The inner picture

When should I write something down, paint a picture or make music if there is no suitable moment?

What should I design if there is no suitable motif for it?

Where can I do my things the way they are right for me?



My yoga is one of which I've probably said a lot about many times before. I have sometimes talked to other people about what I have done in this practice of physical exercise and mental activity. However, I have rarely practised such disciplines alone. And if I have done it once, then I have done it in a consistently very simple way. Meanwhile, yoga has become a familiar thing for me over the years. Some of my fellow human beings are used to me referring to yoga in everyday life, to knowing and practicing it in a certain way. So he could really become a familiar thing for me, which sometimes refreshed and enriched my everyday life.

I've already looked at some of the books. So I read something about what yoga is all about. With the years of taking note of yoga and a reception of myself, however, I have more and more formed my own picture of what it really means to me and what it means to me in truth.

The following approach will also be true for me. At least he can give me some real insight. I didn't really understand much of what yoga is usually going to be for other people. Also, I hardly know what his disciplines mean or even effect for this human existence. I didn't really know how to do that. I just couldn't determine it. Oh, I only reflected myself in the water of the fountain of such an introspection, which was possible for me. As soon as I tried to draw something from it, there was no reflection of myself in it. So to this day I have not been able to finally clarify what really requires me. I wouldn't really understand what other people are trying to do by emulating the practice of yoga.

After all, I know well that you can be ready to do gymnastics every day and probably won't experience yoga after all. I also think it is possible to practice practically no yoga and still experience it in its true sense. This puzzle persists, even if it is addressed here once. And man deals in his own way with the existence of himself.

Only if he is able to see their patterns can he formulate them and associate them with others. He can also address what he has seen. Some of the right insights can come about and one or the other potential can be unleashed in this way. Such a man would like to emancipate himself.

It is beautiful for a person to know how to enter into a discipleship. The one who even experiences the blessing of a true teacher has truly been lucky. The goodwill of such a person can move mountains and uproot trees. We shouldn't underestimate any of the significance of that. What can open up for us there is perhaps of great value. Life should be a truth in itself. And that thing which this brings with it is to be accepted and respected by us. That's what discipline training is all about, keeping to that. If we still could not know what lies ahead of us, then we have a real ethics which will be well suited to our existence. We ourselves should be the bearers of human morality, or there will be no more. Our mores shall be right. Those customs which we acknowledge and which we will defend against desecration if necessary shall give us the necessary strength to do so. Many a courage would appear there with us and make that clear.

In a way, the path of life will already be inscribed in man. It all goes together with him and is designed. He comes up with some clear ideas about his existence and will ask himself who he is and what that means if he acknowledges it. Let us acknowledge what we have been given.

Does man as such exist in reality? - There's supposed to be an answer to that. He will be able to cope with her because she will be a key to his real happiness. Everyone must find this trace for himself and trace his life to it. He can do that. The sand of life should be really well suited for designing a site plan for yourself. You can find yourself there. Even if we will hardly form paths like tracks for ourselves in this existence, we should try to survive ourselves with what we have seen of it. This thing should be according to our own wish, so that we will recognize it.



Not only the prestige of a thing would already constitute a true value for me, also an effect of it on my mind has meanwhile experienced a certain meaning for my existence as a human being.

Inserting an impulse

One probably quite acceptable way of introducing an impulse (of holding forces) into the movement of the human musculoskeletal system will be to pause for a few seconds in an appropriate posture according to one's own perception, before one again submits to the flow of habits. In principle, every moment should be suitable for a pause. Let's just train our posture by trying that. You can decide very spontaneously when to do it.

In this way you can enjoy light moments which are an expression of your own strength. These should leave us with an impression of our strength. Thus the body is trained.

It will be a small art to grasp the right moment to execute this process step. So let's simply proceed cautiously and be content with only seven seconds of persistence (Pratyahara) in a form. If we will finally carry out this process step ourselves in a regular manner, we will also shape something.

That moment of a posture free of tension is supposed to release some emotion in us. This corner point of the processes in the human body can enable us to consciously control its motor properties. Why don't we practice it four or five times a day for a few moments like that? It will soon become clear what this leads to with ourselves. Basically, it's supposed to do us good. It will show us that there are optional actions that can be added to our habits. I would like to call this a way of liberation, if we succeed.


