity in certain things.

It's hard for an oddball to laugh.

You look at him crooked, don't you?

And no one is so completely free today,

as he did to his youthful days, which once had the soul.

You couldn't expect anything big.

It is given to us, not taken from us.

My eyes are blurry again right now, what a life this is.

My Garden of Eden has been lost to me.

My spirit, it bears witness to a vastness,

for which I argue in this existence.

The uncomfortable narrowness of the specifications

I don't want to be immortalized in myself.

I forge what's mine. But at no time

I'm ready for the downfall of my things.

Wants to see width, height, depth

and not run off into some real misfortune.

The narrowness of interpretation would not constitute the mind.

It's the casual hand,

which is creatively generated from itself,

which conceals brushes, paint and paper.

And that's how I make my world.

It's something that keeps me upright and together.

Yes, it maintains the hold of the world.

But I wouldn't know if I liked it much.


The cause of a heart

Man carries something in himself that can give him an impulse to act. This makes him sometimes awake, beautiful and also strong. This is how we are shaped by our own actions. It'll make us stronger.

Your own heart will certainly be related to this cause. One thing of the heart is a hidden one, which only we ourselves recognize in ourselves.



Live, man live. You shall be what you have become and remain forever. Recognize your vital breath. Recognize the power of your blood and its noise. Be like the moon. Turn to the earth. Don't forget your old days. Wake up every morning and be ready to accept this life. In the meantime, align yourself with your master. Recognise his values as given. Do you see your true value to him? - Act as befits an awesome man. Act as the right way will be to do it. That would be something you will need to put your own things in a state where they will flourish.

Be strong. Be vigilant...

...and wake up slowly.

Build yourself a red brick house. Buy yourself some land and farm it. So you have once a good to own and also finally represent something. Nowadays it wouldn't be so true that you are completely recognized by others for what you do. Without a will of your own to use the means available to you, however, you would not achieve anything right.

Collect once. Watch your tongue for hasty talk. Stop. Do this for the sake of your mind, as you can right now. Protect your power in this way, even for your own sake. It's the only way it's gonna be with you.

Don't spend it. Your energy is certainly limited. Resign from a wrong office as soon as it is time and you can afford to resign. Don't always avoid a fight for your destiny. Know your power and spare the good ones so that they may remain constant. To be able to fight and not to have fought unnecessarily for it, that shall have its rank with you.

As a human being, first and foremost control yourself. Only then will he decide on others as they have earned it. Support your body through good food and quiet movement, but also through participation in the events of this world. Keep and keep the peace as well as the silence of your heart on you.

What do you need for happiness now? What wouldn't you now know about a true value of things? - Better recognize for yourself what is given to you, whenever that seems to be right for you to do something like this.



What use are words when action is called for? What is the use of action when you need to keep still? What's the use holding still if you get robbed?

There are more thieves in the world than ranchers. There are more hobos than farmers. And even if people have such good professions, that remains so. The one who has not made his own bread, but still eats it, is a thief. Those who have not cultivated their own land, but nevertheless benefit from it, are likely to be slaves to it.

You need have no respect for those people who live like this. Those who overuse others are disgraceful to these. You don't have to have any respect for those who do that. They live, but they let the good go to waste, because they squeeze it out and spoil it.

If you didn't bake the cake, you wouldn't have to eat it. Those who have not created value have not earned it. Anyone who owns a country egg but does not manage it himself can hardly describe it as his property.

No man is master of another man.



Our strength wouldn't be enough for everything. The power of man would not go far. The one who lives in excess inevitably spoils his things. The one who has corrupted what was once given to him has many diseases. First the spirit dies, while the soul suffers. The body's spoiling. One dies with the other. Nothing remains form.

A mercy of higher entities in this regard would certainly not go further than the reason of one's own heart.

So turn back in time. Pass. Go into yourself and find your peace.


A creation of letters

"In the beginning was the word. Then his story came to mind. With the memory of this history religion, with religion the law and order, with law and order the state, with the state civilization, with civilization progress and with progress the coming to terms with the whole arose.

According to the Kabbalah, creation consists of letters (and nothing else). To think oneself into this fact, there is a poem that relates the letters to the details of creation.


Uniqueness in unity

Life should remain fruitful, according to its value. A fertile which produces fertile through which fertile becomes true.


power of a blessed spirit

The highest good that we possess shall be our own seed. We must protect this seed, spare it, treat it with care.

Our lifestyle demands a lot from us, makes us tired. The struggle for life brings with it much suffering and exhaustion. We actually long for peace in our hearts, but if we did not know how to find it in ourselves, we would not be able to cope.

The nature of a human being should be one that is connected with existence and existence. She formed herself and so she persists. Man is one of her children.

Don't make plans that will harm nature. It'll cut down your livelihood.