The middle of two, three or more similar things can almost always be seen well as a human being. We look at the conditions of interaction. Why is this fortune given to us? What relevance does this have for human survival?


Neutrality is an attitude

I would like to achieve a real soundness for myself in this existence. With this I would like to try to pass that I exist. And I exist in a way. I'm a solitaire. That's what I've become in the course of my life. I wasn't usually recognized. Other people pass me by carelessly.

As one of the first steps on my way to a self-determined existence I see this and confess that I think so. It has no value to feel differently than this. If that doesn't suit everyone's taste either, it's true. And I think a little of that. Yes, I stand by it.

Little by little it results in something that gives me a power that I use for myself. There I turn with my world of thoughts and ideas, where my actual insight can exist, even be confirmed. They need not be overestimated, but they should be left to me.

In the creation of my works I sometimes judge this existence of mine. That's what makes me tick, what I'm thinking. So I can really appreciate what I'm doing. It also makes me aware which entity I am basically embodying. I wouldn't know how anyone else sees it. Whether this is something right, which I am, should not be discussed. And yet I confess to asking myself this question. So I fathom myself and try to come to terms with the fact that I exist.

During this existence of mine, I strive to realize a certain neutrality of myself. It should be possible to realize this in relation to other people and also in relation to those events of this world. This is supposed to be a first moment to give a thought of mine to the actual independence from others in this life.

Such an independence should also be one of the becoming of things. There's something going on inside this world that has nothing to do with me. I realized that. This thought should be a means for me to find a way out of the misery of my existence, which dominated me much too much in former times. How much have I gotten on my hat in this existence, because I wanted to understand something. I would like to resist such methods and renounce what they evoke. I'm doing this my own way because it's good for me. I would like to have left behind me all the many blasphemies and superfluous words of those times, no matter from whom they came.

What really causes my life circumstances today is usually not relevant for other people. I experienced it that way. This is how I come to expand and secure my role as a solitaire. What do I want from such people? - I try to find a solid ground for myself on which I can stand stable with my own legs. A certain longing for a sense of meaning in my own actions is given to me for this life.


An own spectrum of colours and sounds

An actual spectrum of something, such as the colours and sounds of this nature, forms the whole that exists. It is available in its entirety. Nothing would be missing. Based on such a thought, I have made the assumption that it is possible to arrange one's own existence in such a way that one needs it.

It would not only be the knowledge of a human being what constitutes his insight into the reasons of this existence as a whole. Rather than that, it will be his fundamental ability to consider. It makes him realize something. He can understand that very well. You sometimes find something like this in yourself. That should be enough to acquire knowledge. Such a thing can be recognized by us humans. That's what it's found for.

Man considers the given and evaluates it. He wouldn't do that for nothing. This gives him some control over his life and the situation associated with it. Thus man gradually perfects his knowledge of the true nature of things.



The own existence of us humans is of a finite nature. Likewise, all knowledge is finite in nature. It goes out with us. Once the light goes out, it would no longer shine brightly.


The state of a man

My actual status would be the one I'm willing to uphold. That's how I can recognize him. I accept such a motive for myself and adjust everything I do according to what it is like. I do so whether I walk, stand or sit.


The value of a thing

The actual value of a thing would be no different to what it appears to be. Sometimes such things are effective in our environment, which we can investigate in this way. We learn something about what makes them tick. Then we will finally take possession of them and make a difference with them. So we have the knowledge, but also the associated objects come into our possession.


A neutral mode

Those circumstances of a life bring many things with them for a human being, which should make them rightly, but also wrongly.


From the essence of the middle

Walking on a path of the centre has something to do with a calm existence on the path and quiet peace with oneself. We'll be happy to accept that if it happens. It's supposed to stop unfavorable phenomena in humans. We'll finally be glad.


Of the purity of a soul

Man would be well advised to accept the preservation of his soul as a guideline for himself. It should be acknowledged that it exists and that it will also mean something for us. To become clear about the given itself, that will be necessary.


Maintaining one's own thoughts

Man will usually be endowed with some things which have personal meaning for him. Sometimes we also include certain thoughts and ideas from ourselves. Some of this will be true and completely condition us.



These symbols should speak for themselves.

§ Bread

§ Water

§ The apple branch

§ The olive

§ The Star of David

§ The juice