An approach to preserving the chakras

The energy centres of the human body are correctly recorded as rotating discs. According to traditional literature, this is the way it should be.

If we pick up such turntables once, we probably also recognize their virtual center line, an axis. This can be accepted and aligned. Thereupon the energy center should be perceptible.

Let's make it a little easier for ourselves and align these axes to the front when visualizing them. The direction of rotation of these disks is still not certain for us. Basically, we have to accept them and sense what they are.

Let us start from a few simple approaches for further development.

§ A person's actions are flawed.

§ As likely as a mistake is possible, it will also be possible for man to do something right. (50: 50 parity)

§ Do we learn from experience by eliminating mistakes?

§ Let us learn from our experiences by doing something right again!

§ Let us better approach the good experiences by simplifying what we have to achieve.

If we first interrupt the moments of power consumption regularly, then we will also pass.


Working at a workstation with a monitor

Take good care of your sitting posture when using your computer and working on it.

Improved sitting posture

Seats with straight back in a balanced posture there.

Keep a distance of half a meter between you (your eyes) and the monitor. It will be best to look at him from above and directly from the front.

The monitor should not be aligned straight, but slightly tilted backwards at the top. Its upper edge should be below eye level. There should be no light reflections on it and it should not stand in front of any light source.

Let your upper arms hang straight down. The forearms and the backs of the hands should form a straight line.

The elbows should be held at right angles.

The knees should be held at a slightly larger angle than 90°.

The feet should stand completely on the ground.

The arms should not be held above the heart.

Take this basic attitude once and go out from it, so that all further events will be suitable for it. It would not be necessary to maintain such a system on an ongoing basis. Just as a person needs an actual mood in order to adjust to something, he also needs the interaction of his powers and impulses. These occur at best in mixing with the usual course of his things.


A square as a frame for your own things

The square itself has often served me as an object for the visualization of a mental form in meditation. I sometimes need one of these to physically align myself with her. I gradually take up the so-called picture of this square with my other forms and unify them. In this way, my image of myself is joined to form a single whole. My things then emulate this and want to be handled well by me. I can thus assign those elements of the inner vision that I already know to each other and arrange them in a way that is suitable for me. This should strengthen my mind in its orientation and give me the necessary access to the actual circumstance of happiness of an inwardly occurring orientation.

Gradually, these apparatuses and machines have also subordinated themselves to an additional form of movement and mindfulness caused by their own frequency, to what I have visualized there. They have been understood and understood by me. This totality of the given appears to me at the same time as the sum of many individual elementaries together with their different effects on my being. And yet I am strengthening my position as I take note of them. Meanwhile, my powers have been pooled to a certain strength. That's how I consolidated them.

It is this reception of what has been given to me that still makes me so strong up to now. I know something about what's really conditioning me in this life. I deal with that. In the process, my awareness of this type of motor activity develops. It has finally become manageable for me.

The whole exists in its entirety for a certain moment as a state and thus becomes what it is made for. Every single thing of it moves in such a way that it, taken in isolation, continues to suffice. I can certainly draw some confidence from that. I suspect this will be justified.

The purpose of this procedure is to enable me to take good care of myself. Whenever there is a situation with me over a longer period of time in which I have not felt any peace in me for a long time, I focus on this kind of alignment of my actual inner world and gain something from it. However, this procedure is becoming increasingly easier for me to handle. What hasn't happened to all the good things that have happened to me and come true? That made me so agreeable! - It did really well.

It is so true with me that I already have something of my own with my factory show in setting and construction kit, which should advance me for the future. I try to ensure a certain functionality of these thoughts and ideas with my texts and to preserve them afterwards. If I continually adapt them to the given moments of my existence, my writings should still be legible and result in something. That's what I want from this job. I am constant in it and know how to use it well for my work. I train myself in a way that is as congruent as possible with my existence. I sincerely stand up for its existence, because I can do that. I am so conscientious in describing these facts, because they condition me.


Writing as a way to a destiny of this existence

Thanks to my own writing I have already prepared many things of my existence, life and being which mean something to me. These are the ones that I have already dealt with in a proper way in the past. These times have not yet passed completely because these things still persist. That's when they come up to me. I look at this and describe the essence of what I can recognize. I do that by means of my own file. Live on the Internet I work on these contents. I first let the good that came out of this exist as it came up. I preserve it in an original way, just as I would like to maintain public access to it for my fellow human beings.

So I've been able to write something down about my things many a time. What I already understand and know about this existence, I bring to file. Some of it will be of value, so I will continue with it. My file's grown by now, but it's also thrived.

The following fact shall apply to it, which says that there will be something to say about such things, which life in truth brings with it. I would like to reaffirm and encourage this with further additions. But I always take my time, I don't have any hectic. I wouldn't be in a hurry. Oh, this process of writing my life shall continue, time shall not matter for him. Then when I sort my things out and clear them up, it makes sense to me.

I'm someone who's good at the things I write about. I wouldn't want to use my strength so extensively for it without feeling my own joy. It has already become clear to me at times the sense of this thing. Some of the things from earlier times of my life have already come up in my mind. So something came true for me. I gradually consolidated myself by means of the given thoughts and ideas.


Return to your own property

Some things I describe in detail and learn to express myself this way. I am increasingly able to identify myself better with some thoughts and ideas from my earlier life. Some fractures and gaps are finally closing with me. For example, I have already found my way back to my old hobbies in everyday life. I have more and more joy in these again.

I deal with that. It's supposed to help me feel myself the way I can be. After all, I know myself well. So why shouldn't I want to acknowledge what I've been trying to do so far? That's still me.

I would like to gradually make my mind more attentive to such matters. I'm trying to pass with everything I've got. I can do that well if they don't put obstacles in my way.

Once my mind has been nourished according to its need, I will probably feel a little better. I believe that so strongly. For this I have to deal with him, to perceive him and to recognize him as he is.

I would like to lead a life which is carried by the desire for probation by myself. After all, I want to preserve what I have for once. So what will there be to do other than what will be conducive to this cause? Why shouldn't I look for and consider the permanence of my own things? Who would want to deny me something like that?


Former times

Whatever can be called true, has sometimes already passed away and has no endurance. People haven't always been right about their judgments. Some words are pronounced because you have just been able to say them there. Such a thing is consistently of an individual nature. The kind of it is arbitrary. There can be none that has meant more than a mere occurrence of such things. Their appearance is to be understood purely situational. In this way many things can be formed. But there wouldn't necessarily be something right done about it, which one can understand at other times as well. Sometimes people are wrong. You can say that with good reason. Some people have even gone down because of such misjudgements and lost something.

No man can be so highly placed as to be master of such things. Those who have lifted up others have only exposed them to the light of the sun and sacrificed their attachments. The ghost was probably burned because of a lack of coolness.

What made me out to be a human being in the past was buried in me at some point when I was no longer properly listened to. There I was among people, but they hardly noticed me anymore or only very reluctantly. I still existed. But this existence has been a very painful one for me throughout.


Set up a base station and assert yourself

Starting from a whole bundle of 'thought protocols', which I created at 'Freischreibstunden', I now examine this stock of my own fonts. I do this in a consistently ordinary way. Then if I see a lack of it, I'll make it better. This is how my work acquires its qualities. Over time, I've straightened something like this out.

On that day, when I will have shown my things in conclusion, probably nothing else would arise for me but a constancy of my person. This should make it possible for me to do something that I am still carefully approaching today.



By my nature, I'm supposed to be a dreamy man. Some people will realize that I'm still the same. I more or less like to dream when there's something to dream about. I've kept that thing to myself. I find it nice to be such a person, who is not only awake or sleeping alone. People can also have something to do with their dreams.

The transition from waking state to sleeping should be a plateau on which there is a lot to gain for a person. You don't just strive to fulfill it. You let it stay that way. So we'll probably come clean with ourselves. This is supposed to make the reality that light and shadow occur equally. We can leave it there all of a sudden.


Pick up and determine your own thoughts

I design my own property by naming my thoughts and ideas. These come from me and endow me with some strength. At those moments of my existence I can recognize them and with their help form something that defines me. So I train this work further. I'd like to pass that test and deal with it.

So with some strength I go to work and try to pass it by making something. Unfortunately there is no need among people for such things as I create them. I appreciate that. From now on, this should be the starting point for my work. So this work of mine is rather superfluous. Maybe it'll be something idle.

But I would like to be allowed to argue with people about my actual values. And I defend them. I do not attack anyone, but I determine the goodness of these things by correcting and clearing them up. So one thing comes to another and things happen as they are true. They still do. Something can appear that way. This all occurs in my existence, because it exists what has an effect there.

The effects of an artistic education must always be shown as an actual fortune or inability. Such properties crystallize clearly when you become a worker. In this way, the actual quality of our creative power is justifiably demonstrated to us in the work itself.

Something can be seen and recognized. We're capable of that. The moment is as true and correct as it occurs. Everything there can only come up as an alliance. Things wouldn't appear any other way. The good and the bad have therefore complemented each other to form a whole and continue to exist. One couldn't exist without the other. Something like that wouldn't be alive anymore. The only thing that will be perfect is something in the past. I wasn't looking for anything like that.


Fantastic and other

I try to draw a picture of my existence for you, which is immanently contained in my writings. I don't need to create this extra, because I am already the one who can do it here. So a union of my being and my work will be tangible. That's how I protect my own work. This is a sustainable phenomenon. It gives me some necessary strength for this existence and its accomplishments. This is supposed to endow me with a power of my own to act. I can afford that by preserving what I am, what I have and what I can do. I will still be able to achieve something in the future.


Leaning and going empty

As an artist, I train such things into works whose drawing is sometimes first defined and determined by me in words. I can do that. It's how I prepare for some things while I order myself up. This is supposed to give me some support at Werk. I assume this one as it occurs. That's where he usually comes up. Soon I shall be able to get a good idea of what makes me tick. That conditionality, thanks to which I exist, seems to me to be significant for being able to name and point out all that is bothering me right now. I wouldn't be free of something like that. She's right to exist.

I don't want my existence to be a farce. I don't want it to be understood that way. It is true that I want to end such a state to which I am losing meaning with my things. The people around me are concerned with other things, which need not be wrong. Meanwhile I continue this way of 'labeling the moments' of my existence and carry out my 'thought protocols' ambitiously. I add one to the other and create a result. If it will also be an intermediate state, then I will approach what will really be true. I can look at this result afterwards and also look at it in my own home. I've thought of many things for myself.

There is no question whether a person's own good is valuable to other people or whether it wouldn't be. That wouldn't be anything that could play a role if you researched the reasons for your existence. It is in my mind to really show these once and to get them clear. That's supposed to make a difference.

So as a human being I am able to examine what is mine. That's what I'm portraying. I can tie up something that makes me happy many a time. I happen to have something in my possession. Sometimes it will be with me. Something good will come true.


A thought abort

The range of a person's attention will be something to investigate and fix. It goes beyond all his concerns, as long as it comes up and is interconnected. Only then, when it has come to its end, do I begin to evaluate the moment. In addition I determine its duration as well as also that content of it. How long does man have the strength to hold himself up? Is he free to do that or is he torturing himself? Yes, how long can he maintain a process and when does such a process come to its termination? - Something develops between the individual thought breaks with us. We'll keep that until we start disregarding it. Then these things no longer have any meaning for us. Such is the pulse of thought. So that these would not become storms, one would have to grasp oneself and also let go from time to time of what seemed just still so important there.


Maintaining the backbone

Then, when I write down my things in a sufficiently good German, it will also help me to my own strength. This is what I confidently assume when creating my works. If they weren't completely cross, that would be true. Something will come into my life that I need. Then, when there is at least one grain of truth to be found in them, they shall be called true. Nobody would need to consider every truth in a work of art, because such a thing would not work. A supremacy of the individual is to be rejected there confidently.

That's what I've been thinking. It has become clear to me that man does not have to do everything more correctly than others. Anyone who wants to be heard will be given the right to be heard. Those who recognize what makes a difference can also speak of it. So he will also have to write down something that will be right in his sense. Why shouldn't he represent the actual interests of himself? - There's no question about how important this is.


The body as a closed system

What constitutes the body of a human being?

Will it be permissible to accept the body of a human being, i.e. his body, as something that takes material aspects into account in an idea of its structure? - I believe that this alone is only possible to a very limited extent. Nevertheless I consider this body of a human being in the next paragraphs as a material and functional system.

How do I picture him? - This body has several gates which can be opened or closed by ourselves. These are usually in a state of openness or unity. Meanwhile, an intermediate state only takes place as a brief transition until the next regulated state occurs. One is transformed into the other.

But there is more to consider. Basically, I would also like to regard man as a self-contained system of vessels and tubes that is independent of his environment. Its capacity to act will be downright self-sufficient. This should be so, as long as no actual illness impinges on him with additional needs. Basically, he is concerned with swinging within himself and feeling a real joy in it.

How does this work in an everyday way? - Well, from time to time there is something that a person wants to take in or give away. Then he behaves with his body like a mountain fortress. The right gates are opened for a short time at his own place in order to do something that is urgently needed at the moment. Then they close again.

Without such an ability to open his gates, man could take nothing with him. Without such an ability to seal it up, he would not be able to keep anything with him. We should be aware that some things are to be kept away from us. These are to be excluded from us. Other things, on the other hand, never get out.

In yoga, the function of such gates on humans is described by the word bandha (closing technique) and practiced in detail there. It's one thing that can help man to be pure. Without such purity, there can be no concentration.


A bound force as an approach for a cause

A structure of forces in a human being is actually already given to him by his body and its proportions. The course of a force effect is usually oriented to the structure of a substance. The human body will be an essential criterion for this, since it represents a structure with substance. Thanks to this body, man finds himself by being with himself. It's all having an effect.

We are accustomed to directing our power through him in order to divert it as soon as possible. That's what we're supposed to do with the help of our environment. We can attach this power to our own work in a formative way. That's what she's made for. It can be felt, while an alignment can be entered. Both lead to a deliberate control of one's own strength. That's how we stand up for something at Werk. That gives our minds a certain strength. In addition, we are also skimming off our actual potential in this way. This would be no less conditional than we are. Exactly for this reason, however, our work could not be assumed to be arbitrary. It has been filled with its own drive and corresponds to our actual will. There are enough testimonies of this within this world. People are like that when they make something.

If we first consciously advance to a contemplativeness of these forces on ourselves, we will also learn to direct them. There we will draw what is there to rule it. We are an engine of these things. As such, we make ourselves clear.

There we will act congruently to ourselves and correspond to a real will with us. One can feel this in oneself and thus perceive this body with some warmth and a good feeling for oneself. This should bring a harmony of our traits and their compatibility with each other.

Let's just be ourselves when we're doing something. This is how we appear and how we can express this thing in a way that suits us. That's what makes us exist, that's what we do. This enables us to come to terms with ourselves in this existence, because there is no need to pass over ourselves.



Each person carries a share of himself, which represents his cosmos as a whole. This one is complete. He is his own nature. Those fine ramifications of our thoughts and ideas are images of this cosmos. We can assign and map them to each other. Man would not be without a power to it. Thanks to consciousness, each individual has remained capable of enlivening himself. And this sometimes happens when there is a need for it.


The preservation of one's own livelihood

A frequency of its own would be a movement that would not disturb or interfere with the structure of the human body because it embodies one of its actual forms.

Such movements, attitudes and impulses, which satisfy such a condition, will be congruent with the actual virtuality of the human being. Such a virtuality makes up almost all of his mind. There you come to yourself and exist with what you have, what you are and what you can do. You're supposed to be willing to do that for once.

It should be possible to stop the consumption of a person's own powers by corresponding oneself to work. There are many things that can be won for us in this way, which can be profitable. Such forms can be described as beneficial for ourselves, even if they really belong to us and occur.


protective measures

emergency procedures...

§ in case of poverty

§ in the absence of internal guidance

§ in the absence of strength

§ in case of irritation by other people

§ in case of physical overload

§ in case of unkindness

§ for crooked posture

§ in case of badness

§ for pain and discomfort

§ in case of unrest

§ at involuntary thoughts

§ in delusional speech

§ be electrified

By a genuinely effective protective measure I would like to mean those measures which are really appropriate to the situation in question. I have something to do to make sure myself in a benign way that my fairway remains a good one and that I don't have to run aground with my 'ship'.



A lake, a meadow, a mountain, a tree or something similar I rightly call a structure. This is something that can and will be fixed in my case.